Tuesday, December 15, 2009

REVIEW: LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids & Rockstar Soap

Honey I Washed The Kids:
This smells so good when using it in the shower. I wanted to take a bite of it. It didn't lather for me at all, but it lathered REALLY well for my boyfriend. He said because he has man hair on his arms and I don't (thank goodness! haha). After rinsing my body I ran my hands over my arms and they kind of skidded their way along. It wasn't smooth at all. After the shower my skin felt soft for 2 minutes and then once I dried fully I found it a bit drying!

Rockstar Soap

Rockstar: This is apparently one of their best sellers and many people like the smell, but I didn't care for it. It's not a bad smell, it's just not for me. I didn't even like it better when using it (like I did with every other product). This lathered a bit better than Honey I Washed The Kids, but with that said, it still didn't lather well. My skin was super smooth when I left the shower, but like Honey I Washed The Kids, it left my skin dry and itchy after a few minutes.

All-and-all I didn't have much success with the soaps. I probably won't be buying others, but I may ask for a sample of another kind next time I'm in LUSH just to see if I have the same problem. Have you had problems with their soaps leaving your skin dry? I find the only bar soap that doesn't leave my skin dry is Dove.


  1. I was excited to go to LUSH to check out the Rockstar soap, but was disappointed and didn't like it at all.

  2. I haven't ever tried Lush soaps. I'm always really leary of soaps like that as I have super sensitive skin and have always had poor results with them. I can't even use Dove soaps though they are supposed to be very good. I find I have the best results with any of the Oil of Olay Shea Butter bars or liquids.

  3. Honey i washed the kids soap was very drying as well!! I had to give it to my mother. I loved the smell but the soap just didn't satisfy my soap requirements, lol.

    The hair on your boyfriends arm reminded me of Year One, when "o" was rubbbing oil on the fat guys EXTREMELY hairy chest!

    great review, loved it!!

  4. ohh nice review hun! good you saved us from wasting our money :D

  5. I love honey i washed the kids, i think your skin gets used to it and doesn't feel dry after a while. I lather mine up on a massage sponge. works a treat, it's my favourite soap, just because i LOVE the scent :)

  6. I'm kind of weary about trying Lush's soap. I'm not sure why. Probably because I'm not at all a soap person, more of a body wash kinda gal.
    I enjoyed your reviews, and probably won't be running out to buy any Lush soaps. So thank *you*! hehe..

    Ps. Speaking of things not lathering, I tried a sample of jungle solid conditioner and I had a problem with getting it to lather, and actually getting some of the product to put in my hair. It took way too much time! I like my lather!!


  7. Thanks for this review. I was thinking about getting the Honey soap too, oh well. Dove and Olay works best for me as well as good old Pears glycerin soap.

  8. I feel the same way. My skin doesn't do well with most soaps, the best one I've tried is Dove. Its my HG soap :)

  9. @Muhshine - I love the scent so much. The scent gets better and better if that's possible. I seriously can't stop smelling it when I'm in the shower haha

  10. I got Honey I Wash The Kids for my bf too when I was in Banff last year :)


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