Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another MAC Venomous Villains Haul!

I picked up a few more items from the Venomous Villain collection when I went to my local MAC counter and I just wanted to share some swatches. I ended up getting Bite of an Apple Blush and Toxic Tale from the Evil Queen collection, and Dark Deed Lipstick from the Maleficent collection. Now I have one lipstick, one lipgloss, and one beauty powder from each of the collections!

Bite of an Apple Blush (Evil Queen)

Soft Coral Pink (Matte)

Toxic Tale Lipstick (Evil Queen)

Bright Coral (Satin) - shows up more red on my lips than coral/orange

Dark Deed Lipstick (Maleficent)

Burgundy Plum (Amplified) - beautiful dark plum.
I don't own anything like this and I can't wait to wear it for fall


  1. Lovely!!!
    I'm waiting for my order to arrive!
    What do you think about the packaging? I love it.

  2. I LOVE that Blush! Love your blog x

  3. YAY that you got Bite of An Apple blush!!!! I haven't used mine yet and will one of these days. I'm on the lookout for Toxic Tale l/s since it's sold out online and hopefully that I'll go to my Macy's counter to find it.

  4. when i went to ocean city a couple weeks ago (beach you should never have to go to, lol) my gf's and i passed by the outlets and all i was excited about was the cco, and we found my gf a plum a bit more blue/purple and looks AMAZING on her, dark colors can look really amazing, hope to see you use it soon!

  5. You are lucky to have found Bite of an Apple blush so long after the collection was released. IT is so sought after!

  6. Yay! You got your Bite of Apple. Love the lipsticks.=)

  7. I love the color of Dark Deed LS, that deep plum is stunning. I can't wait to see looks with this! Wish it wasn't sold out online. I'll have to check my counter, it is indeed a great color for fall! That blush is a beautiful color as well.

  8. I looove the colors you picked!!! So pretty!!

    Hope you're having a good day sweetie!!


  9. Ahh omg I have to get my hands on dark deed, such a gorge colour for winter & it looks lovely on you! Great haul girly! x

  10. I love Dark Deed! I feel so "edgy" when I wear it :)

  11. How do you get eyeliner to stay?

    I have tried dusting black eyeshadow over my liner to set it, it doesn't seem to help.

    Any suggestions? :)


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