Monday, January 31, 2011

LOTD: "Look of the Day" (FOTD, OOTD, HOTD)

Hey Guys!
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty relaxing. I worked Saturday so I only had Sunday off. This is my LOTD "Look of the Day" for Sunday. Please disregard the hormonal blemishes on my chin. I found my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation made me look a bit sunburnt in certain lightening today and my skin wasn't the greatest to begin with. I think it may have just been reacting weird with my self tanner, not sure, since I haven't had this problem before.

I haven't researched this yet, but I figured I'd ask my readers first... I have some acne scarring on my chin and was wondering if there is a product out there I could use to lessen the appearance of them? Let me know if you have tried or have heard of anything!

FOTD "Face of the Day"
Estee Lauder Time Zone Moisturizer
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation #220
Maybelline Fit Me Powder #220
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW25
Chanel Soliel De Tan
MAC So Ceylon MSF (LE)
MAC New Vegas MSF (LE)

Make UP For Ever Waterproof Brow Corrector #3

MAC Honey Lust e/s (lid)
MAC Ivorie e/s (LE) (brow bone highlight)
MAC Solar White e/s (LE) + Goldmine e/s (tear duct)
MAC Soba e/s (crease)
NARS Galapagos e/s (outer 'V')
ELF Creme Liner in "Coffee"
UD 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Bourbon (waterline)
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
Ardell #111 Lashes

MAC Marquise D' l/s (LE)
MAC Frankly Fresh l/g (LE)

HOTD "Hair of the Day"

To achieve this look, I washed my hair the night before, put in a leave-in conditioner (Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream) and let it air dry. I woke up and used a spiral curling iron through my entire head of hair. I flipped my head over, ran my fingers through the tight curls to loosen them up and parted my hair to the side. I've had this spiral curling iron sitting in my bathroom closet for some time now and I've never really used it. I really like how my hair turned out and it lasted all day and even looked good the next day when I woke up! I used TreSemme Tres Two Hairspray to keep it in place.

OOTD "Outfit of the Day"

I got this dress at Forever21. They had it in black, but I have so many black dresses that I opted for the olive version. I purchased this several months ago, but never wore it (I'm pretty sure I blogged about it in a F21 Haul post...) Usually greens work against my eye colour, but this green actually enhanced my eye colour! The headband I got from Forever21 as well and it has feathers and some medallions to the side...I ended up taking it off LOL


  1. What were you doing today that you wore this outfit for? You must live somewhere that doesn't get very cold and you can wear dresses year round .... -40 C in southern Alberta today BRRRRR!

    Your eye makeup is beautiful!

  2. You should try picking up a sample of MAC line filler for your scars! Not that they are visible at all but I understand everyone is there own worst critic! But definitely try it first because It is pricey and it's one of those products that can be hard to work with. But the people that have made it work tend to swear by it! So give it a try! I know it works really good on women for filling small wrinkles on the forehead or around the eye! I have used it to smooth a small scar in my eye area and it worked really well! So worth a try! It defiantly can't hurt!

  3. Are you a pornstar?

  4. Love the look, hair and outfit!! All aree amazing!!!

  5. I loved this post. Makeup, hair and OOTD combined <3 I would suggest to use products with AHA's to get rid of scaring. I use some Neostrata ones.

  6. Who ever said you look like i man is a F****** hater!!!
    Gaahhh so jelly of your body!!

  7. Gorgeous!!! Love the whole fit, makeup, and hair. I also have some acne scarring and can't seem to find anything that will minimize the scars. I've seen some Clinique products but haven't tried them yet.

  8. You are gorgeous, love your dress!! I always opt for black too, I need to add some color in my life =)

  9. you look so gorgeous ,, love your hair ,, and the dress <3

  10. Gorgeous look! Hair, makeup, outfit and all! Remember, we are always our worst critic; those blemishes are barely noticeable! =)

    As for a product that works well, you should try the Clinique Even Better Clinical. I think La Roche Posay makes one too, it's called Mela D. I haven't used either of them, but I work for a higher end cosmetics retailer, and out of all the things we have for sale, those are the two best sellers! Good luck and do let us know how whatever it is that you will end up trying works! =)

    Andrée xx

  11. Hi Cheril.
    First off, I want to say that you look gorgeous and perfect in each photo you post.
    Secondly, I am an acne sufferer too and I wrote some posts on acne a while ago: This one is about covering, but there is a link to "an insight on acne" there too.

