Friday, December 3, 2010

MAC Pink Friday Lipstick

I hope you are all enjoying the festive season! I have already finished Christmas shopping, wrapped all my gifts and am ready to send out my Christmas cards in the mail Monday! I am very organized this year as I wanted to avoid rushing last minute as per usual. I ended up picking up two MAC Pink Friday lipsticks the first friday they became available: one for me, and one for my bestie for Christmas. This is the second Friday this lipstick has been available and so far it has sold out both Fridays! You only have one Friday left to pick it up, so I figured I'd swatch the colour for my readers just in case anyone was interested in it but was unsure since you can only buy it online.

First off, MAC describes this as a "Barbie Pink" which is a perfect description. When I think of "Barbie Pink" I definitely think of this colour. It's very vibrant, yet wearable. It is a Satin finish so you will need to exfoliate your lips before using this as Satins can accentuate dry lips. I didn't take my own advice and exfoliate my lips prior to application of these swatches...sorry (I ended up throwing it on as soon as it was delivered).

The Top Centre Lipstick is PINK FRDAY; clockwise MAC comparisons...Viva Glam Gaga, Snob, Lovelorn, Real Doll

I don't own any other vibrant MAC pink lipsticks.
I would love to see how Pink Nouveau compares and Chatterbox
as those are shades I've always meant to buy but haven't got around to it yet.

Are you into Pink Friday? I love it!
I also loveeee Nicky Minaj's CD Pink Friday!


  1. It sells out so fast! Grr I need it LOL!

    Great colour

  2. I missed it last Friday but got it this one! Can't wait for it to arrive :) Looks very wearable on you! I'm somewhat worried about that

  3. I wanted to try this lippie but what I've read, it's waay too blue for my skin tone. Looks lovely on you though! xx

  4. Love it!!!!

  5. I REALLY want it! I was soo close to getting it around 11PM (central time) but the page took too long to load and after I thought I had added it to my cart it told me it was unavailable...wamp wamp. :o(


    P.S.I'm having a MAC gift card giveaway on my blog if you're interested. (:

  6. I love the color! I like that its darker than the others, looks better on Black ppl! LOL but the colors are great, unfortunately I cant drop $30 on lipstick right now! But you will look fab!!

  7. you can order it online till the 17th of December. :)

  8. Oooh I keep forgetting to order this on Fridays. How do you like it? It looks great!

  9. I really want this lipstick! nice swatches :)

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  11. Pink Friday looks lovely on you!! I ordered two online and it comes on Tuesday and I'm really excited to receive it!

  12. Thanks for swatching the other MAC lipstick. Gives me a better idea of the shade of pink.

  13. @Miss Kimmy - I love it! Only downside that I wish it was a creamier formula...other than that its THE perfect barbie pink!

  14. I love these lipsticks ! look so good on you and you have a really good blog and you are superr pretty :)

  15. The pretty pinks which are always a rage with all ages.Teens like to make a semi nude look with the touch of the pinks and also the adults adding a bit of shine with gloss.


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