Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween is my favourite time of the year!

For a makeup obsessed junkie like I am, Halloween is my favourite time of the year because I get to dress up and do crazy things with my makeup that I normally wouldn't get to do! I just bought my costume online today and I'm sooo excited to get it in the mail! I was planning on making my outfit from scratch, but I figured that would be too time consuming for what I wanted to do. This way, I spent a little bit more money, but I can alter it the way I like. The past few years, my 3 besties and I have been doing themes. This year we will all be superheroes/villians and I get to be POISON IVY! I've ALWAYS wanted to be poison ivy because I thought Uma Thurman's makeup and costumes were AMAZING in the Batman movie she starred in. My other friends will be Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and Electra. Here is a picture of my costume and the wig I bought to go with it (cuz you gotta be a red head!)

However, I don't think anything will top what we were last year. We dressed as members from the band KISS! Honestly, if you wanna feel what it would feel like to be a celebrity for just one night, get a few of your girlfriends and dress up like KISS. I swear people would stop us on the street, the bus, inside the venue and pictures kept firing off on us. I probably had over a 100 people want a picture with us/take a picture of us! It seriously was the best costume idea ever. People went CRAZY! I had a blast :) We also would have won $1000 if we would have entered the contest *sigh*. Everyone said they would have voted for us. Anyways, here are a few of my fave pics from Halloween Night (we went out like 3 nights in a row!) haha. I'm "The Demon" Gene Simmons (or the short one if you don't know who he is... I'm like 5'7 and considered short next to my friends! I thought I was tall for a girl).

Yes, that is a T-rex skeleton behind us! Someone just walked around in that all night! People go crazy with their costumes for Halloween at this place!

I had my tongue out in a lot of pictures for GENE SIMMONS, but I didn't want to put those ones up cuz it would always take the paint off my face.


  1. Love your pics from last year, you all look awesome, was it hard to do the makeup?! I love this years costume as well, especially the red wig, I'd actually love hair that colour, its gorgeous!xxx

  2. @Becca - the makeup wasn't hard for me because I'm pretty good at copying a look as long as I have a picture in front of me. Making everything even was a challenge. I had to outline everything before I filled it all in. We all did our own makeup so I was impressed at how well they all came out!

  3. Cooooool! I can't wait to see your costume this year!!! :D

  4. ahhh cool costume idea! I cant wait for haloween! :D x

  5. Excuse me but where did you get the wig---like the name and brand?


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