Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TUTORIAL: How to depot and delabel MAC Eyeshadows

One of my friends has never depotted any of her MAC eyeshadows before so this post is dedicated to her and anyone else who doesn't know, or is looking for a new way of, how to depot. I know many of you already know how to depot shadows since there is countless blogger posts and youtube videos about this topic. However, I'd like to share my way of depotting and delabeling MAC eyeshadows! How do you depot your shadows?

You will need:

- Straightening Iron
- Waxed Paper
- Knife
- Pen
- Magnets (I use random ones you get sometimes with flyers and newspapers...etc.)
- Scissors
- Towel
- OPTIONAL: I use this sewing needle contraption thing that isn't a needle, but I don't know what to call it. You can just use your knife for this part.

Step 1: Getting the Magnets ready
You will need these magnets to adhere to the bottom of your eyeshadow pan when it comes out of the plastic pan. You don't need to make these perfect or as big since they will be covered by a label (I will get to this later). I trace an already depotted eyeshadow with a pen on the magnet and cut out the circle with my scissors. I got two magnet circles ready because I will be depotting two eyeshadows today.

Step 2: Depotting your eyeshadows
I use a knife for this but any pointy object that can get between the plastic pan and the pot will work. Look for the space between the plastic pan and the pot and put your knife in the corner and gentle turn it. You do not need a lot of force or else your eyeshadow will go flying! They come out very easily with just a little turn.

Step 3: Heating the plastic pan
I use heat for this part. I place the waxed paper over my hair straightener (I use a medium heat setting) and place the plastic pan on top. I hear some people also use an iron. I wait about 20-30 seconds (you may have to wait less or longer depending on how hot your heating element is.

Step 4: Taking the eyeshadow out of the plastic pan
This is wear you will need a towel. After about 20-30 seconds the plastic should start to melt a little bit. Remove your eyeshadow and flip it over on top of your towel (the towel is there to help keep your eyeshadow from being damaged). Then press your knife or pointy object (I'm using that sewing tool) and push out the pan. BE CAREFUL, THE METAL PAN IS HOT!

Step 5: Place the magnet on the eyeshadow
The eyeshadow pan and the glue will be hot, so place the magnet that you set aside on the back of your eyeshadow so that it adheres(magnet side facing, not advertisement).
I don't know why sometimes my pictures flip on me when I upload them to blogger...

Step 6: Remove label from eyeshadow pot

Place eyeshadow pot on heating element and wait another 20 seconds until the sticker starts peeling off. Place your knife, or pointy object, underneath the label and it should easily come off. Now place the label over top of the magnet/eyeshadow and you are done! Now bring back 6 empties and get a free lipstick! I really want Vegas Volt...


  1. The "sewing needle contraption thing" is actually a seam ripper. =) Great tutorial!

  2. @Shenanigans - LOL a "Seam Ripper"... excellent. Now I know! Thank you!

  3. Ooh perfect! Great tutorial.

  4. that's exactly how i depot my mac shadows...i've never removed the label tho so i think ill try that..thanks for the post!

  5. hey sexay ;) i tagged youuu on my blog!!!!

  6. this is exactly how i depot my mac too. Fast and easy. thanks


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