Sunday, January 16, 2011

FOTD: MAC Pro Longwear Foundation (NC25) and Concealer (NW25)

Overexposed, but I think it turned out cool
Hey Guys!
My computer crashed yesterday and I lost a ton of files and photos that were for future posts. I do backup my files on an external harddrive every now and then, but I haven't since I got my Nikon D90 so I lost all those images *tear*. I hope this never happens to any of you... Anyways, I went out last night and got a cheap desktop computer just to have something to use for the time being until I get myself a MAC. I really want a MAC laptop mainly for photo editing as I'm really getting into digital photography. I don't have the extra money for a MAC at the moment as my wedding, bachelorette and honeymoon is costing me a small fortune. The lighting is so horrible on my new computer monitor that I don't know if any of my pictures actually look decent. I tried adjusting the settings, but everything looks overexposed.

Anyways, enough of my complaining...I tested out MAC Pro Longwear Foundation today for the first time. I have a sample of NC25 and I really like it. I do have dry skin and you REALLY need to moisturize before using this foundation if your skin is anything like mine. I also wet my Duo Fibre with Fix+ before applying foundation to the bristles to try and make it dewier and blend more evenly. So far the foundation looks just as good as when I put it on this morning. I probably will end up purchasing a bottle after my sample runs out. I've also been using MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and I really love the product, but I absolutely can't STAND the packaging. I don't use a lot of concealer, and the pump that comes with this is garbage. I could probably cover my entire face with the amount of concealer that comes out with one pump. It is so hard to control and such a waste of product. Has anyone else had this problem with the pump on the concealer? I hear the actual pump on the foundation is much better.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation NC25
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW25
Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Powder (under eyes)
MAC Emote Blush (contour)
NARS Gina Blush
MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in "Truth and Light" (highlight)
MAC Fix+
Make Up For Ever Waterproof Brow Corrector #3

MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly"
MAC Illusionary/Burning Ambition Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo (lid and crease)
MAC Ivorie e/s (to highlight
MAC Gesso e/s (all over lid to tone down MES)
L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in "Carbon Black"
MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl (waterline)
MAC Teddy Eye Kohl (line lower lid)
MAC #36 Lashes

MAC "Peachstock" Lipstick
MAC "Revealing" Lipglass


  1. You are soo pretty!! I am loving the look!

  2. Gah! Stop being so damn freaking gorgeous!!!! Seriously you are stunning. I purchased my first MAC foundation the other day, not sure what I think yet, I'm just hoping it doesn't break me out! lol

  3. This post reminds me that i need peachstock lipstick.

  4. Both the foundation and concealer look really natural on you. Do you think that the foundation runs dark and that you need to use a lighter shade than you normally would? I tested the concealer in-stores, and I agree that the pump is crap. Personally, I think it's silly for concealers to have a pump in the first place. The amount of concealer people use varies completely between individuals and more like than not, pumps will pump out wayyy too much!

  5. Your have the most perfect pouty lips ever! I'm jealous, lol!

  6. aw sorry to hear about your computer problems, i know how you feel i've been there myself plenty of times! don't worry your pictures look great and you look gorgeous as usual! i've been hearing a lot about the MAC pro longwear foundation and am thinking that i definitely need to check it out for myself...thanks for sharing!

    Beauty Bag 411

  7. i love this foundation! i was using the sample for a couple of weeks then ended up buying a full size last week :) i asked for sample of the concealer and i told the mac sa about the stuff i read about pro longwear concealers pump. she said she got the same problem too when she first started using the concealer. she said she ended up using the remaining product on her neck and chest area lol.

  8. I have the same problem with the concealer pump! It sucks, I waste half of the product (boo!). I wish that the Longwear came in a squeeze tube like the Select. That would make my day!

  9. your make up style wonderful
    why do you take a video?
    or a picture details wwith how to do make up.

    ı love your make up.

  10. i swear you have the most perfect face! beautiful bone structure :) i've been eyeing the pro longwear as well but as i had dry skin i was a little afraid to try it but now, i think i might give it a go :D

  11. You can still get those pictures back. Look up "restore memory card deleted files" in google and find a free program. A girlfriend of mine had this issue a few months ago and lost some precious vacation memories.

    Love your blog.

