Monday, December 21, 2009

Top 10 Makeup Products of 2009!

I've seen a couple of my fellow bloggers do a post like this and I thought it was a great idea! This year I started getting into makeup and building my makeup collection. From basically starting at having only a few products to the amount I have now I don't want to know how much I spent this year (a few thousand dollars easily...oh my). With this said, I found a lot of HG products that I couldn't live without. Here are my top 10 finds of 2009! What are your top 10 products you discovered this year?

In no particular order... my top 10 include:

1. MAC Solar White Eyeshadow (LE): Absolutely THE BEST eyeshadow EVER. Such a beautiful, unique colour. It is golden/white gorgeousness. The perfect highlight. Nothing I have come across compares to this eyeshadow. Too bad it's limited edition. I would pay top dollar for this though...that's how much I love it. If I could recommend buying one thing it would be this eyeshadow. My best friend tried this once and she's been coveting it ever since.

2. MAC Hue Lipstick: My HG lipstick for daytime wear. I wear it practically everyday to work since I bought it and it is the perfect nude/pink lip.

3. LUSH Big Shampoo: My most recent HG. It leaves my hair extremely shiny and smooth.(Review to come)

4. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: Keeps my face balanced and I haven't had dry skin since. I can finally say my skin is "normal".

5. MAC Partial to Pink Cremesheen (LE): Cremesheen gloss is the best formula I've tried. It isn't sticky at all, it is extremely moisturizing and gives such a beautiful sheen to your lips. This was repromoted in Holiday collection and will be repromoted again March 4 for the "Too Fabulous" Collection.

6. Revlon Color Stay: Excellent staying powder. My face looks just as good after a day of work as it did when I first applied it. I do not have to do touch ups on my face. I only need to use such a little amount and it gives a flawless, dewy finish.

7. St. Moriz Tanning Mousse: I have to be honest. I'm a HUGE beach girl and love to spend days at the beach out in the sun. Yes, I do wear sunscreen, but even with sunscreen the suns rays are still harmful. Last winter I was hitting the tanning beds to keep up a "healthy glow", but I no longer use them, I use self-tanner. I find self-tanner actually gives me a better colour because naturally I tan reddish-brown (which I hate) and this gives my skin more of a golden brown.

8. Benefit High Beam: Glow in a bottle. I just brush it on my cheekbones and down my nose and I love the way my skin looks. Sometimes I'll use this as a brow highlight as well. I love liquid highlighters. I've tried many and this is still my favourite. I'm a sucker for a good highlighter... one of my weaknesses.

9. MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (LE): Leaves my skin soft, clean, and radiant. This is one of my "treats" I give myself. I don't use this all the time because it's LE. I hate LE skincare. I hear MAC has the rights to the volcanic ash from the volcano where this stuff comes from...I'm crossing my fingers this will become permanent.

10. L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Eye Pencil: Best eye pencil EVER! Stila Kajal was once my HG, but this has taken its place. It does not budge on my waterline and I have VERY watery eyes from my contacts.

P.S. - I've been blogging since August and I just noticed the "Compose" button to edit text... And all this time I was trying to look up HTML codes for font sizes, colours, styles...etc. and failing miserably at editing my posts. That's embarrassing...

ALSO, I haven't been blogging much lately because I GOT AN INTERVIEW FOR THE JOB I'VE BEEN WAITING OVER A YEAR FOR! I've been so busy with the interview process and Christmas events that I've had no time to blog. The interview process is broken down into 3 parts (it's pretty intense) where you have to succeed in each section before you move on. I'm just waiting on a call for part 3...basically if I get the call I'm hired. I'll keep you posted. I'm really counting on this because I feel like a bum at the place I'm currently working. Is it bad that the part I'm most excited for is telling my current employer I quit? LOL


  1. OH, I sooo loves your top 10! I too have wanted to do a post like this but time just doesn't permit! Work is super busy this time of the year plus the holidays (I'm the only one who does ALL the holiday planning, shopping, wrapping, etc etc.) take up all my time.


    (Don't be embarassed, there's so much to learn in terms of blogging!!!)

  2. I can't wait to do one of these posts - so good to look back at the year and think what really stood out for you... for me I think it'll be Style Black-tastic!

