Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey guys!
I decided to make an "Ask Me Anything" post so that you can ask me questions! It doesn't have to be beauty related. You can ask me personal questions as well. I got this idea from a few of my fellow bloggers and thought that this would be a great idea. I love answering your questions so fire away. I'm pretty open so I can't wait to hear what kinds of questions you come up with! Just post your question in the comment box below and I will keep updating this post in response to each of your questions!

What are your favorite blushes brandwise and holy grail ? What are your preferred brushes for blush?
I really like MAC blushes as a brand. Their Beauty Powder Blushes are amazing. I also really like NARS. My absolute favourite blush is MAC Eversun. I also love MAC MSF So Ceylon, MAC Dollymix, MAC Pink Swoon, MAC Peaches, and MAC Harmony (as a contour). From NARS I love Orgasm. I really want to try them all, but a couple I've had my eye on are Luster and Lovejoy. For blush I always use my MAC 116. I put blush on the apples of my cheeks and sweep it back towards my hairline and this brush is really good for precision and placement. If I'm using a really vibrant blush, like Dollymix, I will use my MAC 187 to lightly dust it on my cheeks. I find this brush is better to control the amount you want, as opposed to the MAC 116 controls where you place it.

You are very very pretty :) Are there any days that you don't like yourself when you look in the mirror?
First off, thank you :). Secondly, of course I have some days where I wish some things about me were different. If it's that time of the month and I'm blotted...EVERYTHING looks bad on me haha. When I was younger I think I was harder on myself and now that I'm a bit older I'm more confident. As soon as I turned 19, was out of highschool and into University I started feeling very comfortable in my own skin. I think everyone goes through an awkward stage and it just takes people different periods of time to feel comfortable in their own skin. Before I always cared what other people thought of me, but now I don't give a crap.

I love the lip colors you use. What are some of your favorites and how pigmented are your lips naturally?
This is a hard one. LOL. I love pretty much all colours of lipstick. Off the top of my head some of my favourite lipsticks include MAC Hue, Shy Girl, Angel, Lovelorn, Snob, Myth, NYX Fig, Snow White, Circe. As far as lipgloss I like MAC Partial to Pink, Wildy Lush, L'Oreal Color Juice in Grape Soda, Revlon Life's a Peach, Victoria's Secret Plumping Lipgloss in Baby Pink. As far as pigmentation of my lips, they are pigmented enough to alter shades of lipsticks. I find a lot of lipsticks look quite different on my lips compared to other people using the same product. I'll try and post a picture of my natural lip colour soon.

I love your blog! I find it very informative and interesting... what made you start one? Do your friends or boyfriend know you blog?
When I started in late summer of 09' I was obsessed with beauty products, watching youtube videos, going on makeup forums...etc. I was googling some beauty related things and Natty's blog came up and I started following. I ended up following several other beauty bloggers and after a couple weeks of following I decided that I wanted to start my own blog! My friend's would always ask me to do their makeup and it was something I was gradually getting better at so I figured I'd share my journey with makeup with anyone who wanted to read about it. I never thought I would get 10 readers, let alone 500+! I really enjoy the beauty community and find everyone on here really supportive and helpful. We all share the same addiction. It's great to have people to talk to and ask questions. My friends know I have a blog and a couple of them are following. My one friend is about to start her own once she has some spare time. My boyfriend also knows and kinda teases me when I'm taking pictures of myself for FOTDs. It's a bit awkward having your own photo shoot, but I like looking back and seeing all the things I've done.

What do you like to do for fun?
When I'm not working I like to play with my puppy Bella, go shopping, go to the movies, rent movies, blog (of course), read, and hang out with family and friends. When the weather gets nice I go swimming almost every day. I'm a fish.

How do you achieve such gorgeous looks with both warm and cool coloring?

Cheryl, I want to know your love story, please tell us. I love love stories!!!
I had a summer job at the company I'm currently working for and I worked with Charles. I worked with him for 2 summers and at the end of the second summer we started dating. I remember hearing from co-workers that he liked me and I had a huge crush on him, but didn't think it was possible for someone like him to like someone like me. He is THE nicest person I've ever met. Anyways, he was on holidays the one week and it was Monday and I saw him in the waiting room. I asked him what he was doing there and he had to drop off paperwork at the front desk. I was walking to my area and he came running up behind me and asked me for my number. I secretly think he came in for me and not for "the paperwork". We have an 8 year age difference between us, but I've always been attracted to guys who are older than me. Never 8 years older though, but Charles does not look or seem his age. I knew from the moment we started dating that he was "the one" as corny as that sounds. I've never felt this way about anyone and I know that everything happened the way they did for a reason.

