Thursday, January 21, 2010

REVIEW: LUSH Big Shampoo and American Cream Conditioner

Big Shampoo is one of my favourite products I've purchased from LUSH! I've been using it since December and it is my new HG shampoo! It makes my hair really shiny and soft. As far as volume, it does give me a little, but not as much as other shampoos I've tried. However, shampoos that give me more volume than Big tend to dry out my hair. Big doesn't dry out my hair at all. In fact, I find it super moisturizing to almost the point of over moisturizing my hair. I've read reviews where people have said this dried out their hair and I've had the complete opposite experience. If I let my hair air dry after I've used this, it starts looking greasy after a day. If I blow dry my hair I don't have this problem, so unfortunately I can't use this and not blow dry my hair. My hair never got dry, but my scalp did get irritated when I was using it too often. It became a bit itchy and I had a few flakes so I wouldn't recommend this as a daily shampoo.

The texture is really strange rubbing sea salt and citric juices through your hair but it does the trick and it rinses clean. My hair feels squeaky clean after using this. I also like the smell. Though it is a small tub, you only need such a tiny amount of product that it will last you a while and is worth the more expensive price tag. The only downside is that it leaves my hair full of tangles even after I condition it. After I shower I use a large tooth comb and run in through my hair. It just takes a few minutes longer to comb through my hair than usual.

This is probably too moisturizing for my hair. I only need such a tiny bit even for my long hair. I was at a concert and someone behind me said they smell hampster shavings and now everytime I use this I feel I smell like hampster shavings because it smells woody to me :( haha How embarrassing. However other people have said they like the way it smells, but of course my mind remembers the negative comment more. If you have dry hair I would definitely recommend this. I probably won't be repurchasing this just because there are other products out there that work better for me.


  1. haha hampster shavings!? people are so random!
    i might try this, because my hairs so dry. I don't mind smelling like hampsters if it makes my hair nice :) x

  2. i love your reviews! i wanted to get a moisturizing product for my hair...i might try american cream but i hope i like the smell!! yikes...haha

  3. i know what you mean about it being too moisturizing. sometimes the softer and shinier my hair is the quicker it gets and looks greasy!

  4. Thanks for the honest reviews, and oh my god at the hamster shavings smell haha!

  5. You are too funny, hamster shavings smell, ROFL

    I know what you mean, my hair gets greasy super duper fast (I mean less than a day) but it's also easy to dry out my scalp and give me flakes.

    Really great review (as ALWAYS)!!!

  6. I've been using Big too and I noticed that if I didn't blow dry my hair it got dirty looking too.

    Thanks for the review of American Cream :)I was thinking about getting it and now I'm not so sure

  7. Fab review, as usual!

    This product has a hampster shaving scent? Why is it not a perfume? Who doesn't want to smell like rodents? LMBO! I think I'll pass. XD

  8. Great Review,
    I think i might get the Big shampoo:).
    Not the conditioner though, I've had bad experiences with hamsters :L.


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