Thursday, December 3, 2009

My First LUSH Haul!

Hey beauties!
I was really excited to go to LUSH for my first time last night and I ended up leaving with a bag full of goodies. I could definitely smell the store a few stores away (my boyfriend actually had to leave at one point because he can't handle strong scents due to his asthma). In the end, I picked out a couple scents he liked as well, so hopefully he can get some use out of what I bought too. Also, I kinda wish I wouldn't have bought one thing and that I would have picked up another, but I'll get to that.

First of all, let me tell you what I ended up getting: Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Butterball Gift (bought this as a gift for someone), American Cream Conditioner, Big Shampoo, Star Melt, Therapy Massage Bar, Comforter Bubble Bar, Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, and Rockstar Soap. I was actually planning on getting a lot more, but when I was in the store smelling everything, some things really didn't smell all that good to me. With that said, I don't have a very "refined" sense of smell, meaning I have yet to acquire a liking for that many smells so it was hard for me to pick out items to try. Some items I wanted for what they did, but they smelt bad. :( This aspect disappointed me, but I still ended up leaving with a fair bit of product. I kinda regret not picking up Dream Cream because I sampled it in the store and even now feeling my skin it STILL feels SOO soft and moisturized! I will have to pick it up next time I'm at LUSH. Also, the Rockstar soap smell I'm kinda not into now that I have it at my house. I have yet to use anything, so maybe I will change my mind on this. I was watching YouTube videos and reading reviews and Rockstar is apparently a very popular smell, yet it really doesn't do anything for me. Kinda makes me sick actually haha. Also, the room containing my LUSH bag smells of everything I bought now too! Anyways, here are some close up pictures of everything I purchased! I will be posting reviews as I use each product so be sure to check back!

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Butterball Gift: w/ Mr. Butterball and Honey I Washed the Kids

American Cream Conditioner

Big Shampoo

Star Melt

Therapy Massage Bar

Comforter Bubble Bar

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Rockstar Soap


  1. Great haul!! Would love a review on the Big Shampoo - And also, The rockstar soap dried my skin out so bad! COuld you tell me how it goes with your skin? Cos maybe its just me.. Seems like many other bloggers love this soap though! x

  2. Oooo nice haul! Everytime I shower it's always with a lush soap at the moment. x

  3. Nice haul! It's been too long since I bought anything from Lush, I swear when you go around my house there are products lurking here and there though haha. Dream Cream is really nice, it does leave your skin amazing. I agree about the smells but I think that often once you get something away from the other scents, it smells quite different and nice in its own way. Would love to see a review on the Big Shampoo, I wanna try it.

  4. every thing from LUSH looks soo!!
    I don;t have a LUSH close by...buying online doesn;t seems a good idea...

  5. Great Haul !
    I totally understand the scents disapointment it's the same to me so stufff look fabulous but smell terrible !!!! enjoy your goodies <3

  6. WOO. that's an awesome LUSH trip!
    i want to try the bath bombs! but i think i need to wash the bath tub REAL CLEAN before getting any of those cuties. haha

    i have the honey soap too! idk... i'm not too crazy about it, seriously, it's nothing special for me. i'm kinda regret of getting it. :\

    btw, idk whether LUSH still has this in store, try KARMA soap next time. i love the smell! (it has an orangey red color)

  7. Niiiiiice haul girlie! I have yet to try any lush productss, but I am going to have to pick some things up ASAP. There are a few stores here in NYC I see

  8. GREAT haul!

    It really can be difficult to make decisions when it comes to some things at lush. It's trial and error, too. I made an order online a while back and got a sample of Jungle solid conditioner - as it's suppose to be a best seller or popular - and I hated it.
    I just got Sex Bomb recently too! I'm excited to try it :)

    I look forward to your reviews :)


  9. The Therapy massage bar and Amonopondo bubble bar are my favorites from Lush as far as body stuff. You have to try their fresh face masks next time too! BB Seaweed is my fav so far - I totally can't wait to stock up when I'm in SF over winter break!

  10. Can't wait to hear the reviews after you use everything! I have yet to buy anything from Lush and now that I've moved there's not one near me. boo.

  11. congrats on your firs big lush haul hon! :D all the products look great! i'm just like your bf, i can't stand the strong smells in lush for too long :P

  12. Yay you've got some great products there! :D

    Hope you enjoy them lovely :)

    Looki9ng forward to your reviews xx

  13. great haul !! i bought big as well and now looking at your haul i kind of want to try the american cream. i also left lush without the dream cream and it was on thing i wanted but left w.o!

    o well just another excuse to go back!

  14. okay cheryl, so you know i was right there with you in the "neglecting LUSH" boat, but with this haul!!! lol i'm dying to know what you think about everything because apparently LUSH is this big phenomenon that we're missing out on. haha! amazing haul though! LUSH definitely has some interesting items; i'll give them that.



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