Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What do you think of LUSH?

I have never tried this brand and always neglected to read posts about LUSH products because I didn't really understand what the brand was about. I finally decided to educate myself on the brand and am REALLY REALLY lusting after their products! I have yet to try anything, but I'm curious to know if you have tried this brand, if you liked it, and what your favourite products are? I found out a LUSH store is only 40 minutes away! I'm trying to convince my man to come along with me to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow in hopes that I can pick up some LUSH goodies in the process! Here is a list I've compiled of products I'm considering buying. I would like to look and smell them first (obviously) because the description on the website may not match the expectations I have in my head on each product.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
The Comforter Bubble Bar or Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
Star Melt Bath Melt
Honey I Washed the Kids Soap
I Should Coco Soap
Rock Star Soap
Porridge Soap
Big Shampoo
American Cream Conditioner
Therapy Massage Bar
Mange Too Massage Bar
Soft Coeur Massage Bar
King of Skin Body Butter
Buffy Body Butter
Dream Cream Body Cream

Obviously I won't be purchasing it all, but these are products that caught my eye and I'd like to take a look at once I'm at the store.

Also, I was looking at TROY JENSEN'S blog and fell in love with the makeup he did for Megan Fox for the Jay Leno show. I took these pictures from his blog. You can check out what he used by clicking here. I have a requested Megan Fox FOTD to post, but after I will definitely be doing my own take on this look for a future FOTD! What do you think?


  1. I LOVE Lush!! Their Lemony Flutter Cuticle balm is HG for me, as is their Sea Vegetable & Karma Soaps and Sakura Bath ballistic to name a few. All of their soaps and bath products are lovely :)

  2. my favorite things from lush are the olive branch shower gel, rockstar soap, comforter bubble bar, and big shampoo. all those are things i cannot live without

  3. i gotta say that i am still on the "neglecting Lush" boat. i dont know i just REALLY don't get it!
    and i was looking at those photos of Megan Fox last night and i gotta say she looks GORGEOUS in these photos.
    anyway if/when you do decide to try lush, let me know if i'm missing anything? because i'm REALLY clueless about all this Lush madness!


  4. i totally felt the same way about LUSH! everytime i saw a post on it, i was thinking...what is this fuss about? the store smells lovely and the products look really cool. i'm gonna look into it! be sure to do a review if you do get some LUSH products!

  5. lush is kinda expensive here so I don't buy it too often. I love the smell when you walk into the shop ha!

  6. oh my gosh! that is a stunning megan fox look! well she is already damn hot to begin with but she looks like such a siren! thanks for sharing! :D

    and i have like a love/hate relationship with lush products... some products i adore to bits (the ones that smell super good and sweet) but i totally hate how some of them just smell nasty (really herby or just like grass :S)... i think it's something you just have to check out yourself :D

  7. Lush is a teeny tiny bit over rated in my opinion, I love their Snow Fairy shower gel, but its a bit teeny-bopper-ish lol but it smells like candy.. sooooo gooooodddd.. also their bath bombs are fabulous! I had a bath wiyth Mr Butterball last night and OMG was so good!!! x

  8. Lush are great - the products are natural and really good quality, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable of all the products, and the prices ain't too bad either.

    I currently like Olive Branch shower gel, Snow Fairy shower gel, the bath bombs, Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and the Gorgeous moisturiser is amazing but a little pricey.


  9. I love lush. Natural products that dont harm the earth or your skin. I just did a post on a stocking filler from lush. :)Emma

  10. I love Lush and rely on a few of their skin care products to keep my skin happy.

    American Cream conditioner smells lovely and it really lingers after youve dried your hair so i like to use it just for special occasions :)

    I like rock star soap too and it smells yummy in the shower but sadly doesnt seem to linger on my skin afterwards. I can forsee you coming out with bagsfull!!

  11. I love Lush and you have some of my favourite products on your list, especially therapy, dream cream and buffy. If you look at the 'LUSH' label on my blog there are a few reviews. xxx

  12. Honey I washed the kids soap is amazing, big shampoo is also a must!! I think Lush is quite addicting, so you have been warned! :)

    Megan Fox's make up is utterly gorgeous! Very natural and polished!

  13. I've never been interested in Lush either but I purchased their Big shampoo the other day and it's fab, leaves my hair so soft and shiny. Megan F looks so gorgeous herex

  14. I love lush, but be warned that your man will probably not want to go in, it has a VERY strong smell that most guys prefer not to spend time in. lol. (I think it smells wonderful though!) Of the soaps you listed the only one I would maybe not recommend is the porridge one. It smells great, but after you use it a few times the oatmeal (or porridge) bits start surfacing and then they become very hard and scratchy. Not exactly what you want in a soap! lol. Happy shopping!

  15. I went to a lush store recently and wished that I bought more than I did now. I got karma soap which is really nice but the rest of my family don't like the fact that practically the whole house smells of it now lol, and a gift set for a friend's christmas present with honey I washed the kids soap and a bath bomb which I can't stop smelling through the packaging!!

  16. I actually did a review on my thoughts of the shampoo big today.. so take a look if you like.. http://abbzzw.blogspot.com/2009/12/review-big-from-lush.html

    personally i love a lot of the lush products though there are a few that i'm not tempted to try.

    Of your list I find star melt leaves your skin so so soft, Honey I washed the kids smells lovely and leaves you super squeaky clean and soft, american cream conditioner can be a little heavy when used on the roots but other than that its's great for your hair, King of skin is my holy grail! I couldn't live without it! It makes my skin feel incredible and moisturised wherever I use it and I havnt had a reaction to anthing from there..

    Quite a long comment but I hope you do get to go to Lush soon!! :) xx

  17. Wow! Thanks for all your comments! I'm even more excited than I was to try their products after reading all the wonderful things you have to say. I'm soooo excited to go tonight! I'm probably going to spend a small fortune... lol I'll be sure to post my haul and do reviews!

  18. Definitely give Lush BIG a try! My favorite shampoo :) It smells amaazzinnggg and although doesnt deliver as much body/shine as I would have liked my hair is left soft and smelly amazingly sweet.

  19. I love LUSH. I worked there for 3 years. I miss it so much! My must haves, and HG products are Ultrbland cleanser and the facemasks.

  20. i am a lush virgin also !!!
    i brought my mom to their counter in a macys by me to get me some christmas presents.
    i really want to try the stal melt as well, along with the dream cream !!
    hope your boyfriend brings you christmas shopping!


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