Friday, August 21, 2009

Cute leggings, but what do I pair them with?

I bought these really cute leggings a few weeks ago, but haven't wore them because I have no idea what I should pair them with. I was thinking a black dress, but then I'd feel too...dark. Any suggestions?

Isn't my puppy so cute? She has to follow me around EVERYWHERE I go


  1. I'm thinking a solid colored dress or skirt so theres not too much going on? I think they look super cute with ankle booties. I had a pair of lace leggings and I had a hard time finding something to wear them with too. I think I wore them in the fall with a long turtleneck white/beige/tan sweater, black boots and chunky black bangles.

  2. jeans skirt and white top would look cute


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