How did you like lights in concert? Also, what other kind of music do you listen to?
I loved Lights in concert. She was amazing. Great performer. I love live music more than recorded and she can definitely sing. I'm very eclectic when it comes to music. I basically listen to everything. The only genre I don't care for too much is country. I like some country, but not the really "twangy" stuff. I like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Alternative, Classical...anything with a good beat, instrumentation or lyrics. If you looked at my iPod you would see everything!

What type of work do you do?
Right now I'm currently in manufacturing. I'm what you call an "Industrial Athlete" haha. I work for a major car company building cars. Probably the only car company that is prospering while the "Big 3" are going under. If you know about the manufacturing industry or have been listening to the news you can probably guess where I work. It's not a glamorous job, but they pay top dollar so I'm only in it for the money until something in my field (Psychology) comes up where I can make close to what I'm making currently.

How do you care for your hair - do you take any supplements?
At the moment I'm not taking any vitamins or supplements. I really should be taking my one-a-day woman's vitamin but I've been neglecting it. As for my hair, I usually get a trim every few months, but it's probably been closer to 6 months since I've had a cut and colour. I switch up my shampoo and condition because I find my hair reacts best when I switch products and don't use the same thing every single day. I'm currently using LUSH Big, LUSH American Cream, Herbal Essenses Color Me Happy, BIG SEXY HAIR Shampoo and Conditioner. I ALWAYS use a heat protectant (TreSemme) when I blow dry my hair. I usually use a large tooth comb after the shower to detangle any knots, but sometimes I want to get the job done faster and I use a brush. I rarely use hair products. I only use hair spray when I curl my hair. In terms of hair...I'm pretty boring. I use to have tons of blonde highlights, but my hair started to break at the ends and it was too high maintenance for me. I tend to take my showers at night and sleep on wet hair so I can minimize the use of a blow dryer and just run a flat iron quickly through my hair in the morning.

When was the last time you really cried, and why?
It was this past weekend. My 3 best friends and I all got into a fight. It was really stupid and we've never EVER had a fight...only very minor disagreements. The good thing about it was that we talked about it the next day and worked everything out. I'm not the type of person who can stay mad for long. I have to work things out as soon as possible. Having an argument with my friends, boyfriend or family member is the what hurts the most.

Do you make youtube vids? And if not would you ever consider it
Unfortunately, I don't make YouTube videos. I would definitely consider it if I had a little more time on my hands. As of this moment blogging is hard to do with the hours I've been working, but maybe in the future when things settle down I will have some time to put up some videos!

When did you get started in makeup?
I REALLY started to get into makeup January 09'. I basically bought my entire makeup collection, I have as of this moment, in one year. It was a bit ridiculous. My beauty product spending has been cut back substantially. I pretty much have everything I set out to get, with the exception of a few items, and would like to use up some things first before I buy others. Before 09' I was content with just some eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and tinted moisturizer. My beauty routine is a lot more time consuming now... haha, but I love it. Once people started commenting on how my makeup looked it made me want to get better and buy more things. It's definitely a little addiction of mine.

What is your favourite place to shop?
As of this moment I'm in love with FOREVER21. I love how cheap and fashionable the clothes are. The closest mall to me is 35 minutes away so I don't shop as much as I use to. Now that I've discovered online shopping it has made it easier for me to pick up the things I need since I can't get out to the malls in person as often as I'd like.

Do you and your boyfriend want kids? If so, at what age and how many?
I definitely see us having kids in the next few years. I would like to have my first at around 26. Having twins is in my family and my grandmother was a twin (apparently it skips a generation so now it's my turn!). My ideal scenario would be having a boy first and then having twin girls. I want to have them as close in age as possible! Three kids is a lot, but I'd love to have a big family!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feelin' Blue FOTD

This is my last day off before I start my new job tomorrow! I will be working 48 hour weeks. *sigh*. I also have to be at work for 5:30 am tomorrow *double sigh*. It's going to be torture waking up...but i'm not complaining! haha I've been waiting to work full-time forever so it's about time I make some money. Here is a look I did today with some of the new things I picked up while in Toronto over the weekend. I did it really quick this morning so it's a bit sloppy. Is there any kind of makeup look you want to see next? Let me know!

