Tuesday, December 8, 2009

REVIEW: LUSH Comfortor Bubble Bar

Let me just start off by saying that EVERYTHING smells SOOO much better when you are actually using it in the bath or shower. I wasn't too crazy about the scents smelling the products in the store, probably because I was so overpowered by all the other smells, but alone, in particular the comfortor bubble bar, smells fantastic!

I cut the bubble bar in half with a large kitchen knife. It slide through easy enough, I didn't have to apply too much pressure. It did crumble a bit, but I saved the crumbles in the bag with the other half of the bar for my next use. You could probably get away with cutting it into quarters, but I wanted a good amount of bubbles.

Half the bubble bar made enough bubbles for me (about 1-3 inches thick across the entire tub). I crumbled it under running water, as directed. In the picture my bath is only about half full so more bubbles were being produced, but I couldn't wait to any longer to take the picture, I had to hop in! As you can see, the water is hot pink! The bubbles outlasted me in the tub (obviously not as much as I started with, but still a good amount once I left).

I took my bath at night and it was very relaxing. I had a minor setback however. I had candles burning and one of them had a cinnamon stick embedded in the wax and it caught on fire so at one point my bathroom smelt like something was burning... Not very relaxing. I won't be using that candle again!

I can't explain how much the scent changed for me once it was diluted by the water. I'm horrible at describing scents, but I really think I went to bed smelling like the candy "Wine Gums" (particularly the really dark coloured wine gum MmmMmmmMMmm lol). It was lovely. I will be repurchasing this next time I visit LUSH, hopefully later this month! I absolutely love this bubble bar and can't wait to try others!


  1. Love love love this product :) Emma

  2. Aside from the candle incident, I'm glad you had a good experience with this one :) hehe.. It's one of my faves! And good call with cutting it in half. I used all of it in one bath and it's really a waste, it's too much.
    Great review!
    - Monica

  3. lmao! it caught on fire??? aww thats no good!!! all the products at lush look so edible to me for some reason (i guess cuz i'm obsessed with food?)

    the gingerbread was actually hard as rockk!!! so i couldn't eat it :(

  4. Oooh lovely pic! It looks so inviting and bubbly!

  5. this is my favorite lush bubble bar!!! <3


  6. sorry bout the candle business (:

    loooove this on too, tried it at the week-end. gorgeous so it is :)
    you should try The Happy Pill, it's fantastic


  7. hey! i emailed u cuz u won my giveaway!! send me ur address to my email. thanks! congrats!

  8. i have 7 nars duo's and i never ever use them! for some reason i only use the singles. i guess because MOST of the duo's aren't as wearable, as oppose to the singles... i use nightbreed and cairo daily!! loooove them!!!


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