Monday, October 11, 2010


Kim Kardashian this year in Munich, Germany celebrating Oktoberfest.
She is wearing a traditional German dress called a Dirndl.

Hey Guys!
This Friday Oktoberfest started and it lasts until Saturday, October 16th. Every year, since I've been legal, I've gone out to celebrate at the events (before I could only go to the parade)! My home town has a HUGE celebration, the second largest in the world next to Munich, and I'm from a german background, so it is one of my favourite times of the year! Whichever venue you decide to attend you will be sure to have an amazing time! Everyone, young and old, comes out to dance, drink, eat and have a good time. This year I headed out with a small group of girls and had a blast dancing to traditional Oktoberfest music as well as retro 80's songs (my favourite).

My friend Rachel and I on opening night.

Do you have an Oktoberfest in your town?

Have you ever been to Munich to celebrate?
(the biggest celebration in the world)

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I wish they were doing a fun one here in Miami. I used to live in Stuttgart and theres nothing like the real deal! xo

  2. I wish we did! We have a huge parade for St. Patty's day though (4th largest in the U.S). Looks like you had a fun time. Love the hat!

  3. I would love to go to Oktoberfest :( Maybe next year. Even though I'm German I have never been :(

  4. Yes for Oktoberfesting! I haven't ever been, this year a bunch of my friends went to Bingamins but I already had plans so instead my bf and I picked them up after. They went to the Retro night. I really need to get some tickets cuz apparently it's awesome!

  5. I've never been to Oktoberfest before, they do them all over in L.A! I should definitely hit it up some time :)

    XOXO, CC

  6. Ah, the Oktoberfest fun. I used to live in Cologne, Germany and looked forward each year to it. Good times!

  7. Hey Cheryl, this is such a random question but how long did your poison ivy costume take you to make?! I'm thinking of being that or Eve for Halloween and want to start making my costume ASAP.

    P.S Oktoberfest looked like so much fun :) I was a beer girl for Halloween last year! haha :)

  8. looks like fun!!! you look so pretty!!

  9. Thank you ladies :D <3

    @Glam I Am - I started off sewing each leaf on my dress and it was taking FOREVER. I ended up using a glue called "Speed Sew" and just glued everything on. Once I started gluing it didn't take that long but I spent well over 10 hours on it with all the sewing..etc. involved. I would never do it again lets put it that way...haha Good luck with yours! I recommend you getting started on it ASAP!

  10. We had a very big one in South FL. but I've never been, I'm such a bad German! lol


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