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 006 Medium Beige
MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark
MAC Harmony Blush to Contour
MAC Eversun Blush
MAC CCB in Pearl

MAC Freshwater e/s
MAC Deep Truth e/s
MAC Nehru e/s
Stila Kajal in Onyx
Ardell Lacies

NYX Circe Lipstick
NYX Cafe Latte Lipgloss

REVIEW: LUSH Big Shampoo and American Cream Conditioner

Big Shampoo is one of my favourite products I've purchased from LUSH! I've been using it since December and it is my new HG shampoo! It makes my hair really shiny and soft. As far as volume, it does give me a little, but not as much as other shampoos I've tried. However, shampoos that give me more volume than Big tend to dry out my hair. Big doesn't dry out my hair at all. In fact, I find it super moisturizing to almost the point of over moisturizing my hair. I've read reviews where people have said this dried out their hair and I've had the complete opposite experience. If I let my hair air dry after I've used this, it starts looking greasy after a day. If I blow dry my hair I don't have this problem, so unfortunately I can't use this and not blow dry my hair. My hair never got dry, but my scalp did get irritated when I was using it too often. It became a bit itchy and I had a few flakes so I wouldn't recommend this as a daily shampoo.

The texture is really strange rubbing sea salt and citric juices through your hair but it does the trick and it rinses clean. My hair feels squeaky clean after using this. I also like the smell. Though it is a small tub, you only need such a tiny amount of product that it will last you a while and is worth the more expensive price tag. The only downside is that it leaves my hair full of tangles even after I condition it. After I shower I use a large tooth comb and run in through my hair. It just takes a few minutes longer to comb through my hair than usual.

This is probably too moisturizing for my hair. I only need such a tiny bit even for my long hair. I was at a concert and someone behind me said they smell hampster shavings and now everytime I use this I feel I smell like hampster shavings because it smells woody to me :( haha How embarrassing. However other people have said they like the way it smells, but of course my mind remembers the negative comment more. If you have dry hair I would definitely recommend this. I probably won't be repurchasing this just because there are other products out there that work better for me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Toronto Haul: MAC, LUSH, FOREVER21...etc.

Sorry I've been MIA for over a week. I've been really busy finishing up shifts with my old job and getting ready for my new one. My last day was Saturday and I spent yesterday celebrating by going to Toronto with my besties and shopping! We are actually planning another trip back in about a months time to do some more damage. I still haven't posted my big haul, but I'm not sure if you want to see it? Let me know. I absolutely love haul posts and youtube videos, but that's just me. I know there are some people out there who don't care for them. I love to see what's out there because I rarely get to go shopping. I have been doing most of my shopping online which isn't the same thing. It's not as fun. Anyways, here is some picks of what I got. I'm at my parents house at the moment and didn't have my camera so the pictures aren't as good quality as I would like them to be, but you'll get the idea. What are some of your favourite purchases you have bought lately?


From LUSH I picked up another Comforter Bubble Bar (because it's my favourite) and a different bath bomb, Vanilla Fountain (because I wasn't too impressed with the Sex Bomb last time I tried it). I also got a sample of Dream Cream (I want to buy this eventually but I have too many moisturizers at home that I'm determined to use them before I buy anything new). Also one of the sales ladies sold me on the "9 Products for $25" package. I wanted to buy a Fresh Face mask and I was looking at the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter so I figured, may as well just spend a bit more and get a bunch of random things in this package. You got to choose which Solid Shampoo you wanted, what face mask and face cream you wanted and everything else was the same in each package. I got the Seanik Solid Shampoo (for flat, dull hair), Cosmetic Lad Facial Moisturizer, and A Crash Course in Skincare Fresh Face Mask (brightens and tightens). I'm really excited to try all my goodies!

From MAC I needed a new 15x palette because two of my palettes were full already and I had to use my quad to store eyeshadows (it was annoying me). I have no blue eyeshadows in my collection because blue eyeshadow use to scare me until I realized what magic it does for my green eyes. I bought Nehru, Deep Truth, Freshwater, Soft Brown and Gleam. I also got Pearl Cream Colour Base because I've never tried one and always wanted to. I love highlighters. I wanted to get By Candlelight MSF but they didn't have any so I will have to buy it online. I'm really excited to try out these eyeshadows!


I've wanted a pair of Lululemons for quite some time now, but really didn't want to spend $98 on a pair. I caved and bought myself some. I bought these specifically for work and I'll probably be ordering a couple more pairs because I love them so much! They are suppose to last for 5 years through serious workouts/exercise. I also got a headband because I always see girls with these and decided I needed to have one for myself.


