Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Updated Makeup Collection + Storage

Hey Guys!
A reader asked me to show my makeup collection and I thought it would be a good idea since it has grown substantially since my last post. I have been trying to clean out my makeup stash of the things I don't use. Here is EVERYTHING that I currently have AND use. Hope you enjoy!

Top of my desk turned into vanity

Top Left side of vanity: Neutral palettes, MAC perm lipsticks, MAC Small Nylon Makeup bag (for travel), MAC Eye Brushes, MAC Fix +, Talika Lipocils, Petrie Dish for mixing foundation, Chanel Bronze Universel, LUSH Lip Scrub

Nail Polish Collection (completely full...no room to grow! I'll have to give away some polishes soon)

Top Right side of vanity: MAC Face brushes, MAC Brush Cleanser, MAC Limited Edition Lipsticks, MAC Colour and Smokey palette, MAC Blush palette, Coastal Scents Palette

Bottom storage section of vanity: 4 Sterilite Organization containers, Makeup Wipes, Garbage Can, Nail Polish Case (with remover, cotton pads, nail files...etc), Sephora bag full of samples and backups)

1 a: Moisturizers and Primers

1 b: Foundation and Concealer

1 c: Bronzers and Powders

2 a: Beauty Powders and a couple MSFs and Blushes

2 b: Blushes

2 c: Highlighters

3 a: Eye Shadow Bases, Eyeliners, MES and Pigments

3 b: Palettes and Individual Eyeshadows

3 c: Lipstick and Lip Balm

4 a: Lipgloss

4 b: Mascara and Eyebrows

4 c: Eyelashes

Samples and Backups

Mac Palettes

Sigma Brush Rolls


  1. Your collection is amazing...envious :) is the white thing standing on your vanity a mirror? x

  2. omy goodness! that is an amazing makeup collection! i need to show my husband this! he thinks i have way to much makeup! :)

  3. I like your storage! It's clean and organised, love it!

  4. omg i want everything in your makeup collection! It is super organised and well laid out!! you've got great taste in makeup xx

  5. I *LOVED* this glimpse into your make-up - you organize everything so neatly - it's nice to see that you have a lot, but that you take care of what you have :-)

    I was going to do a post about my make up too - but first I have to throw some stuff away - everything is getting over-crowded!

    Great pictures - everything is really clear. Is the NYC bronzer any good? It's funny because I think the item people have the most of is lipgloss - definitely true in my case :-)

  6. OMG, you are so organized. Great collection

  7. What shade is your MUFE HD and your NARS foundation (next to the mufe hd)?

    Also the MUFE Hd seems to light compared to the other foundations that you're using, is it ?

    I want to buy a MUFE HD as well and I can only do it online, and I'm trying to find a shade similar to Revlon PhotoReady 004 or Revlon Colorstay 180 Sand. Any help?

    Great collection btw <3

  8. please please tell me where i can get that nail polish storage unit from !

  9. Hi Cheryl, I'm so jealous of how organised you are! Not to mention your fantastic make up collection.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. where did you get those mac lipstick holders? I need that!

  11. I love the set up! I also couldn't help but notice that you have a lighted mirror. I am thinking about purchasing one, but am wondering if you find it necessary. Thank you in advance!


  12. omg I'm in love !!! wow I thought I had allot you made me want to buy more make up ajjaja

    I'm to meet another addict like me

  13. so many products O.O I'm so jealous haha :D

  14. wow! you've got an amazing collection. I feel 2011 is the year I need to check out NARS! :) xx

  15. Wow, you have a massive collection! I'm so jealous, very organised too x


  16. Love this! Where did you get the lipstick holders?

  17. Where did you get your display nail polish holder and your display mac lipstick holder?? LOVE!


  18. wow! you've got an amazing collection!

  19. Omg! I love this post!! Everything is so neat and clean. Bravo to you!! All of my makeup is all over my house in different spots. I got rid of my storage containers because it got to the point where I could barely shut the drawers. So I basically emptied out my two drawer nightstand and have a lot of stuff in there as well as shoe boxes. Nothing is organized now and it drives me crazy. I still haven't figured out any good storage ideas. I'd like to find storage containers that aren't clear (I hate the look of clutter.. even though I have SO much - it's like impossible to avoid).

    I really like your set up though! I might take some of your ideas. :)

  20. I love posts like these! It's great to get a snoop around someone else's makeup collection! Great post :)

  21. UFF, but many things girl, what you need is an arsenal.
    By the way I love your looks, a follower more than Spain.

