Saturday, December 11, 2010

Forever21 Love & Beauty Nail Polish in "Gold"

I picked up two polishes in my small order of accessories I placed on Cyber Monday. I got "Gold" polish and one called "Camel". I'm really into gold nails at the moment. This gold is a true rusty gold, which isn't really what I wanted. I REALLY want a light yellow gold like OPI for Sephora "It Looks Like Rain Dear". You can see the exact colour I'm talking about if you go over to Tiffany from "Will Work For Makeup"'s blog! It was sold out at my local Sephora when I went there today (*sigh*) so I'm considering placing an order on, but really don't want to pay for shipping or to spend $120 minimum for free shipping.

As for the nail polish, I really didn't like the application of the gold polish. I found it chipped almost instantly. The nail polish in "Camel" actually lasted a lot longer and applied smoothly without looking like garbage like the gold polish. I think it would have turned out a lot better if I applied Seche Vite as a top coat, but I'm all out of my bottle and need to pick up a new one. I will have to retry the gold once my new bottle of Seche Vite comes in the mail.

Are you into Gold Nails for the Holidays?


  1. They have this gold glitter polish I saw the other day that looked gorgeous but I hate getting glitter off my nails so I didnt end up getting it. I looked at the one u just posted too, but I know what you mean.. Its kind of a coppery gold. Im on the search for a pretty gold polish.. I'm not sure if it will be a flattering color on my hands but it is a shade i'd like to rock for the holidays :) i'll look into the sephora one..

  2. I'm really into gold nails at the moment too but had a hard time finding the perfect one. I was sooo excited when I found Looks Like Rain Dear because it's everything I wanted in a gold nail polish: opaque, shimmery, and glittery! I think I was just lucky in getting it because the girl told me they had just gotten shipment in the day I bought it as it had been sold out before then. I completely understand how you feel about not wanting to pay shipping or spend the minimum amount for free shipping, though - shipping charges make me hate online shopping sometimes :-/


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