Skinny jeans from H&M. These are really cute especially with the new boots I bought online from FOREVER21. I always think skinny jeans look unflattering on my body because I have such wide hips, big thighs and the skinniest lower legs and ankles ever! But these actually look alright because they weren't skin tight on my lower legs. I really want a pair in black and dark denim.

A pair of sleep pants that are really light and airy. I also got some hand cream that smells like cupcakes. I seriously want to eat hands...


Never have bought a pair of aviators before because they are always the wrong shape and too pointy for my face. I have a pointy chin so anything that accentuates that is a bad thing, but these work really well with my heart shaped face because they are more rounded at the bottom.


I like to have a green tea every morning. I'm trying to drink more of it because I find it really helps me lose weight and feel good. I love Tinkerbell and bought a big mug last time I was in Toronto with her on it and wanted to get another one. It's a little tradition I'm starting...and you can't have enough big mugs if you are a tea drinker like I am! I love Disney and all the old Disney movies (i.e., Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast) so it always makes me feel like a little kid when I walk into that store.


I'm really into the colour blue at the moment (especially dark blue/navy). I don't own any scarfs, except for one winter one, and this looked beautiful so I had to buy one. It's really light and I can wear it fashionably as opposed to keeping me warm. I've never been into the whole scarf thing, but glad I picked one up. Also love this purple long sweater. It's going to be so cute with leggings.

Jean Jacket I got on sale for $9.99 and the tank tops were $2.50 so I got some good deals. I needed some new black flats and these are really cute and can go with anything. My favourite purchase of the day is the military jacket. It is so soft and beautiful. I got the grey top to go with leggings. I'm obsessed with leggings. I'm also obsessed with hearts. On the zipper is a little jewel encrusted heart.
I love hearts so much that I even have a tattoo of one (my only tattoo) on my hip. I got this a few years ago with my two best friends. They got hearts on their wrists. I think tattoos that have a special meaning to the individual are the best. I know I will never regret having this because my friends and I are all connected forever through ink!

If you are curious about any of the products I purchased and would like a review, just leave me a comment and I'll add it to my "Upcoming Blog Post" list! Have a good one!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

REVIEW: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation!

I'm so excited to review this foundation! I bought it about a week ago and have been using it ever since. Two of my HG foundations are Revlon Color Stay and Make Up For Ever HD so I figured this would be right up my alley. And it is. Definitely a new HG! This is probably my number one foundation at the moment. Crazy I know. I didn't have any expectations buying this and I was kind of afraid to because I kept reading horrible reviews about it, but I gave it a shot anyways. They didn't have any testers available at my local Walmart (which is very weird) so I had no idea what shade to get. In CS I am "Medium Beige" and the foundation I picked up in PR is "Medium Beige" (but is a lot darker). It fits my skin tone a lot better, especially when I'm more tan (which I have been lately). Though I was able to find my shade, they don't have a wide range of colours so this will be a problem for some people who want to try this out, but can't find their shade. Also, this foundation DOES have shimmers in it. However, it doesn't make you look like Edward Cullen when he steps out into the light. You can barely notice it unless you are two inches away from your face. I actually like to use MAC strobe liquid and put it in my foundations to give a similar effect so this was great for me. It gives a semi-matte dewy glow (my perfect finish). It also covers up imperfections and evens out my skin tone flawlessly. I've only worn it for about 8 hours at a time and it still looked just as good as when I put it on without having to touch it up throughout the day.

MUFE HD #125 vs. PR Medium Beige vs. CS Medium Beige


PR vs. CS. Vs. MUFE HD
ABOVE PHOTO: Photo Ready is really liquidy in comparison to the other two foundations. Those dark spots were bubbles so it made weird shadows... If you click the image you can see CS has visible shimmer in it and PR doesn't appear to. However, my hand is full of shimmer because I rubbed PR on my hand to test it before putting it on my face. My face did not look anything like my hand. My had looks like a disco ball (because my camera was super close up and the light reflected all the particles).

PR claims to give you "Perfected airbrushed skin in any light, with complete coverage". You can be the judge. I think my skin hasn't looked better. I like it more than CS and MUFE HD!




I find even with a flash I don't get washed out like I would with other foundations. This doesn't make sense to me because PR has a SPF of 20 and normally SPF in a foundation tends to wash you out in flash photography.

