Saturday, December 11, 2010

Forever21 Accessories

On Cyber Monday I ended up picking up some accessories from the Forever21 Canada website since it was free shipping with no minimum purchase. Usually you have to spend $60 to get free shipping and I refuse to buy things online unless I have free shipping or the shipping is reasonable. I thought it was a perfect time to pick up some accessories, mainly earrings, that I would be able to wear this holiday season. I just thought I'd share with you my finds :) Don't you love how F21 has earrings for $3-$10?!


  1. so cute! their rings always turn my fingers green :( does that ever happen to you?


  2. Cute haul

  3. I bought that ring too!! But the white one. :)

  4. Oh buh you! I was gonna order those heart/bow earring, but they disapeared before I got the chance to pay ;,) And I also ordered that heart ring(but in white), its beauitful!


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