Thursday, March 4, 2010

TUTORIAL: How I Curl My Hair!

Hey guys!
I've had several requests to do a hair tutorial. I actually made little videos to go along with this and I was so excited for my first "Youtube debut", but my computer is being stupid, like usual, and not letting me see the video in my editing software. Sooo, I tried taking stills to better show how I curl my hair. It's actually really easy to do and doesn't take me more than 25 minutes now that I'm good at it. It use to take me 45 minutes to curl my hair...I don't know how I've managed to become so quick when my hair is getting longer and longer. Anyways, after prepping my hair, I use VERY few tools and products. Trust me, this is VERY easy.

Washed hair with LUSH Big Shampoo and LUSH American Cream Conditioner
Combed Hair with wide toothed comb
Towel dry hair a tad and add Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
Blow Dry Hair

Salon Selectives Stay put Hair Spray (purple can)
Conair 1" Barrel Curling Iron

*Before starting my hair I put on an old zip-up hoodie so that my skin or good clothes don't get all hairsprayed. Don't wear a tight necked shirt or else it will mess up your hair when you take it off...*

STEP 1: I pull half my hair up and clip it up to get it out of the way. The most important part is your top layers since it is what you mainly see so I like to do that last and quickly do my bottom layer. It doesn't have to be perfect. I just grabbed what I thought to be equal all around and threw it up. I then LIGHTLY spray my bottom layer with hair spray so that it holds my curl better.

STEP 2: This is what your curls should look like. If you have hard to curl hair I would suggest spraying each curl with hairspray after you curl each section. I tend to spray my bottom layer curls after each curl is made. The top section of my hair I only need to spray my entire head once REALLY well at the end. Keep curling your bottom layer until finished.

I WRAP my hair around the curling iron. I do not use the clamp.

I hold each section at the end so I don't burn my fingers. I hold it there for about 5-10 seconds depending on how thick the section is I picked up. I tend to pick up fairly thin sections of hair.

The curls comes off the barrel very easily by just lightly pulling the end.

This is what the finished bottom layer will look like.

STEP 2: I then take out the top sections of my hair and clip up one side of my hair so I can curl the other side. I usually part my hair down the center.

My straight hair is mixed in with my curls. I know some people clip up their hair and take out sections little by little, but this is much faster for me to leave it down and grab what I need as I go. Continue curling by wrapping hair AROUND the barrel. Take down second side of hair, curl that and you are finished!

I flipped part of my hair over because I wanted an off center part... I like parting my hair off to the side when I finished because I find the pieces that frame my face look much more natural and flattering when I flip them to the other side.

Hope this helps!


  1. thats how i curl my hair now, it just makes the curls look that much more natural, like out of bed hair if you know what i mean; soft wave like curls =]

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! It's such a lovely length. I'd curl mine more if it was longer, but I hate how when I curl it, it looks shorter! You make it look really easy though, which is great :)


  3. Very pretty! I'm going to try curling next time this way instead of using the clamp

  4. your hair is so pretty!
    love your blog cheryl!
    you look a lot like katharine mcphee - the girl from american idol a few years ago.
    shes blonde now, but from the pictures when she had dark hair
    you always remind me of her!
    you're gorgeous! <3

    ps. i was wondering what university did you go to for psychology? i go to a university in ontario too for psychology so thought that was cool :)

  5. This was SO helpful! I wish my hair was long like yours. Thanks so much Cheryl!! <33

  6. your hair always looks so pretty lovie! thanks for the tutorial =)i'm going to try your technique out this weekend!

  7. wow..thankyou so much for the tutorial...mayi ask what you think about the tresseme heat defender spray your using?

  8. Great! I'm gonn a try it. I don't really take the time on my hair but after this I want to try. Do you use a box (store bought) hair color by chance? If so, what is the color? (sorry for prying-it's very pretty!)

  9. Very pretty! This is pretty much how I curl my hair too, I personally hate using the clamp because it always leaves that clamp mark (or whatever it's called lol, you know what I mean) after you unclamp it and it makes the hair look bad, especially if you have lots of layers like I do.

  10. wow! in the screen shots from your video when you're facing the side, you look exactly like leighton meester!

  11. wow! in the screen shots from your video when you're facing the side, you look exactly like leighton meester!

  12. So beautiful! And surprisingly easy...I may have to try this today =) Thanks for the post!

  13. I loved this technique! I always thought around the barrel styling wouldn't hold on my fine hair but it did! curling this way made my hair look more modern and less 80's curls


  14. So pretty. Please don't ever cut your hair shortt. <3 your long hair.

    Btw I awarded you on my blog. Check it out =).

  15. I love this look! It's so girly and laid back... It'd work for a night out, too!


  16. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!

    I nominated you for two awards:


  17. BLOG AWARD hun :)

  18. Hi Cheryl! You're one of my favorite beauty bloggers :)
    you have beautiful hair! what is your natural hair color?

  19. those curls are so pretty! That did help a lot! Btw I gave you an award on my blog! :)


  20. @Emmxo - I've gotten "Katherine McPhee" before and she's actually one person I can kinda see a resemblance in... my ex-boyfriend's mom use to say I looked identical to her, back when she was a contestant on Idol.

    I went to University of Waterloo! Where do you go to? That's crazy we are both Psych Majors in Ontario! Small world!

    @Starla - I absolutely love the Tresemme Heat Tamer spray and have been using it for years! I would definitely recommend it as a heat protectent. It smells amazing!

    @Everything Else - I go to the Salon to get my hair dyed. She usually mixes two colours to get my colour. I haven't been in probably 8 months so I have MAJOR roots coming it. You can definitely notice it with my hair half up.

    @Blair - My natural hair is a medium brown. I was born blonde suprisingly. I still have a bit of natural highlight in my hair!


  21. Yeah I totally see it! You look very very similar. Lol the first time I saw your blog and your pictures I was like "hey she looks so familiar! she looks so much like Katherine McPhee!!!!" haha aw, definitely take it as a compliment, I've always thought she was so beautiful!!! :)

    Aw, I know a few people who go there - also someone who goes there for psych! I go to York University :) I know - small world right! There aren't that many Canadian bloggers I've found, at least not psych majors lol! Did you enjoy the psychology program??

  22. This is a very informative guide. Thanks for sharing this one. I am still learning on how to do it right and your post is very helpful.

  23. This is one of the most informative and fun video tutorials about curling hair! You look so pretty with your long and curly hair. I'm looking forward to visiting and reading great posts here soon. Thanks for sharing a great tutorial! :)


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