Also, if you have used CS you know it has a funky smell to it. Yuck. I'm use to it now, but when I first tried it I was like "I'm not putting this on my face if it smells like that" haha. PR is FRAGRANCE FREE! Yayy! It also doesn't make me look "pink" like CS did. Most importantly...IT COMES WITH A PUMP! The pump is REALLY easy to control how much product you want to get out. You can get a tiny speck or use a whole pump. I use one pump to cover my whole face and it's plenty!

All-in-all I've never been so fully satisfied with a foundation before. I think I will have to pick up a shade lighter for my not so tan days. Definitely check it out if you are interested! If shimmers aren't your thing I wouldn't recommend it. If you don't like it, you can always return it!


Hey lovelies!
In December I was on a hot streak and I won two fabulous giveaways by two beautiful bloggers, Jen and Monica. From Jen I received a couple L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos, some NYX lipglosses and a bunch of other goodies I wasn't expecting, but loved. From Monica I received a 10 eyeshadow palette by NYX called "Jazz Night", and a bunch of NYX lipglosses and lipsticks. For this look I used the "Jazz Night" palette I got from Monica and a lipgloss I got from Jen to complete the look (all NYX).

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in Medium Beige
MAC MSFN in Medium Dark
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25
MAC Golden Bronzer
MAC So Ceylon MSF

NYX "Jazz Night" Palette (blue, brown, and nude shades) *given to me*

Revlon Nude Attitude *given to me*
NYX Cafe Latte *given to me*

P.S. - Next post will be a review on Revlon Photo Ready Foundation... I'm really excited for this post!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Job Interview FOTD

Hey guys!
As you may know already I've been going through an extensive hiring process for a job. My final part was today and it was an interview where I had to sit down with two people as they grilled me with a bunch of questions. I've worked for this company before during my summers while I was in University and really liked it there, but had to finish my education and get my degree before I worked there full-time. Well, the interview went really well. So well in fact they called me 20 minutes later and offered me the job! Yayy. I put in my two weeks for my current job and my last day is the 16th and I start my new, long awaited job on the 22nd! I absolutely can't wait! My boyfriend and I plan on celebrating once he's done work, but I have a few hours to spare so I thought I would post a very simple/minimal makeup FOTD that I wore to my job interview!

My hair is messy because I had not done it yet. If you have any questions about what I was wearing just leave a comment below! Have a great day!

What I'm Wearing:

MUFE HD #125
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25
MAC MSFN in Medium Dark
NARS Laguna Bronzer
NARS Orgasm Blush

L'Oreal Intense Liquid Pencil in Black smudged with Carbon e/s
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

Maybelline Lip Liner in "Rose"
MAC Hue Lipstick
MAC Partial to Pink Lip Gloss

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

I was tagged by the beautiful Lexi to do the "Once upon a Time" tag (Thanks babe!), the rules are as follows:
1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

HERE'S THE STORY: I thought this picture was very "Beauty Blog" appropriate because even at a young age I was testing out products! Take for instance this baby powder I was smearing all over my leg. I must say though I was quite intelligent because I got the baby seat and used it as a stepping stool so I could reach the coveted baby powder on the counter. However, I can't say I look too intelligent because it appears I tried eating it as well...LMFAO.


Monica - Glamour Diaries

I also tag anyone else who wants to do this! It was a fun tag to do :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve FOTN + OOTN + NOTN


MAC Violet Pigment
MAC Young Punk MES
NYX Royal Violets Glitter Palette
MAC Solar White e/s
L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner
L'Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil in Black
WnW Creme Liner in Black
Ardell "Lacies"

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer
MUFE HD #125
MAC MSFN in Medium Dark
Ben Nye Translucent Powder
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25
NARS Laguna Bronzer
MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush
Benefit Highbeam

Rimmel Lipstick in "Pink Blush"
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in "Pink Frost"

OPI "Do You Lilac It"


I didn't take any pictures of my actual outfit, so here are a couple random shots where you can see what I was wearing. I had a black sweater dress with pointy shoulders which I kept covered most of the time by this crazy jacket with huge shoulder pads (the picture below doesn't do it justice unfortunately). I bought it out of jokes a couple years ago from a vintage clothing store and never wore it and decided to pull this number out of the closet because NYE seemed like the perfect night to reveal this baby.

Hope you all are having a wonderful New Years! 2010 is already shaping out to be a good year! I got my final phase to my job interview this Wednesday!