Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Lady Gaga! ♥

Love this song, Love this video... I think she's genius.

Check it out by clicking here:
"Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga

I went to see Gaga back in March and I'd love to see her on tour again when her new album "The Fame Monster" comes out! Here are some pics I took from her "Fame Ball" Tour!


  1. hey i love your blog :) seems like you really know what your on about.
    come check mine out.

    come help me :) thanks x

  2. so jealous you got to see lady gaga! i am totally going to try and get tickets for her next tour !!

    she is getting her own lipstick at MAC with the new viva glam launch in Feb - viva glam gaga lipstick
    that is just something i have to havelol

  3. So jealous, I tried to get tickets for her London 02 shows and the seats where you can actually see her rather than her being a dot in the distance were sold out within minutes dammit!

  4. LOVE her. i dont care what anyone says. she's AMAZING!
    sooo jealous you went to see her!


  5. Loooove the Gaga, amazing photos!

  6. I love GAGA so much she is such an inspiration she is not what we call a "beauty" but she knows how to make her the best as possible and can someone be more sexy than her? lol NO ! I <3 Gaga =)

  7. I love her! So jealous you got to see her.

    The video for Bad Romance is AMAZING!!

  8. OMG, was just listening to this when I opened your blog! ;)))
    LOVE the new header pic, looking stunning!


  9. @Nicole - I heard about her Viva Glam lipstick as well! I'm so excited to see what colour it's going to be...something vibrant for sure

    @Sarah x - I know what you mean! I only go to large venue shows when I HAVE to, but small venue is the way to go. I love being up close and personal and not seeing some ant dance around on the stage!

    @Hollywood - I agree she's not "conventionally beautiful" and I also agree that she is damn sexy :)

    @tina_mbc - How ironic! haha I love when things like that happen. And thank you :D ♥


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