Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm on Holidays!

Hey Guys!
Today is my last day of work and then I'm on holidays all next week! I only get two weeks holidays during the year so I'm making the most of my first week off and doing a lot of fun activities. This being said, you won't be seeing any new posts until after my mini vacation. Right now I'm packing to go to Toronto for the weekend to see a couple concerts. Saturday night I'm going to be seeing HOLE and Sunday I'm going to be seeing LADY GAGA!

Below is a picture I took the first time I saw Lady Gaga in concert. I didn't get floor tickets this time so my pictures won't be nearly this good. However, at least I got to see her perform this close once before!

Sunday is also by besties birthday so I will be taking her out for dinner/shopping and maybe a stop at a lounge after the concert! I can't wait to show you pictures! During the week I will be gone camping and the weather looks like it's going to be beautiful the days I'll be gone (i.e., 30 degrees). Hope you all have an amazing next 9 days!


  1. Hey! I hope you have fun at the concert and enjoy your days off!

    p.s: I'm your newest follower(:

    Great blog ♥


  2. Have fun Cheryl. I always have a blast in Toronto, at least eating is, if nothing else :)

  3. I hope you will have a great and realxing time with lots of fun!
    I am jealous that you'll see Gaga live :/ Can not wait to see some pictures!
    Have fund beautiful! xoxo

  4. have a great holiday!!! i hope to see gaga in concert someday, sooo jeal of you!

  5. I love gaga! she will be fab! and I am a huuuge fan of courtney love also! can I ask where do you live?
    Toronto is my favourite place ever! well canada is Im hoping to move there possibly next year xx

  6. congrats!!

    i'm on holidays too

    time for blogs!

  7. sounds like a fun week! those are 2 concerts I would love to go to as well(:

  8. omg u got a great shot of Gaga! have fun! i've always wanted to see her in concert!

  9. Sounds like a couple of cool concerts to go to! ;)
    Have fun!


  10. Hi doll =)

    I love your blog! You're awesome!

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