  12. So sorry to hear about your computer! That reminds me...I really need to back mine up!
    You look gorgeous, as usual. You look a lot like Angelina Jolie in the 4th pic.

  13. YOu look gorgeous in these photos. I love the PLW foundation, my shade was NW25 (back in fall) but now it seems too dark yet NW20 is too light. So I stopped wearing it for now

  14. Aw i've been there before Cheryl, 3 times i lost files, but thank God for photobucket, i had most of my pics stored there in albums :) I think your pictures look even better than before, no joke. I adore the way you do your make up and youre always so elegant! I also love this concealer and i was expecting it to cost more actually, so im digging the price too, that pump gets on my nerves too lol

  15. You look gorgeous gal! Your hair and makeup are flawless!! xx

  16. on the third and fourth picture you look like angelina jolie ( but more beautyful :P )

  17. Oh booo, sorry to hear about losing all your files! That reminds me I should probably back up my computer.

    I've tried the PLW foundation and although I loved the wear of it, the colour was wayyyyyy too off. So that's what threw me off of purchasing it.

  18. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Losing data is the worst!

    Gorgeous FOTD pics...truely, these colours with your skin tone/hair colour are total perfection!

  19. I have nominated you!!
    please ck for more info:

  20. I need to know where you got that cute blazer lol

  21. You look super gorgeous dear!!!!

  22. love your hair here,
    cute blog, already found some tips to try out, now following :)
    would really appreciate your thoughts on my blog, best wishes xx

  23. @Emily - I've used a few. I want to try Studio Fix again, but when I used it back in the day it was way to heavy on my skin and broke me out. I;ve had no problems with my Studio Sculpt and Pro Longwear though :)

    @Tiffany - I find the NC25 is pretty true to colour. I find the main problem with Pro Lonwear vs. Studio Fix is that it is less golden...more orange which sucks.

    @CJ - hahaha. Seriously probably could cover my neck and chest with the amount that comes out lol

    @Phoebe Lamanta - I have dry skin I just gotta moisturize prior and use a few sprays of Fix+ and I'm good!

    @Ashley - Thanks for the tip!

    @Schnelle Couture and Nina - Thank you! :D

    @Anonymous - I got the blazer for 50% off at Zara! Gotta love deals

  24. After years of being a makeup artist. The rule stands true. There are no rules to makeup, only rules of thumb. Nothing called "too anything".I disagree with telling anyone how to wear their foundation/blush/powder/eyeliner/eyeshadow. Makeup is subjective. Everyone has their own makeup style. Many light people tend to go light/lighter or mix it with a luminzer to make themselves brighter/radiant/porcelin like. A great example of this would be dita von teese, who even stays out the sun to maintain her light skintone and wears light foundation. Others prefer to be dark/darker and darken in the sun or use bronzer all over their skintone. Different people have different preferences. If I spelled "Horse" "Howrse" than there is no "ifs" "and" or "buts" because grammar isnt subjective. What is wrong is wrong!However. Makeup is subjective. I hate nude lips. Does that mean its right to say "dont wear nude lips" ? No.
    I might not like it but someone else might. There is no rule to makeup. Thats the beauty of being a makeup artist. There are soo many different styles.
    I hate bronzer. But maybe there is someone who loves that deep bronzed look. I cant go to them and say "dont go soo deep in the bronzer" and say its "constructive". There are soo many different styles.who is anyone to tell someone theyre wearing a too light or too dark foundation, because there is no such thing. Nicole and Sam from pixiwoo(huge makeupartists in Britain) sometimes wear paler or darker foundation and it looks gorgeous! as long as people blend it to the neck its fine....some people prefer to look bright and radiant. Thats just a general thing.

  25. beauty...luv to see ur face..:)..ermm...i also got d90..hey what lens u got??

  26. Tip for prolongwear concealer users: I pump a small amount of the concealer into an empty sample container (they will usually just give it to you at the counter if you ask for it) and apply the concealer with a small brush. Since their sample containers have resealable tops, you can just cap off the unused portion and re-use the next time you need concealer :)

  27. hey!!!

    i heard that this pro concealer is only good for under eyes. i however, don't have any issues under my eyes but i got blemishes so can i use this concealer for my entire face?


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