Sunday, April 11, 2010

FOTD: Ricepaper + Carbon

Hey Guys!
Here is the look I did Saturday! Hope you enjoy! It's definitely one of my fave looks I've done in a long time. And yes... I did go DARK with my hair this past week. I only wanted my roots to be touched up, but I ended up getting my whole head practically black (not what I was going for, but I actually think it suits me really well)

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in Medium Beige
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25
MAC Harmony Blush
MAC Eversun Blush
NARS Albatross

MAC Ricepaper e/s
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Vanilla e/s
Wet N' Wild Gel Liner
Ardell #111s (cut in half)
Covergirl Lashblast Luxe in Platinum Black

MAC Brave New Bronze l/s
MAC Frankly Fresh l/g

Top: From! They have it in 4 different colours I believe on the Canadian website. I had to put a tank underneath because the front of it is see through. I will be posting this in my "Haul post" which is coming up next!

A lot of blog posts this weekend because I'm doing absolutely nothing! I might go out to the movies today, but who knows... I was cleaning the house from 12-2am last night because I was so bored and needed to stay on my work schedule. Any fun plans this weekend for yourself?


  1. Black hair suits you really good you are absolutely right! I am loving this FOTD you look HOT

  2. The first picture is great. You look so amazing on that picture!

    Love your look!

  3. OMG yes! The hair does suit you amazingly well, most people would look too harsh with hair so dark, but it looks so striking on you! I just wish I could pull that off. Oh well! ;) Love this look on you, your brows look extra nice lately, are you going to a diff. person??


  4. I love ur hair color cheryl..the color really suits elegant~

  5. How pretty :) I love that top, i wish we had Forever 21 over in england! xx

  6. Love the look! You look gorgeous and you definitely rock black hair!!


  7. gorgeous look as usual
    love the lip colour, suits u really well!
    and the top, love that too!
    i love everything lol


  8. you are so pretty and great at makeup, i love all your fotd's!

  9. really love this look and those mac eyeshadows seem like the perfect staples :) x

  10. Wow!! That look is gorgeous girl!! I shall try Ricepaper and Carbon together soon! I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you want to enter! Feel free to advertise it on your blog if you like.

  11. You look lovely! I love the combination ricepaper +carbon! I'll try it soon.
    And your hair looks gorgeous! ;)

  12. Heh yeah I thought your hair was darker or something. I like it =).

    Loving the lip combo as well. cute top too! where did you get it? or is it a dress?

    I checked out your old post on Jessica Burciaga. I seriously was going to do a post on what she wears and stuff I've heard of her thru my friend who is into cars & she used to do import modeling at the car shows. I'm inspired by her! I actually private messaged her on myspace on other makeup stuff. She is a sweet gal. She actually messaged back. Even on twitter! I hope to meet her some day. I have the same taste in makeup like her too. Peachy pink blushes and lippies. Your makeup reminds me of hers too! I really like the look you did of hers.

  13. your hair looks amazing! and i cant even begin with the makeup! SOO PRETTY

  14. i say this way too much to you, but you are absolutely stunning!!! i love your makeup, hair and outfit! everything just fits! but have you changed your foundation?? just looks different to previos photos :) x

  15. You look soo pretty! I love your top - the white lace is soo hot. Love reading your blog :)

  16. BTW - I love the black hair on you! I'll be dying my hair soon with LUSH's henna :)

  17. Wow, I just realized we use the exact same shades in Revlon's PF, MAC MSF and studio finish concealer, lol. You look absolutely gorg in these shots!! Love the look you did :)

    Oh my, my weekend, Cherry Blossom Festival Saturday in DC & drove around for 4 hours with my bro and had my 2.5 yo nephew over with my bro. Then, I had lots of friends come over Sunday to hang at my wine bar and drink tons of wine and eat tons of food and smoke some mango hookah. Phew, that was a lot!

    Oh yeah, went to the movies Friday night too, watched Date Night (Steve Carell and Tina Fey), it was hilarious!!

  18. I am absolutely LOVING your shirt in these pictures!!! You look so beautiful girl! :)

  19. The dark hair looks great on you & I also really like the blush ur wearing.

    I also just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

  20. gorgeous! Love the blush =)

  21. DOLL! You are STUNNING!!! I love your hair and this look is sexaayyyy. Beautiful top! I need to go to Forever 21 badly but I am BROKE! I aodre you and the outfits in the last post too- look at that body girl! I want that Brave new bronze lippie badly still and those dresses are perect! ♥

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  23. I love this look and the top and you also look very nice with dark hair!


  24. amazing looks like the nude lips


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