Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NOTD: Holiday/New Years Eve Nails

"It Looks Like Rain, Dear" and "Only Gold For Me"

Hey Guys!
I ended up getting my Sephora order in the mail before Christmas so as soon as I opened my package I instantly did my nails with Sephora by OPI "Looks Like Rain, Dear". After seeing this on several bloggers nails I HAD to buy this polish for myself. It is limited edition at Sephora so if you are interested in it you better pick it up ASAP. I know when I went into my local Sephora store that it was sold out but they do still have it online! I think Gold is the perfect colour for the holiday season and is definitely a trend, a long with silver, for this coming New Years Eve! With that said, here is Sephora by OPI "Looks Like Rain, Dear" along with Sephora by OPI "Only Gold For Me". I was thinking for NYE that I will layer a ton of "Only Gold For Me" so that it is really opaque. I wonder how many layers I would have to use? haha. I'll definitely post some pics if it works out. LOL

"It Looks Like Rain, Dear"

One layer of "Only Gold For Me" on top of "It Looks Like Rain, Dear"

What are your plans for New Years?

Here's a sneak peak at my dress ;)


  1. I think glittery nails are definitely a trend, I've been seeing them everywhere. But I can't wear them coz at the risk of sounding vain I think they make my fingers look pudgy! lol.

    Your dress is gorgeous though, and I can see the nails looking great with it.


  2. I looove your dress!
    It goes perfect with those nails :D


  3. pretty! i've been wanting to try looks like a rain dear for quite some time! X

  4. very pretty..I luv sparkle nailpoolish BUT I hate taking it off!! I find it to be so difficult!!

    I'M BACK!!!

  5. The nailpolish looks like the OPI Bring it on the Bling! I have posted it yesterday on my blog!
    Looks much more opaque then mine nailpolish. I need a golden base and then comes the glitter.

    The dress is perfect for the NYE!

  6. I actually have "Only Gold for me" on my nail right now. It is sheer even with 2 coats. But it's very festive, love it!

  7. I love the look of Only Gold For Me. I'm going to a house party on new year - I really don't know what to wear!

  8. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for showing us "Only Gold for Me." We love the color so much that we decided to showcase it on our blog as well. We also gave you a little shout out since we found out about it through you.

    Here's the URL to our blog post: http://bit.ly/fobDb5

    Thanks again!

  9. That's so pretty and festive! :)

  10. oooh, love the polishes and dress!

    no idea what to do for nye...no dress either...i have a feeling it'll be a failure this year, lol

  11. You'll look gorgeous in that dress, Cheryl, be sure to take pics!

  12. I love gold nailpolish. I looked everywhere for "Looks like Rain Dear" but all the sephora's near me were sold out. What a pity. Looks beautiful on you though. It goes great with the dress.



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