Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween How To: Snooki from Jersey Shore!

A couple weekends ago I attended a "Jersey Shore" themed party. I'm a sucker for themed parties. I love dressing all crazy and going all out with makeup, hair...etc. I wasn't planning on making a post about this, but since Halloween is coming up, I thought it might give some people an idea of how to dress like Snooki for Halloween. Here are some tips on how to get the "Snooki" look. Hope you enjoy! It was really fun to do :)

Note: I forgot all hair products at home or else I was going to do the signature "Snooki" poof. I remember seeing a picture of her with this "Faith" hat I already had so I decided to just throw that on. I also forgot all my makeup brushes so this look was achieved with ONLY my fingers! I personally think it added to the look I was going for...haha

#1 - Makeup musts include dark eyeshadow/eyeliner and nude lips
#2 - Large hoop earrings
(bejeweled sunglasses, or white sunglasses are a must)

#3 - A tight outfit with lots of cleavage. Ripped white jeans I thought were appropriate for the occasion.
Anything "Ed Hardy" is also an excellent option.
Not sure why I decided to pose with a gun
. Random prop I guess.

#4 - A Juiced Guido

#5 - A Killer Tan (4 coats of self tanner to be exact. Didn't wash it off, just left the house with the colour guide on!)
#6 - Grey Goose Vodka

#7 - Hot pink nails
#8 - Fist pumping

This post was just for fun, hope you enjoy! Have you decided what you are going to be for Halloween this year? I already have my outfit ready! Here's a clue to what I'm being: it's based on a VERY popular movie that came out this past year!


  1. haha cute post you totally got the snooks looks down!

  2. you're way prettier than snooki! awesome and easy idea for halloween though :-)

  3. Oh doll, you couldnt look stupid, even if you but all the tips are right on point! lol

  4. HOw fun, but you're way too pretty to dress up like Snooki! hehe, but you did a good job.
    Are you being an Avatar?

  5. you look soooo like jwow in these pics.. awesome ideas

  6. Bahah! I love it! Perfect Snooki look! And may I say, Girl you looking fine!!!! You must do an update on your exercise routine because clearly I need to copy it! xx

  7. LOL at the fist pumping and the 4coats of fake tan hahaha... You look gorgeous!!!! You pull off different looks with such ease!

  8. Very silly but wow I actually like this look on you. I really love your hair color!

  9. HAHA That was true Snooki-ism! Nice post :)

    Btw I just did a new post today, go check it out! <3

  10. @Miss Kimmy - you guessed it ;) I'm impressed! I can't wait to do the makeup for it... My mind is going crazy just thinking about all the fun colours I get to play with :)

    @Emily - Thank you :D I've been kinda slacking lately, but I was hardcore exercising for a month straight and got some pretty good results with P90x. I need to get back at it though. I'll for sure do a post soon!

  11. hahahaha i thought the picture at first was snooki! great job :) xxx

  12. I remember you posted that pic on Twitter and you look gorgeous girl!

  13. Hahaha great idea! LOL I don't know why I posed with the gun, hahaha, because it's fun!

  14. i just stumbled onto you blog and i am sooo hooked! i shared your homepage on my facebook, i have lots of makeup-obsessed friends on there. :) you are gorgeous!! i would LOVE for you to do a smokey eye tutorial

  15. haha ur so funny
    u forgot her gucci bag ,, which seems she only has that bag =S ,,, why doesnt she change it =S

    and btw u look gorgeous ,, even looking like dumb-ass snooki ,,

    no actually ,, there isnt any comparison between u and snooki ,, she wish she looked like u=D haha

  16. You def. have the Jersey/Snooki look down.. N I love that you are into ultimate fighting! Hot blog!

  17. Your blush looks great in these pics! May I ask what it is? Your cheeks glow!!


  18. @Jewelrybead - I'm wearing MAC Creme Bronzer in Beach Bronze from the To The Beach collection :)

  19. LOVE IT!!!!



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