Tuesday, October 13, 2009

7 Fave Black Items Tag!

I've been tagged by Nicole to do this tag! Thank you Nicole! I love being tagged :)

The person who tags you must say a color in which the people they tag must find 7 things they love in that color
Nicole picked this colour: BLACK!

**by the way this is my fave colour and I have TONS of things in black so it was very hard to think of only 7**

1. Uggs: These are so warm and comfy I think I will always own a pair of UGGS. Even though they've been around for several years now, I don't think they will ever go out of style with me. I had pink short boots before and I wore them for 2 winters I loved them so much.
2. Makeup Train Case: All my MAC products are black so I just wanted to show all my products, but my makeup case will do. I bought it to hold my makeup a couple months ago(with space to spare) and I've already filled it.
3. TNA Yoga Pants: These are great for lounging around the house. Plus, they make the bum look nice! I love comfy clothes.
4. Guess Purse: As you can tell from my previous post I love this bag because it can carry everything I need with me with room to spare. Plus black goes with everything so its the perfect bag.
5. Slingback Heels: I have so many black heels I just photographed one. Not necessarily my favourite pair, but def love black heels!
6. Twilight: Not just Twilight but the whole series! I could read these over and over again.
7. "Faith" Hat: What can I say... I sometimes have messy hair and need to quickly go out and grab something from the store so I throw this on. Also going to the beach I like to bring a hat with me to keep me protected from the sun. I love a tanned look, but I don't like wrinkles. Self tanning all the way!

Now I tag: Clara and Chelseafbaby

And your colour is: WHITE!


  1. great items! love that bag! even though i think i said that in your whats in my purse post lol

  2. Great Items and a great tag!
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Great items! Love your Guess purse!


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