Sunday, January 10, 2010

REVIEW: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation!

I'm so excited to review this foundation! I bought it about a week ago and have been using it ever since. Two of my HG foundations are Revlon Color Stay and Make Up For Ever HD so I figured this would be right up my alley. And it is. Definitely a new HG! This is probably my number one foundation at the moment. Crazy I know. I didn't have any expectations buying this and I was kind of afraid to because I kept reading horrible reviews about it, but I gave it a shot anyways. They didn't have any testers available at my local Walmart (which is very weird) so I had no idea what shade to get. In CS I am "Medium Beige" and the foundation I picked up in PR is "Medium Beige" (but is a lot darker). It fits my skin tone a lot better, especially when I'm more tan (which I have been lately). Though I was able to find my shade, they don't have a wide range of colours so this will be a problem for some people who want to try this out, but can't find their shade. Also, this foundation DOES have shimmers in it. However, it doesn't make you look like Edward Cullen when he steps out into the light. You can barely notice it unless you are two inches away from your face. I actually like to use MAC strobe liquid and put it in my foundations to give a similar effect so this was great for me. It gives a semi-matte dewy glow (my perfect finish). It also covers up imperfections and evens out my skin tone flawlessly. I've only worn it for about 8 hours at a time and it still looked just as good as when I put it on without having to touch it up throughout the day.

MUFE HD #125 vs. PR Medium Beige vs. CS Medium Beige


PR vs. CS. Vs. MUFE HD
ABOVE PHOTO: Photo Ready is really liquidy in comparison to the other two foundations. Those dark spots were bubbles so it made weird shadows... If you click the image you can see CS has visible shimmer in it and PR doesn't appear to. However, my hand is full of shimmer because I rubbed PR on my hand to test it before putting it on my face. My face did not look anything like my hand. My had looks like a disco ball (because my camera was super close up and the light reflected all the particles).

PR claims to give you "Perfected airbrushed skin in any light, with complete coverage". You can be the judge. I think my skin hasn't looked better. I like it more than CS and MUFE HD!




I find even with a flash I don't get washed out like I would with other foundations. This doesn't make sense to me because PR has a SPF of 20 and normally SPF in a foundation tends to wash you out in flash photography.

Also, if you have used CS you know it has a funky smell to it. Yuck. I'm use to it now, but when I first tried it I was like "I'm not putting this on my face if it smells like that" haha. PR is FRAGRANCE FREE! Yayy! It also doesn't make me look "pink" like CS did. Most importantly...IT COMES WITH A PUMP! The pump is REALLY easy to control how much product you want to get out. You can get a tiny speck or use a whole pump. I use one pump to cover my whole face and it's plenty!

All-in-all I've never been so fully satisfied with a foundation before. I think I will have to pick up a shade lighter for my not so tan days. Definitely check it out if you are interested! If shimmers aren't your thing I wouldn't recommend it. If you don't like it, you can always return it!


  1. Thanks for the review! I saw this at 20% at PharmaPlus/Rexall & was so tempted to buy (although I just bought Chanel Prolumiere) there's always room for drugstore finds. I'm definetly picking this up today:)

  2. ok i wasn't going to get this, but you may have swayed my decision lol. great review !

  3. Oooooh, i can't wait to try this out when it comes to the UK!!


  4. Thanks for this great review. You look GORGEOUS in your pics!

    I really want to try out this foundation as well but I've been to shoppers drug mart and walmart and none of them had testers.=( I hope they come out with testers soon.

  5. Revlon PR 008 - Golden Beige is a lighter than 006, which might work for you.

    I'm Warm Golden in Revlon CS/NC30-35, and 008 is a prefect match and when summer hits I'll prob. be 006.

  6. Youre skin looks amazing! (as always :)) Im looking for a new foundation as. Currently I use MAC studio sculpt but I find the consistency difficult to work with sometimes. The only thing I love about it is that its perfect for my combo skin. I have a really oily t-zone. Would you reccomend this for skin such as mine?

    oh a LMAO @ the Edward Cullen shimmer hahaha

  7. You are seriously gorgeous! I was holding off on this one because I wondered if it had the bad smell of colour stay but I'm glad to hear it doesn't!

  8. I can't wait to try this! But I imagine its going to be quite a wait until it comes to the UK =( Boo.
    You look lovely in your photos! xx

  9. That's so exciting!I really want to try that foundation as Colourstay is my current fave...I need PR now!!!Thanks for a great review x

  10. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love the PR finish on your skin. Flawless yet completely natural. Your pictures are beautiful. I'm shocked - SPF 20 and no white glare at all! It better be in the UK soon!!

  11. wow!! great review!! I'm going to have to check this out, because I love MUFE HD and Revlon Colorstay too. It looks great on you!! <3

  12. It sounds really nice! I love finding a drugstore bargain, I'll have to get it to wear on special occasions.. oh and your hair in the second and third pics is so shiny and the color is UHH mazing, don't know if you've ever gotten this, but you would look GREAT as a blonde too! p.s. Your man looks like Sidney Crosby!! (def. not a bad thing!)

  13. Ooh thanks for this, it looks great! Should there be a shade pale enough for me I will definately try it!

  14. Your review definitely convinced me! I recently fell in love with ColorStay so if you say this is even better than that, I'm for sure giving it a try!! Thanks!!

  15. Great review, I think I need to pick one up :) X

  16. Can't wait for this to be released in the UK! Loved the pics, 'natural, with flash, with my man!' so cute!!

  17. OMG you are Absolutely stunning the second picture with your wavy hair is just Perfect !!!!!

  18. Thanks for the review! I was gonna post mines a week ago, but time is not on my side! grr... I think I need to redo it anyways, my skin was just plain dry and patchy when I did it...maybe that's why I didn't love it that day, lol.

    btw - I nominated you for an award, check it out! Also, I added you to my blog roll ;-)

  19. thanks a lot for the great review! :) really really helpful!

