Thursday, November 12, 2009

OPI - Dulce De Leche NOTD

Hey guys!
Here is the second OPI nail polish I got in the mail. I love this colour! I think it will be even more flattering when I'm more fair in skin colour. Also, I really like OPI because I don't have to be too good at painting my nails (which I'm not) and it still goes on smooth and even. What are your favourite shades? I've been eying "That's Berry Daring" and "Do You Lilac It".

By the way, I've stopped taking Biotin (for now) and my nails are slowly going back to the state they were in prior to using it. This saddens me. I'm going to start back up (slowly) in December because I think I went about it the wrong way. I got one blemish and I'm like "I'm done", but I'm starting to think it wasn't from the Biotin so I'm going to wait a bit, start again, and review it. If it happens again, I'm done. I heard I should be drinking more water and maybe taking a B12 supplement to avoid blemishes. I'll let you ladies know better in the near future.

Anyways, here is my NOTD:


  1. I think I need to go buy this colour, it looks even prettier than Barefoot in Barcelona!

    I love the fact that when I read your little updates about biotin they are exactly what I'm thinking. Just yesterday I picked up B12 to take as well as the biotin. So far I've been lucky with getting no serious blemishes, just the odd hormonal one, but that's normal.
    Good luck with your future trials!
    xo em

  2. U cant avoid blemishes with b12. i take shots, coz of b12 defiancy, and i still have some acne now and then. only side effect from b12 that i have noticed is faster hair and nail growth :)

  3. I love this color...maybe it's because of it's delicious name. Either way, I'm a sucker for nuetrals. My favorite is For Audrey by OPI. It looks great in any season!

    Come over and visit my blog sometime Cheryl!

  4. I had this color but ended up swapping it out b/c I don't think it was that flattering on me :( I'm still on the look out for a similar very neutral shade.

  5. Pretty colour. I'm sorry to hear about for spots, I'm battling them too so you have my understanding. Emma :)

  6. very pretty shade btw i love your header =)

  7. I have this color too! One of my favorites :)

  8. Very pretty color! Is it from a new line, or is one of their permanent colors? I definitely love nude polishes for fingernails! ~ Jules

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    @Jules - Dulce De Leche is from their perm line! Definitely check it out!

  10. i have really been loving neutral polishes !!
    this one is very nice on you :)


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