Thursday, September 24, 2009

Style Black Haul + Swatches and Review

September 24th is finally here! THE RELEASE DATE OF STYLE BLACK! As you know I've been sooo pumped about this collection. It is my favourite collection to date (I've been collecting MAC products since January '09). I know that you could purchase the products online for the past couple days, but I wanted to wait to buy them in store. I don't like buying big hauls online because I don't trust the delivery process (things could get broken, products could melt...etc). I ESPECIALLY don't like it because they usually just leave it in front of my door if I'm not home! Hundreds of dollars worth of makeup products sitting in the sun/rain is NOT something that should be done.

I not only bought my own products today, but I also picked up some things for my friend who is in Florida on vacation right now (she got everything I have plus the thermal mask, night violet mattene, and black fire glimmerglass) . Good thing I'm getting her stuff early because the MAC counter where I live only got in like 6 nail polishes! I don't know if they will be getting more. Anyways, here is some swatches and initial thoughts on the collection.

Style Black Haul:

Left to Right: Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer, Seriously Hip Nail Laquer, Black Knight Lipstick, Guilt by Association, Cinderfella, Young Punk and Blue Flame MES.

Up close views of products and swatches:

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer
Seriously Hip Nail Lacquer

From Left to Right: Baby Goth Girl, Seriously Hip

Black Knight Lipstick (unlined lips, thrown on quickly)

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Guilty by Association, Cinderfella, Young Punk, Blue Flame
These swatches don't do the MES justice. They are SOOO much prettier in real life. I just couldn't capture it in film :( Top row is dry, bottom row is wet
From Left to Right: Cinderfella, Guilty By Association, Blue Flame
Young Punk
This is the best picture I could get to show what it looks like in real life. Unfortunately its not the greatest of picture. This IS the prettiest colour I own and probably the prettiest eyeshadow I've ever seen!
Swiped with fingers (dry)
Volcanic Ash Exfoliator: CONS I was interested to see what all the hype is about on this product so I decided to pick one of these up. The MUA at the MAC counter told me to not use white towels with this stuff because it WILL stain them grey. I swatched it on my hand and the texture is tacky and thick and it smells weird. Not bad, weird. I can't say that I'm a fan of the smell. It kinda lingered there for a while too after I washed it off. :S PROS It did leave my skin feeling EXTREMELY soft. I couldn't stop touching my skin. I also liked how the exfoliators weren't harsh. You could barely feel them. I'm use to using St. Ives Apricot Scrub and they have crushed up shells in that and you can feel it exfoliating (not necessarily a good thing for your skin). I also thought it was fun rubbing soot (cuz that's what it looked like) on my face. It was all grey like I was playing with dirt or something. I guess this could be a con to, but I thought it was fun. Would I buy it again? Maybe. It's just another exfoliator to me, however I like knowing that I'm putting volcanic ash on my face! It feels exotic.

Nail Lacquers: PROS Both the colours are AMAZING. Baby Goth Girl is SOOO pretty and Seriously Hip feels so 80's I love it! I'm a big fan of MAC nail polish. I love how you usually only need one coat and that they dry fast and smooth. I wanna order backups! CONS No cons here :D.

Black Knight Lipstick: PROS I was debating about getting this before because I didn't think it would be very wearable (for daily wear that is). However, I've been wearing it around all day and I'm REALLY loving the look! I can't say that my boyfriend is really digging it, but whatever. How I feel in it is what matters and the colour makes me feel so sexy! I think the cremesheen formula is perfect for a black lipstick because it makes your lips so glossy and you can control how opaque you make it. CONS It settles in the lines of your lips, so when you are up close it doesn't look very smooth. Also because of this, it doesn't stay as opaque as I would like it to, thus appearing faded after time and allowing my lips to show through. I'd have to reapply this often to get the look I desire.

Mineralized Eye Shadows: I haven't had time to play with the eyeshadows, but I'm definitely going to use them wet to rim my eyes. Today I had carbon smudged along my lash line for liner so I just put Young Punk over top and I'm in heaven! PROS The colours are phenomenal. Wet or dry I think they are really rich with colour. I heard people saying they only look good wet, but I did swatches on my fingers (dry) and they turned out VERY pigmented (i'll post the photo later, my camera is being difficult) The shadows are also silky smooth to the touch. CON I had a fair bit of fallout just doing the dry swatches of these colours. I even patted them on and everything, but still had some fallout (glitter on my cheeks and under my eyes). With this said, I still absolutely love them and they are def. my favourite part of this collection. I will cry if I ever run out. I hate LE. Check back because I'm going to be doing some looks with these soon!


  1. I seriously didn't ever think I would like black lipstick but it looks really sophisticated on you in that picture! :)

  2. im not brave enough to wear black lipsticks but it looks great on you.

    i would love to know how that exfoliator works !

  3. @Nicole - I'll let you know later tonight after I use it or tomorrow! Check back and I'll have this updated :)

  4. You seriously rock those black lips!!

  5. argh. i should read ur comment before heading to MAC today!! i just got the exfoliator and the mask. jeez, i have to go to MAC again tmr for e/s & the polish then. haha (so stupid that i didnt even bother to swatch the e/s at the store today!!)

    btw, u look hot with black lips!!! can't wait for ur looks with those e/s!

  6. Love this entire line! Perfect for Halloween time! :) Awesome reviews! You can totally pull off the black lips!!!!! Gorgeous!

  7. You know what ? you might tint your brows darker ! it will make your sight so deep ! and you will look like the gorgeous Megan !!! why don't you do it seriously ?

  8. I seriously want everything for this collection. :) You completely do black lips justice. x

  9. Thank you ladies!!! :)

    @Annoymous - sometimes I mix carbon e/s with expresso to make a deeper brown/lighter black. They actually looked more black then brown today, but this picture washes me out a tad. I've definitely had that in mind though!

  10. Great haul!!! I think this collection is gonna hurt my bank balance! Lol!!!
    The black l/s looks so hot on you!
    Loved your reviews too, very honest! :)


  11. thanks for this post! I must get the young punk one! The black lip stick looks hot on you!!

  12. I'm debating whether I should pick up baby goth girl NP. I of course am getting all 4 of the MES!I had to call my MAC today, I was freaking out thinking they were going to be sold out of everything by Monday!

    I'm addicted to makeup, I can't help it...

    Thanks for the swatches it helped out alot!

  13. Thanks for the swatches - I wasn't planning on picking anything up from Style Black but now I'm thinking it would be a shame not to at least look at Young Punk... it looks lovely. Can't wait to see the looks you come up with. xxx

  14. Thanks for the swatches! im defo getting the eye shadows !:D x

  15. I need those MES! They are crazy pretty!

  16. Your review made me run back to the store and check this all out. I have hauled many of the items you recommended. LOL.

  17. keep reading good posts and swatches about the new mac collection
    i really need to go check it out

    BTW, Im a new follower and love your blog


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