Sunday, October 11, 2009

My very first blog award(s)!

Crystal from Makeup By Crystal S has given me not only my first blog award ever, but my first 5! I'm so happy! Thank you so much for choosing me :) You must check out her blog and subscribe if you haven't. She is VERY talented and does amazing looks you must see.

Here are the awards which I received and the tags that go along with them. ENJOY!

Upon receiving this award, I must list 6 interesting facts about myself.

1. I love video games! Particularly Nintendo. I've owned practically all their platforms (except virtual boy). Super Mario Brothers 3 is my favourite game ever!

2. I had my tonsils out when I was 4 because I kept getting ear infections (ear, nose and throat are all related)

3. I'm between 5'6"-5'7" and considered a midget by my best friends because they are all between 5'9"-6'0"!!!

4. I love thunderstorms.

5. I use to have a belly button piercing, but my body rejected it (all my ear piercings I've never had a problem with)

6. I played baseball for 11 years when I was younger, but stopped when I got a job. I also use to play Volleyball and Basketball. If I could get into a sport now, I would probably join a woman's league for Volleyball. I love it.

The question is: If you were going to allow us to spend the night at your home, we'd like to know the following:

1. What books are on your favorite shelf?
- Twilight Series
- Harry Potter Series
- Sybil

2. What DVDS are on your favorite shelf?
- The Notebook
- Dumb and Dumber
- Troy

3. What are your two favorite cookbooks?

- I don't really use a cookbook. I always call up my mom and she tells me, vaguely, what she does (e.g., a handful of this, a bit of this...etc.) It usually turns out though :)

4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests.
- Prime Rib Steak (I make a mean steak)
- Fettuccine Alfredo

5. What will we be drinking that's available?
- Red Wine, Rye, Vodka, Amaretto, Coors Light
- Water
- Tea
- Diet Coke
- Pepsi

Question with one-word answers...

Where's your cell phone: Dunno

Your hair: Messy

Your mother: Nurturing

Your father: Fun

Favorite Food: Pizza

Dream last night: Effed

Favorite drink: Water

What room are you in: Computer


Fear: Loneliness

Where were you last night: Home

Something that you aren't: patient

Muffins: uhhhh...

Wish list item: eyeshadows

Where did you grow up: KW

What are you wearing:

Your pets: Bella

Friends: Hilarious

Something you're not wearing: Socks

Favorite store: H&M

Favorite color:

Last time you laughed: Morning

Your best friend: Bestest

Place you go to over and over: MAC

Person who emails you regularly: "Idiots" who send me junk mail (sorry, not one word)

Favorite place to eat: Parents'

I pass on these awards and tags to:


  1. thanks for your blog!I will try and post something asap xx

  2. You're so very welcome,Cheryl! :)

  3. congrats!! tagged you on my blog :)


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