    Btw I have some VAE for sale at RRP and one that's been used for lower on my blog if you're running much as I wanted to love it, it just didn't work out for me. :(


  3. I wish I could get hold of Hue but everytime I ask here in NZ, they say it is discontinued?! So strange. Ahh and have to try Big soon, I keep forgetting to pick it up! 2nd on the St Moriz.
    Love your blog!

  4. I love these kinds of posts!Really like seeing what everyone is using and loving. I really want that MAC e/s now and im soooo gutted its LE!boo hoo! xxx

  5. I loved your post! thanks for sharing :)
    I also live in Canada and I was wondering where you buy St. Moriz Tanning Mousse from?

  6. Don't worry about just finding out how to change your font... I do stuff like that all the time! LOL! I'm glad you've got it figured out. :)

    I'm with you on the tanning thing. I love lying out or hopping in a tanning bed, but I need to stop. I'm getting close to thirty and I already see some fine lines. I don't need to make them worse!

    Great post! And great blog! I'm a big fan! :)

  7. I love all your HG's! But the ones I missed are LE. =( Anyways, good luck on getting that job! Oh and about the compose button.... =3 At least you know now? but you are too cute!

  8. ooh i'm gonna do my top 10 of 2009 list too!! :) cool idea. good luck in the job interview! happy holidays!! :)

  9. love the info re mac owning the rights to the volcano ash. Made me laugh, only a die hard mac fan would know that :))

  10. I loved reading this!! hopefully you don't mind if I steal your idea! also, I absolutely adore Clinique's dramatically different moisturizer. It's amazing, you're right!

  11. this is a good idea! I think I need hue lipstick :D

  12. how do you apply st moritz? i like the results but it stains my hands sooo badly i just feel ridiculous. i bought a 'self tanner mitt' thing from ulta and it doesn't work with the moussey texture ...

  13. Awesome list :) Love your blog btw
    Happy Holidays!

  14. congrats on the interview...fingers crossed that you get it :) xx

  15. i think you would really like benefit's hollywood glo as a highlighter, but it's been discontinued so it can be difficult to find. it's super pretty!!

  16. I love Solar White e/s! I bought the Rose Is A Rose Quad awhile back since I want that color and I'm looking for that color in pot form so that I can have another. Also, I adored Revlon ColorStay Foundation and it was love at first sight! I do want to get myself another bottle of that before I can try MAC's Studio Fix Fluid. By the way, Partial To Pink is going to become permanent next year so you don't have to worry about getting a backup of it right now.

  17. Try CARGO's colour in "Toronto". I think it may be close to Solar White.

  18. Thanks for your comments and compliments. It makes my day when ppl say they like my blog! :D ♥

    @LionLoving Tiger - Thanks for letting me know about the VAE. I will have to see. Maybe I should pick up some more :)

    @Naghmeh - Unfortunately they don't sell St. Moriz in Canada. I picked mine off ebay. I get a lot of brands I can't readily get a hold of in Canada on ebay (i.e., St. Moriz, Queen Helene, Ben Nye...etc.)

    @UnicornSmile - *hangs head in shame* haha I ♥ MAC...I know too much for my own good. LOL

    @JennaRose - I just use latex gloves and my hands don't stain, but I don't think it's the best application IMO. I actually wanted to try a tanning mitt...I heard it was actually pretty good with mousse. St. Moriz is TERRIBLE for staining your hands...I would prefer to use my hands on my face, but you have to be REALLY quick to wash it off so it doesn't stain too bad.

    @MacCosmetics09 - Now you made me curious to find this stuff...haha

    @FabDiva20 - You just made my day! I never knew it was going to become permanent! I was getting so worried I was going to have to buy like 20 to last me a lifetime haha. It's my favourite lipgloss ATM!

    @Ana-Maria - Thanks for suggestion! I'll have to check next time I get to Sephora (going in January)...I only go a couple times a year because there isn't one close to me at all! :(

  19. great post love all the products you chose !!!! i really want to do this post

  20. Good thing that Partial to Pink is being repromoted, guess that I 'll have another chance of picking it up! ;)
    Great post Cheryl!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!



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