Sunday, December 13, 2009

REVIEW: LUSH Star Melt Bath Melt

Hey Guys!
Sorry I haven't been posting as often as I usually do. December has been such a crazy month for me so far. I just had a family Christmas this weekend and also did a Christmas get-together with my besties. ALSO, the job I've been waiting to apply to has finally opened up some positions so I'm really hoping I get in. I've been really nervous and worried. I hope they call me for an interview! I think I'll get it because I do have experience, but I'm such a worrier! I need a nice bath...SO GLAD I HAVE SOME LUSH!

The Star Melt is a bath melt that smells like Snow Fairy shower gel. For those of you who haven't smelt Snow Fairy before, it basically smells like you are bathing in candy.

It starting melting instantly once I dropped it in. I picked it up and moved it around and it stained my fingers a bit, but that went away at the end of my bath.

It is a very milky bath (it was made with icing sugar!) and leaves your skin very smooth in and out of the tub. The water turns a beautiful coral/pinky colour and is very inviting. I will definitely repurchase this again. Too bad it's limited edition with the Holiday/Winter products. I would use this year round.

So far I love everything I tried. I'm not sure if I will be repurchasing the soaps I bought, but I will let you know why I won't be in my reviews on them. I definitely discovered some favourite products! I was sceptical of LUSH and didn't really get it at first, but I'm in love with the idea of organic, vegan, handmade products! If you haven't checked out LUSH yet, I would highly recommend you do.


  1. This bath melt confuses me. Is it supposed leave your skin feeling smooth or just give it a scent?

    I'm very excited for your stippling foundation post :) I've never really "stippled" on my foundation!

  2. Awesome review & nice pictures!

    Best of luck with the job opening! I hope you get it!! I had an interview the other day myself and I had anxiety about it since they had called me. But I got hired on the spot! Lol... So I only wish the same for you! Minus the anxiety of course :P

    Yay for calming LUSH baths!


  3. I love snow fairy! Definitely going to buy this melt next time Im in LUSH :) x

  4. oooh the bath melt sounds awesome! :)

    btw good luck with the interview! i'm sure you'll get it! keep us posted. :)

  5. it looks so pink and yummy! my bath totally isn't big enough for me to relax in but if it was i would totally buy that! :D

  6. Best LUSH Christmas product, apart from Snow Fairy, of course :). Great review!

  7. i worked near a lush location and i've never been in there! i definitely need to check it out! thanks for the rec!


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