Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kim Kardashian Inspired OOTD!

I've wanted a blazer for EVER now. I finally found one on Forever21.com that I really liked and ordered it right away. Good thing too because it sold out within hours. It has padded shoulders which gives a great shape to my body. I always see Kim Kardashian in blazers and they instantly add a classy, sophisticated touch. Here are some inspiration pictures of Kim wearing various blazers:


Bella felt the need to bug me during pictures

Long Tank Top Forever 21
Lace Long Sleeve Shirt Forever 21
Black Padded Shoulder Blazer Forever 21
Jeggings American Eagle

Over-the-Knee Stiletto Boots Forever 21


I ended up changing my top because Charles and I were heading to the mall and I didn't want to struggle with too many layers, like my first outfit, when trying on clothes. I added a plain white tank from Forever 21, House of Harlow Black Resin Necklace, H&M Leather Gloves, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Monogram Canvas. I know Kim K has the same necklace so I thought it would complete the Kim K inspired look :)


  1. Omg so funny you posted this. You really must be my long lost sister. Ive been wanting a blazer too and I just purchased one from express two days ago! I was planning on doing an ootd with it as Kim for inspo.. LOL. And when I was googling images of Kim wearing a blazer, I saw her wearing that necklace and thought.. Cheryl has that! (i remembered from a previous post of yours) And its funny bc I just posted a question on makeupalley yesterday asking if anyone knows any good fashion blogs that have a kim k kind of style. I dont keep up with celebs, so I have no idea who dresses in what.. But kim is pretty much everywhere all the time so I notice her fashion style probably more than anyone else. I like that she dresses trendy and very chic/classy.. I would consider my fashion style to be like hers.. Well as soon as I mentioned kim's name I didnt get very positive feedback. Someone even said something like "if u wanna dress like kim k, maybe u should rethink things..." I was like wtf? Whats wrong with the way she dresses?? Im not saying I want to look like her, admire her lifestyle or worship her on my wall.. I just want freaken fashion ideas bc I have trouble putting outfits together with the clothes I already have! Lol Anyway... (like that was all necessary right...) Haha.. Anyway, im sure ill be posting a similar ootd very soon.. You look very cute!!

  2. Great look! I've been loving blazers as well, they look so sophisticated and classy, and add the perfect touch to many outfits!

  3. Love the look!! =) my kind of style too hehehe

  4. Love both the outfits. That neckace is is so pretty and those boots are HOT! Hmmm...wonder if they're still in stock..

  5. i'm so in love with your outfit!!! love the pictures! i do love most of kim k's style choices!

  6. You look great! I'm slowly adding blazers to my closet. (: I think they really put an outfit together and give you a classy, modern look.


  7. Looking great! This loko suits you a lot. Aww, cute that Bella was trying to get in on the fun =)

  8. Thanks a lot!!!!
    soo good page..
    NIce post

  9. I love this look. Kim is so stunning

    Youve nailed the look xx


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