    Then, there are some products that you can buy at your local pharmacy (provided Canada has the same treatments as Italy does), but they cost a lot, take a lot of dedication (you don't have to miss 1 single night applying your cream) and you absolutely need to do this in the winter, and stop using that (or use a total protection sunscreen) when spring comes and especially in summer.

    Look for gels for scarring reduction at your local pharmacy. There is 1 called Dermatix, which is the most effective, but it is a silicone gel. Therefore, if your acne was caused by silicones, then stay away from it!

    Hope all of this has been helpful

  12. You look amazing what a gorgeous look.Stunning.

  13. I love your hair, you look amazing :) x

  14. try bio oil for your scarring

  15. Another amazing look, I really need to find them lashes! You're very beautiful. Have you tried/heard of Bio Oil? It's good stuff, it might help with the scars on your chin.


    Could you follow me back? x

  16. you should try bio oil.its for face and body and its meant to help reduce scarring! i love it for my stretch marks on my belly after my babies.i think it works wonders


  17. I love your eye colour~~ Nice falsies btw =)

  18. Hey! I love your blog! I've recently given you a blog award, check it out at:
    Keep it coming! :)

    Ps: Gorgeous as always!

  19. You look gorgeous! As always =)
    I want your hair so bad .. you don't need extensions, I don't think!!

  20. nice hair! how do you feel about that marquise'd lipstick? i'd like to get a lipstick from the WW collection--not a lot, just one product. i'd been eyeing that one lip color, and we seem to have the same general skin-tone. i'd appreciate any feedback as to your like/dislike of it. thanks!

  21. Omg you look so gorg!!! I love the lip combo.. Frankly fresh looks so pretty... But I missed out on it :(

    Lol, I usually end up taking my headbands off too... I think they look fine in pictures.. But not sure if I can pull off the look irl.

    Cute dress too... I like the belt you paired it with!

  22. Well shes wearing this dress cause she wanted to try it on and show it off..?? I do this too no matter if i dont wear it out or whatever the weathers like, i take a pic in a dress or top i like! lol

    First of all youre gorgeous Cheryl and i admire your style, im an aries girl too btw :) we are special like that lol
    I love your hair, it always looks perfect, would you consider highlights? Or you love it plain black? It frames your face nicely! As for the scarring well the easiest way is getting some sort of aesthetic procedure, my mom did this for her acne scars and the results were great, but i guess thats for a much older age. I found out after awhile using liquid foundations, seriously ANY kind, high end or drugstore, that they all make me break out and leave me with scars. So im only using a powder and the amazing to me "Neutrogena skin clearing blemish concealer", it covers anything! But well i still use my Mac concealer, shadows and blushes, will never say no to those :D

    Keep being so beautiful!!! XO

  23. Love everything, lashes look amazing ;) You have award on my blog, so just drop by ;)

  24. You look beautiful! Your makeup always looks flawless. I love your blog and recently was inspired to start my own! You should check it out:


  25. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments and recommendations! I ended up picking up Bio Oil since it's readily available...we'll see how that goes before I try anything else! I'm gonna do before and after shots to see if it works!

    @Style--eyes - actually it was a snow storm...I just stayed inside. Sometimes I just put an outfit together for OOTD for photos just to show you guys.

    @h factor v 2.0 - I definitely recommend Marquise D'! It's one of my HG lipsticks since I picked up one from the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection. The Wonder Woman one is a backup!

    @Sassa7 - I've actually had highlights before but it's hard to keep up. I like my hair dark brown/black as I feel it looks more sophisticated on me. Also, I'm going to be trying for kids soon so can't really do the highlight thing in the near future ;)


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