Sunday, May 23, 2010

MAC Pigment Samples + Swatches [PIC HEAVY]

Hey Guys!
I have a little secret. I don't buy full jars of MAC pigments. Why? Because I would NEVER in my lifetime use up an entire pigment jar because I get bored really fast and pigments last forever because you only need a small amount of product each time you use it. The only colour I could justify MAYBE buying a full jar is MAC Vanilla pigment because it is so versatile and you can use it with anything.

I buy samples. Here is the website that I buy them from. The Body Needs. They are AUTHENTIC MAC PIGMENTS! The lady, Cheryl (nice name lol), who owns the website, gets different stock in so the colours may change given time. I find this is a great way to try out colours and see what you like without having to buy a full jar from MAC. I have bought pigments off her 2 times in the past and have had exceptional service each time. The prices have recently gone up a tad, they use to be around $1.79 for 1/4 teaspoon sample in a 5 gram jar and now they are between $1.99-$2.29 depending on the pigment. They come labeled on the bottom which is a big plus because I like to know the names. She also carries some limited edition pigments so it's nice to be able to pick up a sample of those as well!

Here are swatches of my collection:
From left to right: Vanilla, Naked, Melon, Tan





From Left to Right: Chocolate Brown, Pink Bronze, Fuchsia, Pink Pearl

Chocolate Brown

Pink Bronze


Pink Pearl

From Left to Right: Violet, Cornflower, Platinum, Antique Gold Reflects




Not a Pigment, but she does sell Reflects Glitter Samples as well! This is in Antique Gold. I've been dying to use this for a night out. I'm trying to figure out what to pair this with so I can wear this when I go out tonight!


  1. What a great idea, i've always wanted some but never wanted to buy them since I know i'll never use it all!

  2. I just recently got Violet pigment and I am IN LOVE with it. It's so beautiful! Cornflower looks like a color I'd like to get a sample of in the future maybe.

  3. The pigments look so nice! Believe it or not - I don't even own ONE... Maybe I'll buy Vanilla, but they are so freakin' expensive. Please do a look with them!

  4. HI Doll,,

    I just nominated you for a sweet blog award!!

    Check it out here!

  5. Great post! I hardly ever buy full pigments either. The only ones I have are Pink Opal, Mutiny and maybe a glitter. The other 30 I own are all samples! It's a great way to add to your collection but not spend a fortune. Really impressed how cheap that site is too, thank you for adding to my addiction ;).


  6. Great swatches. I never buy full size either. My sister, however, does. So I just come in with my 5gm jar and get my own samples! haha

  7. I am just getting into pigments, so thank you so much for this post-I agree Cheryl (the pigment seller) is great and super sweet!

  8. Awesome pigments!!! I own one in Gold Mode and I love it, haven't purchased another full jar b/c I know it'll NEVER be used completely, lol. I love the swatches, some of the colors look different in the jar compared to the swatch so the swatches are helpful!

  9. I HAVE to check this out!!! I was just talking about how I feel it a waste to spend all that money when you only need such a small amount of pigment! Great tip.

  10. Thanks for posting that site! I have only one pigment in kitschmas which i do like but would NEVR use up entirely. Iv been so curious about different pigments but avoided buying them due to price!! I'm def going to check that site out :)

  11. I haven't tried any pigments because they are quite expensive where i'm from and I just don't know what colour I want first. But that website is great, thank you for sharing! I'm placing an order right now!

  12. I'm not really a pigment girl to begin with however I still wanted to give them a shot so I ended up getting samples likes you did. Believe me, I still have more than 75% left in these little containers! Great colors, I love Melon myself it's gorgeous!

  13. i only have 2 pigments and i cant buy anymore considering the tiny amount i use. i should start just asking for sample sizes instead. you got a great collection there !

  14. Wow, the last swatch of colours are definately my favourites! I just bought a full size Vailla pigment! Thanks for telling us about Cheryl, Cheryl lol.

    Lovely blog hun x x

  15. I've used The Body Needs before, brilliant website! Super fast delivery too considering I'm in the UK.

    Cornflower and Violet are two of my favs! :) xx

  16. Hi there! What a great idea!!! I have never thought to do this, but it makes so much sense, pigment is so concentrated that there"s no way to make it through an entire jar! I have a mac pro card so I often buy more than I need, but I'm ordering samples instead! Thank you!!!!

  17. What a great idea! I have bought pigment a few times from mac, and there is no way that I would ever use up the jar in this lifetime. I'm going to order a ton of samples:) Yay, thank you for the excellent idea!

  18. Great swatches, thank you for this post!!!

    They all look so pretty, esp that first row! :)



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