Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beauty Q & A - My Fave Products

I have a few favourite foundations. It depends on what kind of coverage I’m looking for. Here are my favourite sheer, medium, and full coverage foundations.

MAC Face and Body: This is a very sheer coverage foundation. I have N5 so it’s wayyy too dark for me at the moment, but was good for the summer. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have overly oily skin because it makes you look greasy after a few hours wear (even when setting with a powder). I have normal/dry skin so it works really good for me. It gives a very natural finish to your skin. Combine it with MAC MSFN and you are set! Currently I’ve been using this to sheer down my Revlon Color Stay and to adjust the colour. I absolutely love how the two combined look. This is my go-to foundation for the summer months. It’s sheer, light, and water-resistant, perfect for a day in the hot sun!

Make Up For Ever HD:
This is a medium coverage foundation. My skin looks flawless and very natural when I wear this. It’s a great foundation for day-time wear, but for pictures I prefer the look of a more full coverage foundation. I need to set this with a powder or else I’ll begin to look too shiny. Usually I just powder the T-zone and leave my cheeks “dewy” and I’m set. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth the extra money IMO especially if you want something natural and not cakey for the day-time. I think the worst thing is when people put too much foundation on and you can see it sit there on their skin. Yuck. For reference I wear #125.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation: This is my go-to full coverage foundation. I use the one for normal/dry skin and it has SPF 15(?) in it. It covers and evens out EVERYTHING! Also, you can’t beat the price! This foundation is often compared to MAC Studio Fix Fluid, and it’s half the price! A couple downsides to mention is that it dries REALLY fast so you got to work on one area of your face at a time. Also, when I wear this in pictures I find I look like a ghost unless I’m in natural lighting. The flash of a camera plus an SPF foundation distorts the colour of your skin. For reference I use medium beige.

I have slowly been building my brush collection since January of 09'. I don’t know what it is but this year I have REALLY gotten into collecting makeup, brushes, and other beauty products. It has become a little obsession of mine. Anyways, I use to own pretty much the whole collection of QUO makeup brushes (if you are from Canada you know QUO is the Shoppers Drugmart brand). However, being the MAC addict I am now, I own several of their brushes. Face Brushes: 109, 116, 134, 182. Eye Brushes: 217, 219, 224, 227, 239, 266. On my wish list I would like to own some more face brushes, but I have dupes for them in QUO so I have yet to buy them. They include the 168, 187, 190, 194. What are your favourite/essential makeup brushes?

This is so hard for me. I loveeeee lipstick. I use to be more of a gloss girl, I guess I still am to some degree, but I have gotten into lipsticks like crazy. The Back2MAC program has satisfied this little addiction very nicely. At the moment my top 5 lipsticks are: MAC Snob, MAC Lovelorn, MAC Shy Girl, MAC Myth, NYX Fig.

I'm not too particular when it comes to lipglosses. Some of my favourites are L'Oreal Colour Juice (especially Grape Soda), MAC Partial to Pink, and the NYX Round Lipglosses (i.e., Sorbet, Whipped, Pink, Doll Pink...etc.).

Hands down Stila Eye Kajal. If you haven’t tried this you must, and if you know of anything comparable for less let me know… haha. I will probably go broke in repurchasing this stuff because I use it pretty much every day now. It goes on so smooth and doesn’t tug at your eye, and it will stay put in your waterline! I hate having to keep reapplying eyeliner under my eye and this stuff is amazing! Another HG eyeliner is L'Oreal Colour Intense Liquid Eye Liner. I've been using this for years and years (since it first came out) and I haven't found a liquid liner I love more. The applicator brush is easy to do thick or thin lines and wings. I've probably repurchased this product more than any other beauty product I own.

At the moment my fave mascara combo is Maybeline Lash Stiletto with L'Oreal Voluminous mascara over top. I haven't even been curling my lashes and this makes my lashes look AMAZING. I couple other go-to mascaras are MAC Zoom Lash and Covergirl Lash Blast.

My all time favourite is EVERSUN Beauty Powder Blush by MAC. I can’t say enough good things about it. This blush NEEDS to be part of the permanent line. Love love love EVERSUN. My favourite MSF is So Ceylon. Yet again I could go on and on about this because its such a beautiful colour, I'm obsessed! It is also LE so I don't know what I'll do when I run out... I don't want to think about it. haha

I love MAC eyeshadows. You really can't go wrong with any of the colours, but some of my favourites include: carbon, naked lunch, nylon, wedge, dazzlelight, poison pen, plum dressing... I could go on and on. I've only encountered two MAC eyeshadows I did not like: Nocturnelle and Humid. Nocturnelle because it is so sheer and I dislike the texture and application (the colour would be AMAZING if it wasn't such a bad formula), and Humid (just because it does NOTHING for my eyes...it makes me look dirty).

I don't use powder foundations because I don't like the look of them on my skin. I have normal/dry skin so I prefer the way a liquid looks, especially since I like the "dewy" look. Some of my favourite powders I use to set my makeup include:

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural: I use medium-dark and it sets my makeup into a nice matte finish without it looking powdery. As the name suggests, it's very natural in appearance.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Powder: I use this under my eyes to set my concealer so that it doesn't crease. I also use it to brighten the undereye area. This stuff is REALLY cheap and it works for me. I recently discovered this and it is definitely a HG setting powder.

MAC Blot Powder: I use medium-dark and I mostly use this for touch-ups when I'm going out of the house. I sometimes use this to set my makeup instead of MSFN. I would highly recommend this if you are like me and don't carry a lot of makeup in you purse. I throw in my Blot Powder and my lipstick/gloss for the day and I'm set!


  1. I'm lusting your brush collection!!!

  2. haha thanks. You have some of the brushes I would one day like to have (i.e., duo fibre, concealer brush...etc.). Hopefully in the near future :)

  3. Hi Cheryl!
    I Just started following and I love your blog!
    You have a really nice brush collection! I'm J!
    I also adore Snob! It is definitely in my top 5 favorite lippies!

  4. Hey, I just found your blog and I love it!!!! I was just wondering where did you get the beads that you use to keep your brushes upright???? It looks so cute and I want to do it with my brushes :)


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