Monday, July 5, 2010

MAC Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey Guys!
My absolute favourite posts to read are about other bloggers eyeshadow palettes! I just recently picked up a bunch of new eyeshadows (i.e., Patina, Goldmine, Brule, Smut, Mulch, Club, Twinks, Texture, Brown Script, Tempting, Tete-a-Tint, Scene, Print, Typographic, Embark, Romp) and I'm so excited for all the FOTDs I will have in the future! I asked you all to pick out 8-10 from my list because I wanted to narrow it down, but instead I picked up 16 which was even more than the list I originally started with. LOL As you can tell, I love my neutrals and I stay away from crazy colours. It's not that I don't like colour, I just don't like colour on me. I know I would never wear a chrome yellow eyeshadow, so therefore why would I buy it? My eyes are very green and I prefer that colour to stand out more than my eyeshadow. Blues and Purple are really nice though because they enhance the colour of my eyes. I've arranged each palette into 4 generalized categories. Not all eyeshadows fit the category exactly, but this is the best setup I have thus far. Hope you enjoy my collection!

*All images are clickable*


First Row L-R: Crystal Avalanche, Brule, Ricepaper, Naked Lunch, Gleam
Second Row L-R: Solar White (LE), Dazzlelight, Goldmine, Jest, Patina
Third Row L-R: Vanilla, Nylon, Amber Lights, All That Glitters, Tete-A-Tint

From L-R: Crystal Avalanche, Solar White (LE), Vanilla, Brule, Dazzlelight, Nylon

From L-R: Ricepaper, Goldmine, Amberlights, Naked Lunch, Jest, All That Glitters

From L-R: Gleam, Patina, Tete-A-Tint


First Row L-R: Soft Brown, Woodwinked, Bronze, Brown Script, Sketch
Second Row L-R: Wedge, Romp, Mulch, Embark, Coppering
Third Row L-R: Texture, Tempting, Espresso, Twinks

From L-R: Soft Brown, Wedge, Texture, Woodwinked, Romp, Tempting

From L-R: Bronze, Mulch, Espresso, Brown Script, Embark, Twinks, Sketch, Coppering


First Row L-R: Satin Taupe, Smoke and Diamonds (LE), Scene, Typographic
Second Row L-R:
Club, Electra, Print Carbon
Third Row L-R:
Gazette Grey (LE), Knight Divine, Smut, Black Tied

From L-R: Satin Taupe, Club, Gazette Grey (LE), Smoke and Diamonds (LE), Electra, Knight Divine

From L-R: Scene, Print, Smut, Typographic, Carbon, Black Tied


From L-R: Aquavert (LE), Swish, Sushi Flower, Stars N' Rockets, Poison Pen (DISC), Vibrant Grape (PRO)

From L-R: Nocturnelle, Plum Dressing, Contrast, Freshwater, Deep Truth, Nehru


  1. Girl I am so jealous!
    My post about my ONE palette was rediculous :D
    You have the most amazing colours, all very wearable! You have such a great taste of colour!
    I can't wait to see you FOTDs!

  2. Oh Wow, I'm so jealous of your collection! I have now added an extra 8 to my wishlist!! lol x x

  3. Great post! These are my favourite types of posts aswell :) Am going to make store today to buy 4 more e/s....can't decide, eeek!

  4. Love the way you've organised the shadows. My favourite is the browns pallete!

  5. great post. great palettes & swatches. i wear mostly neutrals too. I see a few colors that I need to add to my collection though. Thanks!!

  6. Gorgeous palettes - that's definitely added some to my wishlist! I've just finished my first palette, which is mostly neutrals.

  7. OMG!! i want one too, great picks!! they look good on u.

  8. Great post :) I'd like to have palettes like this one day, may take a while though haha

  9. love your palette's, soooo jealous!! I don't have nearly as many!

  10. i NEED woodwinked!
    you are so gorgeous, welcome to follow my blog :)

  11. you are sooooooooo pretty!!
    cute blog!!

    follow mine :)

  12. omg idk you... but im dieing to know what these makeup palettes are called! pls respnd asap!!!! pls prettyy pls! haha. ik they are mac palettes...but lik eif i go to a store i would i to get the exact ones u got. can u pls b mre specific what they are.. lke are they metallic paletees.... or smthn ! pls.. thanks jst reply on ur blog!

  13. @Anonymous - I bought each shadow individually from MAC cosmetics. You can't buy these palettes as have to assemble them yourself! Sorry!


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