Friday, October 1, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Haul!

I'm soooo excited because yesterday was the release date for MAC's Venomous Villains collection and I received my online haul in the mail! I've loved Disney well before I've ever loved MAC so as soon as I heard that they were partnering up for a collection, I new it was going to do some serious damage to my bank account. There are still a couple items I'm considering purchasing at my local counter this weekend, but I wanted to check them out in person first before I spent any more money. Here are the goods (with my initial impressions of each product):

PACKAGING: The outer boxes are superior in design quality and thought as opposed to the actual images on each products container. I'm not saying I don't like the cartoon images on the products, but I believe they could have done a better job than slapping some stickers on shiny black plastic. In particular, I noticed the image on the Dr. Facilier Magically Cool Liquid Powder looks cheap, like when your printer is running out of ink and you can see the lines and pixels in the image. Also, don't you wish they had Ursula, from the Little Mermaid, instead of Dr. Facilier? They should have sticked with the theme of old school disney movies and I probably would have bought the collection in its entirety! lol Ursula loved her lipstick, Ursula lived under the sea (could tie that into the Magically Cool Liquid Powder)... my ideas go on and on.

his skin especially looks pixelated.

Dr. Facilier Magically Cool Liquid Powder in "Truth and Light": I was debating about putting this in my shopping cart, but decided to get it after I already placed my first order with everything I thought I HAD to have. I would have been completely disappointed if I were to have missed out on this. This is actually my favourite thing I got in the collection. Packaging wise, I already said the image looks tacky and is my least favourite, but product wise, this is THE "coolest" thing about the collection (no pun intended). It definitely does feel "cool" when you apply it to your skin, which is the oddest sensation. I used this to highlight my cheek bones using a MAC 131 and it felt amazing. I can't believe that this stuff is made up of 70% water, yet is a powder. I'm obsessed with this stuff. I'm a huge highlighter girl and this gives the most beautiful, subtle highlight to the plains of my face. If you thought this was just gimicky and just another highlighter, think again. I almost looked passed this due to the price, but now I'm thinking of picking up the other shade just because I love this one so much. Did you every have that gooey, plasticine/play-do stuff called "GAK" when you were younger? Well this kinda brought me back to my childhood because it smelt like that a bit...haha. Also when I first swatched it on my had with my finger, it kind of balled up. I just had to rub it in a bit more to blend it in.

How it balled up before rubbing it fully in with my finger

Very subtle sheen/inner glow it gives your skin!

Beauty Powders: I had to buy all the beauty powders, because I loved the disney images on the packaging. My favourite character is Maleficent because Sleeping Beauty is my favourite Disney movie, however, on the packaging I love how the Evil Queen looks! I didn't think I would care for the Cruella Beauty Powder, but I bought it anyways just to have the set and I actual love how subtle the colour is on my skin and it may actually be my favourite one?! Crazy I know. Cruella "Her Own Devices" is the most sheer of the three and has to really be built up to get a pigmented colour. Maleficent "Briar Rose" is the most pigmented and only takes one sweep to get a rich colour payoff. Evil Queen "Oh So Fair" is by far the smoothest beauty powder.

Cruella "Her Own Devices" Beauty Powder, Evil Queen "Oh So Fair" Beauty Powder, Maleficent "Briar Rose" Beauty Powder.

From left to right: Evil Queen "Strange Potion", Maleficent "Revenge is Sweet", Cruella "Devilishly Stylish", Cruella "Innocence, Beware!"

Strange Potion

Revenge is Sweet

Devilishly Stylish

Innocence, Beware!

Innocence, Beware! Lipstick: If you missed out on this lipstick, don't worry. On my lips it practically dupes MAC's Hue lipstick, except maybe a tad pinker? I haven't swatched them side by side yet, but I held up each tube against each other and I could barely tell a difference. Hue is my favourite pink shade and I was running low, so I'm glad I have this to use in replace of it for the time being.


  1. all the lipsticks look great on you !!

  2. Gorgeous!!!
    Unfortunately the collection hasn't arrived where I live yet... can't wait to see it!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  3. oh i want that highlighter powder! i hope they still have it available in stores! ox

  4. So many bloggers have bought these! I feel so left out LOL! I love the lipstick/lipglosses.. Looks gorgeous! :)
    I'm now following you! :)

  5. i love this collection! the briar rose beauty powder is my favorite product. could you suggest your top 5 MAC makeup brushes? i'm going to the counter in a few days and would LOVE to get your advice on the must-have brushes! if this helps, i wear fairly dramatic, smoky eye looks. thanks :)

  6. Great Haul!!
    Thanks to you I too will have the set of beauty powders.. since after you said that the Cruela one is mostly sheer I just ordered it online... (I was a bit worried that It would be to harsh on my skin color)

  7. Do the glosses have stickers too? I was very disappointed with the one lipstick I ordered when I discovered it was a sticker! I have yet to see the glosses or shadows in person though.

  8. Do the glosses have stickers too? I was very disappointed with the one lipstick I ordered when I discovered it was a sticker! I have yet to see the glosses or shadows in person though.

  9. I definitely wasn't a fan of the packaging....but I LOVE the blushes!


  10. I soo wanna get something from this collection, it looks gorgeous! x

  11. Yay!! Disney+MAC?! I freaked out when I first heard...

    "but I believe they could have done a better job than slapping some stickers on shiny black plastic"

    I totally agree with that, I had been looking forward to the packaging so much and was kinda disappointed when I saw some pictures, but someone said it looks like the mu packaging made for little girls, which makes sense since its disney. But still...

  12. I only got 2 LOL =)) Nice haul. enjoy them!!

    RInz @

  13. I knneeeewww you were gonna get 'Innocence, beware!' I got that too and I agree it does kind of look like hue, I think it's more beige on me though. And omg GAK..I think I had the glow in the dark version lol

  14. Great haul! So jealous! Everything is sold out online. :( I want that lippie! So pretty!

  15. you picked up some great stuff!

  16. Great haul. The lipsticks are gorgeous. I loved this collection too

  17. Looks amazing!

    Just came across your blog!

  18. Hi Cheryl! Your review on the Venomous Villains Collection is great, thanks for posting pics! I am from the UK and patiently waiting for them to release this collection!

    I've just started my blog -
    Please check it out.

    Zoe x

  19. Soooo lucky to have all of these Cheryl.
    I still haven't gotten mine from the website, I think it might be here tonight though! I'm so anxious.
    Did you get around to getting the Bite of Apple blush?!


  20. I was so happy when I got some of the stuff from this collection, it was sold out right away almost.


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