Sunday, March 7, 2010

REVIEW: Skin MD Natural + Giveaway!

Hey Guys!
I was sent this product a while ago to review, but I wanted to use it for a bit before I gave my opinion on it. I'm sure you've already seen countless blogs reviewing this moisturizer, but here is what I think.

This moisturizer is different from any moisturizer I have tried. It is called a "shielding lotion" and that is exactly what it does. It retains moisture in the skin while protecting against environmental agents. I couldn't be more happier receiving this in the winter months because I normally get dry hands, however this winter my hands have stayed baby soft and moisturized. Also, at work I have to wear personal protective equipment (gloves) that have harsh industrial detergents to clean them which practically bleach my hands and leave them so dry. I haven't experienced the dry hands I normally get from wearing these gloves since I started using Skin MD on my hands. I also don't have to moisturize my hands as much as I would with some moisturizers I have used in the past!

I've also been using this product on my face. It absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave that greasy or "just moisturized" feeling. My skin instantly feels softer after application. It is very lightweight and doesn't have a terrible smell to it. It acts almost like a face primer because it leaves my skin so smooth that foundation glides on flawlessly. I would definitely recommend this moisturizer because I've had such a great experience with it. They also have a moisturizer with SPF which I think would be perfect for the warmer months!

Now for the exciting part, one of my readers will receive the same package I got for FREE!

There are two restrictions from the company,
1. They only ship to the US and Canada
2. They require a manditory visit to their website for entry

Now all you need to do is leave a comment saying "ENTER ME", your e-mail address so the company can be in contact directly with you, and one thing you like about my blog!
Good luck! I'll be picking the winner Sunday, March 14th!


  1. Enter me please :)
    One thing I like about your blog are the lippies you talk about. You have great taste!

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  3. ENTER ME, e-mail -, I love the FOTDs, they inspire me to try new things with my makeup. Thanks!

  4. enter me!!
    I love how gorgeous you are, and you keep me updated on the newest products and companies:)

  5. Enter me!

    Whoa, six times more moisturizing then glycerin?! This moisturizer is exactly what my skin needs this time of year.

    I love your honest reviews Cheryl!

  6. enter me please!

    I love the FOTD - such great make up application every single time!

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  8. Enter me please :)
    I love your blog because of all your interesting posts, which are very informative and picture filled! :)
    and you are beautiful and give us so much help on beauty related topics!

    thanks :)<3

  9. enter me!

    I love how you apply eyeshadows - your looks are so colourful - yet wearable.

  10. I love your makeup looks and your marilyn monroe quote. :)

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  11. Enter Me

    I love your cute blog background.

  12. Enter me! I have been dying to try this!

  13. Enter me , please ! I like your reviews on Canadian makes as I leave in Canada too !

    Caro xxx

  14. Enter me! I have wanted to try this for quite some time!

  15. What do I not love about your blog!? I especially loved your curly hair post!!!!

    aPetiteDiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. i've checked out the website and it seems like a fascinating concept...enter me please!


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