Tuesday, May 11, 2010

REVIEW: Annabelle Mineral Line

Hey Guys!
Annabelle spoiled me yet again with a set of their new mineral products! I received Mineral Powder Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, and Pigment Dust, along with a blush brush.

The mineral powder foundation I received was in the shade Barely Beige and is a very good match for my skin tone. First I used a bit of moisturizer on my skin (since it tends to be on the dryer side) and then I used my MAC kabuki brush to blend in the powder. It evened out my skin tone and looked very natural in both natural and artificial lighting. The only mineralized product I have ever used is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural and this worked just as well in my opinion. My only complaint, and this goes for all the mineralized products, is that it was a bit messy. There was light shining in my window when I was applying this and I could see a bunch of product flying in the air. I always tap my brush on the side of the container before applying it to my face and this is what caused the fly away product. The foundation didn't make my face look dry, but made it look very natural and even. The foundation comes in only 4 shades so it may be hard for some to find the perfect shade, but I can use Barely Beige when I'm tan and when I'm not so tan and it still works well. You have a lot of play with the product. The foundation retails for $12.50 Canadian for a 7.5 g container. This will last me forever!

Pictured above is a mineral powder blush in the shade Hush. This is probably my favourite product of all the goodies I received. It is such a pretty shade of pink. I adore this so much! It gives such a natural, flushed, glowy cheek. There are 3 shades of blush available for purchase retailing at $10.50 Canadian for a 2.5 g container.

Annabelle only has one shade of bronzer available and it is called Terra. I have to use a very light hand with this because it can apply fairly dark. This will also last me forever for that reason. It retails for $10.50 Canadian for a 2.5 g container.

There are 7 shades of pigment dust available to purchase. They retail for $8.50 Canadian for a 2.5 g container. You can use these either dry or wet (for a more opacity). The purple works great with my green eyes.
This was my first time using Mineral products and I was very impressed with the look of my skin. I was always very timid to try powder foundations because I tend to have dry skin, but this didn't exacerbate any dry spots!


  1. Hi, I`m a new follower ;)

    Love your blog!


  2. You got tagged sweety!

    And I would love to see a whole look with these products!


  3. Glad you like the Annabelle mineral goodies! Do we have a chance of seeing your beautiful green eyes enhanced with the mineral Pigment Dust - Violet Vibe? ;o) Great post!

  4. I have dry skin and have been apprehensive about mineral makeup (except the MAC line) too. Good to know it worked for you!


  5. @Miss IPP - That will be a separate post all on it's own! I have so many new eyeshadows that I need to compile a whole post dedicated to Annabelle EOTDs!!! lol

  6. Those products are great. I've been waiting forever for Annabelle to launch a mineral line!

    I agree with you, since the bronzer is available in only one shade, I also have to be very careful when using it because I have fair skin. But it looks great ^^

  7. I love that shimmer from the shadow!

    Do you know if this brand tests on animals?



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