Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review#2 - Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

This stuff is AMAZING! I've honestly never seen my skin look so good in my life. Its a medium coverage, so all my freckles show through still, but it just evens everything out and gives me a perfect canvas to apply the rest of my makeup. I've tried Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet and you didn't need a powder to set the foundation, but with HD you do or else you will look a bit "shiny" in my opinion. I like my skin "dewy" so I tend to not powder my cheeks very much (or not at all) and then apply powder to the t-zone. I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium/Dark and it makes me look flawless. In comparison to my Revlon Color Stay, which I've been using, you could tell that I was wearing foundation with Color Stay when I was outside, in the sun especially. With MUFE HD it blends in so well you can't tell I'm wearing foundation even in direct sunlight!

The colour matching with HD is also really good. You are bound to find your shade because they have a huge range of colors. My natural skin, without a tan, is #125 (light beige). I also find it is very forgiving so even if you were off a bit in color it would kinda blend into your skin regardless. It cost $46 Canadian, but was well worth the money in my opinion. This is now one of my HG foundations and I know I'll be repurchasing it over and over again in the future.

Also, my boyfriend isn't a big fan of heavy makeup on me/girls in general (i.e., dramatic eye makeup, full coverage foundation...etc.) because he prefers a very "natural" look. I personally LOVE making my self up all dramatic, but whatever...his preference. Does anyone else have boyfriends who prefers you "natural" looking over "done up"? ANYWAYS, he actually likes MUFE HD on me! He said it looks really natural and it doesn't give the appearance of wearing foundation. Hence, the invisible coverage part.
Not the best picture of me, but you can see my skin in the natural light.

ALSO, when I picked up my MUFE HD and L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara at my local drugstore, I also saw this cute purse at the counter. You had to buy the Avril Lavigne "Black Star" perfume in order to get the free bag, but I just said I liked the bag to the sales lady and she gave it to me for free! She also gave me a sample of the perfume and samples of smashbox light primer. She was so sweet! Isn't it cute? I love free things.


  1. it looks really good on you! i think im the only person ever who has this and really isnt that impressed.. but i do love the MUFE HD silica powder!

  2. Your skin looks amazing!! I still haven't bought my bottle. I've been so broke.. the only things I've been buying is stuff where I have credit cards to.. lol

  3. I once went to Sephora to try the MUFE foundation, but the MUA told me they weren't for me because I have oily skin... But I really want to try the foundation!

    I agree with Natty, your skin looks flawless!


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