Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Won "The Blonde Bunny's" Giveaway! + Revlon's Nude Attitude Review

Hey ladies!
I just received a package in the mail with goodies from Lacy's Giveaway. Definitely check out her blog! You can do so by clicking here: The Blonde Bunny. The prizes I received were an Estee Lauder makeup case, Estee Lauder Take It Away makeup remover, a cupcake bracelet, and Revlon lipstick in Nude Attitude!

I love all the prizes, but I was especially excited to give Nude Attitude a try because I hear a lot of my fellow beauty bloggers talking about it. I've only worn it today and my initial impressions are both good and bad. I really REALLY love the colour, but it applies streaky and shows all the lines in my lips. HOWEVER, this probably can be solved with a primer (which I don't use on my lips) and I found it helped adding lipgloss overtop (which I normally would do anyways). So all and all I'm pleased and will purchase the lipstick again just for the colour! It's a perfect nude that's a bit darker than my favourite nude lipstick MYTH and works a lot better with my skintone when I'm more tan. Here are some pictures:

Revlon "Nude Attitude" without lipgloss. My preference is to add gloss.


  1. I love the colour on you, very sexy!

  2. aww look so pretty !
    btw did u contour ur cheek or its natural ?do tutorial please

  3. @Sarah x - i love you

    @Vanilla - I actually have a tutorial post (for contouring...etc.) for this exact picture!!!...I just haven't had time to put it all together yet so check back :D

  4. Congratulations and that color is beautiful on you. I'm a Gloss over lipstick girl too.

  5. i had the same reaction to Nude Attitude at first. I wondered why everyone loved it so much and through it just made my lips look streakY! but once you apply lipgloss over it its perfect :) it looks SUPER pretty on you!

    cant wait for the contour post, your cheekbones look great!

  6. wow i swear i was in walmart today debating on if i should buy it but since it's matte i was afraid that it would magnify the imperfections in my lips so i didn't get it. but it looks reallllly good on you!!!

  7. Nude Attitude looks really good on you. Definitely gonna check it out. Have you tried Nude Delight by Rimmel? Just wondering how they would compare. And I like gloss over my nudes too. =)

  8. Love your makeup in this post - that lippie is perfect on you ♥

  9. Oh i love that color! you really inspired me to get it! it look awesome

  10. That colour really really suits you!
    As you said, it's a great alternative to Myth, but more drying...
    I guess the ligloss "trick" could make it work! ;)


  11. @Crystal - I'd say it's worth checking it out. It def is a beautiful colour

    @*aly - I haven't tried Nude Delight by Rimmel. I'll have to check it out next time I'm at the drugstore.


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