Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mini NYX Haul + Swatches! LOVEEEE ♥

My last haul from NYX was mostly lip products (click here to see post) and, surprise, this time I decided to purchase even more lipsticks and glosses! Just to let you know, I placed this order a few weeks ago and I just received it last week. Anyways, NYX products at Cherry Culture have been really cheap lately and they also had 20% off of everything so I had to pick something up (I wish I would have picked up more). I honestly loveee their lipsticks and glosses. They have such a great variety of colours and they are sooo cheap! I've been dying for a berry lip colour every since I saw Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body (yes, I obsess about makeup in movies, shows, magazines...etc, I know I have a problem lol). Anyways, I ordered a lipgloss I thought I might like and it's perfect! Here is everything I purchased:
From left to right: Fig, Black Cherry, Sorbet, Pink, Pink Frost, Garnet
NYX Round Lipsticks in "Fig" and "Black Cherry". To see a swatch of "FIG", click here
NYX Round Lipgloss in "Sorbet" and "Pink"
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in "Pink Frost" and "Garnet"
Pink Frost
Black Cherry
As you can see I bought a back up of "Fig" because I love the colour so much. Overall I'm really happy with my purchases. I'm the most excited about "Garnet" because it is almost exactly the colour I've been searching for. "Garnet" appears darker in person, but you can play around with the colour making it lighter or darker. I put a very thin layer for the swatch I took. I'm a bit disappointed in "Black Cherry" because I thought it was going to be a bit different than what it was. However, it makes a good colour for lips for my Poison Ivy costume, so I'll probably use it then. I love "Sorbet" because you can layer it over other lipsticks and it gives it such a pretty, sparkly finish. The downside to all the glimmer effects in the gloss is that when you take it off you can smear glitter EVERYWHERE. When I was switching between colours for swatches I got it all around my mouth and it was hard to remove. I wanted "Pink Frost" for highlighting on my lips and it will be a perfect colour for really dramatic smokey eyes. "Pink" is (not very helpful i know, but it looks a lot prettier and more vibrant in person I think).


  1. garnet caught my eye instantly! That is a gorgeous color!
    I'm so bummed I missed out on the 20% off sale, and I had a gift card. Oh darn!

  2. i looovve fig :)

    i want blue flame cuz of the glitters!! but blah ill never ever ever use it

  3. Garnet looks gorgeous!As do Black Cherry and Pink, thanks for the swatches!

  4. Garnet is so pretty!! I don't think I pull off reds that good though. :(

  5. love em love em and love em! all such pretty colors. gotta love nyx!

  6. Love all of these! Where did you pick them up?


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