  22. HOLY HANNAH that's a lot of makeup! I'd be like a kid in a candy store sitting at that vanity. You could open a full fledged beauty salon. This post makes me feel better about my makeup addiction haha!!
    Where did you get those lipstick holders, I love them!!!
    Also which is your fave primer you used? I recently tried a Revlon one and hated it so want to find a good one!
    Take Care xx

  23. Love your updated makeup collection! I'm going to do mine soon!

  24. Wow you have so much high end make-up! I love your collection from what I can see, and that everything is so nicely organized. <3 It all looks so uniform if that makes sense.

  25. You have a gorgeous vanity :) very organized!

    I was wondering, if you could possibly do a post on your MAC palettes? I'm currently building my first one, and MAC has so many colors to choose from- it can be a little overwhelming.


  26. i love your makeup collection! everything is so neat and organized

  27. mad in love with your collection.. i only have 5 miserable MAC eyeshadows!!

  28. I loved looking at your collection! Lots of great things! I might have to go shopping tomorrow :)

  29. Super Nice! You've got a massive makeup & nailpolish collection!

    Loving all your MAC lipsticks!


  30. LOL, you put my makeup collection to shame! I got rid of so much that my collection has shrunk substantially...but it is recovering and growing every day. Where did you get the beads to fill the makeup holders with?

  31. I love love loveeeeeeeeee how you have everything set up, like a little salon, it's so cute!

  32. Thanks everyone for all your comments! A lot of you asked me where I got my nail polish holder and lipstick holders from. I got them off a beauty supply place off ebay. Just type in lipstick holder/nail polish rack and you will find them there! Shipping is just the only pricey part.

    @Rachael - yes it is. I forgot to label that. It's just a cheap mirror by conair that unfolds to be three mirrors that light up.

    @Ella Pretty Blog - I didn't have a matte bronzer so I picked up NYC Sunny. It's great for contouring with and really affordable.

    @Betty Reviews - the MUFE looks dark, but is actually the same on my skin as the NARS Sheer Glow beside it. I use MUFE #125 when I'm an NC30. It comes out darker than how it appears in the bottle...the packaging distorts the colour. The NARS Sheer Glow is "Punjab" and "Stromboli" next to it. The MUFE is darker than Punjab, but not darker than Stromboli if that helps.

    Elleovely - I find a lighted makeup mirror essential. Usually when I get ready it is in the dark and my mirror has a great "Office" setting that gives the perfect lightening to get ready in so my makeup doesn't look too dark or light when I go into work.

    @Natalie - I would love to get a really nice vanity in the near future. The white plastic storage bins are good for now, but I keep having to buy new ones because I like being able to see everything I have without it being covered up. My lipgloss drawer is giving me anxiety just thinking about the layers of lipgloss lol. Have you ever seen MakeupByTiffanyD storage? She has these really nice mirrored furniture from Pier 1 (Hayworth Collection) that I want (well, I'm not sure if I like mirrored furniture because it would get REALLY dirty REALLY fast, but she uses a lingerie chest to store her makeup...that's what I'm going to upgrade too! LOL)

    @Miss*Kimmy - I go back and forth between Make Up For Ever and SMASHBOX. I probably like Make Up For Ever because it feels like a moisturizer and it smells sooo good. I don't like the silicone feel of SMASHBOX and sometimes it feels a bit too heavy on my skin, but SMASHBOX lasts WAYYYY longer than MUFE and is therefore more affordable.

    @Jacquelyn - I can't wait to see yours!

    @Jessica Autumn - I have swatches of all my MAC palettes...just go to the google bar on the top of my page and type in "MAC Palettes". I will do a top ten post for MAC eyeshadows to help you out though! :D I'll try and get it up soon

    @Vanessa - I got the beads for my brush holders at Michael's (it's a craft store in Canada)

  33. I love looking at other peoples makeup collections. It makes me want to go out and buy more lol.

    I love the background of your blog btw.

  34. ohhhh, I really like the set up of your makeup station =)

  35. you inspire me to organize my makeup neatly. I just throw everything into my makeup train case. LOL and i got 4!! i should have thought about plastic cabinets!

  36. cute blog!


  37. Wow! Lots of great stuff. It's so organized! Good job. You make me want to go to The Container Store ASAP!

  38. Fab collection you got there, i wish sigma was easier to get ahold of over here in the uk, just wanted to ask if u could please tell me wheather u use and if so what powder to set the nars sheer glow and any concealer u may wear under the eyes?

    PS love ur blog

  39. Nice gurl, your so addicted to makeups.. :)

  40. Wow very nice and organised, lots of make up :) I'm trying to do the same with my vanity, it's a very slow process!


  41. wow, that is some collection! i am jealous!! love yor ur blog i now follow:)


  42. amazing!! :)

    take a look


    If i had to choose between many houses to rob, urs would defenetly be my first choice, lolll

    How long did it take u to gather all this? & where's ur mirror?


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  45. see you have a lot of nyx lipgloss and lipstick, can you tell me what number of colours and name are pretty?


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