Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini MAC Eyeshadow Haul + Swatches (reposted)

I came home today with a package from none other than MAC! I took advantage of their free shipping (even though they always have free shipping, but this is how I justify purchases) and got 4 new eyeshadows! One of my besties bought Aquavert eyeshadow and I loved how it looked on her so I had to buy it before it went away (it's in the "Goodbyes" section of www.maccosmetics.com). I also bought Dazzlelight, Crystal Avalanche and Plum Dressing, all of which, surprisingly, are Veluxe Pearl (I never intended to do this). I'm definitely going to have fun incorporating these shadows into my looks this week. Also, I only have two spots left and I have filled 2 15x Palettes! I never thought I would need more than 2 palettes and now I'm going to be going to 3 because there is a bunch more eyeshadows I want to purchase. Here are some swatches! What MAC eyeshadows do you have your eye on?

I've mentioned this before, but my puppy doesn't leave me alone. Here she is sniffing my eyeshadows and giving me a heart attack (after this picture was taken, she threw her paw right beside "Plum Dressing").


Plum Dressing


I forgot to take a picture of Crystal Avalanche for some reason... It's one of those days...

Left to Right: Aquavert, Crystal Avalanche, Dazzlelight

Plum Dressing

Dazzlelight looked really similar to my Nylon eyeshadow except Nylon has more of a sheen to it. I need to stop buying beiges/nudes. I swear I have the same colour in multiple finishes. Nylon is on the left, Dazzlelight is on the right

UPDATE: I reposted this because my comment boxes weren't working for some reason. I'm wearing a combination of Dazzlelight, Plum Dressing and Crystal Avalanche today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Dazzlelight is my NEW FAVOURITE EYESHADOW!!!


  1. I absolutely love Dazzlelight! It's such a perfect highlight color!

  2. I was tempted to but plum dressing before but I thought it might make me look like I had a black eye! I always have that problem with purple eye shadows. :(

  3. Ok...you need to show some pictures of your makeup today!! :)
    The Aquavert e/s looks beautiful, can't wait to see it on you. But too bad it's no longer available, so start looking for a dupe for us! Thanks so much and luv your blog!

  4. plum dressing is sooo pretty!

    can't wait to see looks with all of these :)

  5. @Clara - I bought Dazzlelight because you use it in so many FOTDs and it looked beautiful! I had to have it for myself.

    @Maria - used sparingly I think Plum Dressing wouldn't give you that "black eye" look. This is the first plum eyeshadow I bought and I love it! If you don't already have one I think this one is a good investment.

    @Mary007 - I posted an EOTD for you of what I was wearing. It looked better in person. It's my new favourite eyeshadow combo!

    @Nicole - Plum dressing is gorgeous! I'm glad I decided to buy it. Hopefully I'll come up with a few good FOTDs using these colours :)

  6. I need to remind myself to get Dazzlelight eyeshadow, even though I don't want to abandon Femme Fi eyeshadow (best highlight ever!). I haven't worn Aquavert yet and I'm trying to think of a look to do with that and what colors to pair it with.

  7. Aww your puppie is so cute! Is he a golden retriever?

  8. @Gaby - Yup she's a Golden Retriever! She's almost a year old, but will always be a puppy to me. She's such a shrimp for a golden retriever, it's cute!

  9. plum dressing looks so pretty...you have got to do a fotd w/ aquavert! i'm so getting that tmr since it's being discontinued!


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