  20. oh em gee. you are so hot!! I wanna buy this stuff so bad, I'm waiting for a sale on it. And I need to research my shade.

  21. Please tell us how you styled your hair, its GORGEOUS!!

  22. Can't wait to try, great informative review.
    How much was it?
    What color is your hair? If you color it, of course lol
    How do you get it to shine so pretty?
    : )


  23. thank you for the review, been thinking about this foundation.
    I tagged you for an award on my blog :)


  24. What a great review! Your skin looks radiant, especially in the picture of you and your guy. How cute are you two?! :)

    I am the only girl in the whole world who doesn't wear foundation. Eek! I've been thinking about getting some, and you can't beat Revlon's prices!


  25. Great review your skin looks flawless. I can't wait to try this when it's launched in the UK!

  26. Hey doll! You look beautiful as alwayssss! Curious as to what you have used on your cheeks (contour/bluse/highlight) in the last pic with your man (which is too cute by the way!). I can't get myself to stop using mineral foundation. The only con is having to spray it with my own mix to make it wet- but its not a huge step or time consuming thing once you get it down the way you want! Also curious as to what you used on your hair?! I loveee the natural curls! ♥ best wishes pretty*

  27. your skin looks absolutely gorgeous in these pictures!
    the foundation seems to be working for you!(=

    and i have to say that you actually look like britney spears in the second photo!

  28. Great review Cheryl and very helpful!
    Will definitely keep in eye out to check when this will be released here!

    But, I must say you look gorgeous anyways, and you have excellent skin, so I would think that even a less than perfect foundation would look amazing on you! ;)


  29. I soo wanna try the PR now! Next time its bogo somewhere I'm gonna get my hands on it. Thanks for the review!

  30. Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments! In answer to your questions please read below.

    @Zerin - I had the same problem as you. Where I went they didn't have testers so I kinda had to guess and it seemed to work out. But I think I'll be picking up another shade as well since I'm not always tan.

    @cherz master - Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to check it out!

    @Leah - I think it would work for you. Just make sure you set the foundation with a powder. Especially your t-zone.

    @Aleksis - I've only ever had lots of blonde highlights in my hair (and it looked good), but I would love to be totally blonde at some point! haha that would be fun. And my boyfriend has gotten the "Sidney Crosby" comparison before! haha It's funny that you should say that because I have other pictures of him where he really does look like him more.

    @Erika - I used a large barrel curling iron and took small sections and wrapped it around the barrel (without using the clamp). Then all I did was use some cheap hairspray (Salon Selectives, purple can) to set everything in place and give me shine!

    @Tiffany B - It was $16 CAD before tax and around $19 after taxes. I get my hair coloured at a salon and she usually mixes two colours to get my hair colour. I like my hair the darkest possible without being black (I dyed my hair black a little over a year ago and have been trying to go back to my brown). For shine I find LUSH Big Shampoo gives me great shine as well as the hairspray I used which is Salon Selectives (in the purple can). It's really old...I think they still have it I haven't bought a can of hairspray in ages.

    @Kate Gene - You don't wear foundation?! Must be nice! I say steer clear from it until you think you need it. If you are happy with your skin the way it is I wouldn't bother using it. I only started using foundation in 2009!

    @Sara - for my hair I answered a couple other questions in the comments above! :) And for my cheeks I was wearing Physicians Formula in "Vegas Strip", MAC So Ceylon MSF and MAC Golden Bronzer!

  31. Great review!
    Its so weird how they've named it the same name, but the shades aree totally different!
    But you're right, matches your skin tone perfectly :)
    You look beautiful x

  32. How is the coverage as compared to CS? I use the CS in Buff, and have gotten a pretty good routine going with it, but at times it is too much coverage. Tempted to try the PR if it is a little lighter.
    Thanks for the review!


  33. Hey babe, I realized my skin just needs to be really moisturized when using this (and exfoliated weekly since this will highlight any dry patches) and...I bought the wrong shade!
    I had bought 004, I tried to exchange it for 006, Target gave me a big fat NO, lol. 006 is perfect, if anything, just a hint too dark, but I can mix in both colors now and 006 will be great for my late summer nights out :)

  34. Oh, I wasn't gonna get this, but now I'm debating whether to get it hahaha... I might just have to be the judge for myself and just try it out. I'm so picky with foundation, doesn't like it looking dirty, doesnt like it too dark, or too pink on me... but those photos look gorgeous! you look stunning!


  35. I have been on a foundation hunt for a very long time. I have extremely oily skin with a lot of discolorations. I am so glad I found your blog post on this! I have tried the MUFE HD but it didn't do much for me for what it costs. I did love the MUFE MATT Velvet-but wanted to find something cheaper. I tried Revlon CS but it was crazy hard to blend and just did not look good at all although it kept the oilies away. I gave this stuff a try and the minute I put it on a was amazed! Love it! Thank you for the review! It looks great on, I hope it will last throughout the day!

  36. you look like megan fox. i am definantly going to buy this after seeing your pics and your review. thank you

  37. oh, i am so buying this foundation
    thanks for the review..

    i've read some bad reviews too but somehow i found lots of bloggers love this foundation

    so excited to try it! ;)

  38. Hi,
    I look at your photos, review and I decided to buy this foundation :)
    it came this morning and I havent use it on my face yet.But I try it on my hand.It is amazing.Thanks for your review and swatches...
    İn my blog page, I give a link of your this post and a photo.


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