Monday, April 5, 2010

Vegas CCO Finds!

Hey Guys!
As you know, It was my birthday March 31st! One of my besties came back from Vegas and bought me a couple items from the Vegas CCO she frequents. I've never myself been to a CCO so I was happy to have my hands on some goodies. She picked me up a Tendertone Lip Balm in "Pucker" and a Mineralize Blush in "Earth To Earth". Here are a couple pictures and swatches of my presents! I love them both!

MAC Earth to Earth Mineralized Blush: One side is Peachy Brown, and the marbleized side comes up a purplish pink. When mixed they make a beautiful bronzey peach. I have to be careful not to pick up too much of the purple, but this is a new favourite blush of mine! The colour is absolutely gorgeous and very flattering on my skin tone. This will be perfect for the warmer months!

MAC Tendertone Lip Balm in "Pucker": Super moisturizing and it smells AMAZING! It goes on very sheer and will be perfect for the upcoming summer months since it has an SPF of 12 (but doesn't SPF in products expire even if unopened? haha oh well, I still love it!)

What have been some of your favourite finds at a CCO?


  1. I have both of those and I love them!

    I have only ever been to the CCO in Vegas (while I was on vacation last year) and I found the McQueen Paint Pots, so I bought them right away! I was so happy to find them there! :-)

  2. OoooO! This looks pretty! I almost swapped for this but didn't have any good pictures/swatches to go off of! Wish I would have now ;/ Both look lovely doll* ♥

  3. No way! My best friend's birthday is on March 31st as well! Crazy. Happy belated birthday!

  4. tendertone! im jealous you got your hands on one !

  5. That was so sweet of your friend, both products are so pretty! I hope you had an amazing birthday, BTW :)

  6. I hope you had a great birthay! (You got makeup, so it must have been!) I went to a CCO just this past month and bought refined MSF, I've been wearing it almost everyday!

  7. i recently been to my cco in san diego and we have the 2009 holiday collection out..I even found solar white!!! =D They also have a bunch of eyeshadows that werent out as testers (The girl couldn't find my eyeshadow so she let me look through the drawers)there were permanents and some limited ed from 08!! I wish they would display everything..


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