Monday, February 7, 2011

Forever21 Love & Beauty = ELF Cosmetics?

Hey Guys!

I was checking out the beauty products on Forever21 and noticed that a lot of their makeup items looked VERY familiar. Previously, I posted about an ELF Cosmetics Haul (click here to view) which I purchased most products at 50% off. In Canada, I've seen ELF Cosmetics at Dollarama and Winners, but have never seen the full line of products like they have on their website anywhere. Since Forever21 is more accessible to me than ELF, why wouldn't I just buy any "ELF" products I want, but in Forever21's brand, "Love & Beauty" instead if they happen to be the same?! I ended up seeing what looked like ELF's makeup cleansing cloths on the Forever21 website, so I ended up picking them up to compare to my ELF brand, which I really like. The packaging is exactly the same, and wouldn't you know it, the ingredients are EXACTLY the same. The only thing I don't understand is that if they both have exactly the same ingredients, then why does the ELF brand have a 12 month expiration date and the Love & Beauty have a 3 month expiration date? I willing to bet that the other products that I picked up are exactly the same as the ELF products which I don't own.

Love & Beauty Ingredient List

ELF Ingredient List

Love & Beauty Ultimate Shiny Lip Gloss in Pink

Love & Beauty Eye Brow Kit $4.80 CAD


So far I really like everything I got and it was really affordable! The Ultimate Shiny Lip Gloss formula is very sheer and doesn't have much too it, but I think it would be really nice over top of a pink lipstick for added shine. I love the Minty Gloss, it feels very refreshing, but the applicator barely gets any product out. The brow products have been great so far and I have yet to try out the lashes.

If you have ever been interested in ELF Cosmetics, but didn't want to place an order online, definitely check out some of the Love & Beauty line and see if they carry the products you are looking for. I know they have the ELF blushes and eyeshadow palettes as well.


  1. I can't get Forever21 products in the UK, but that's so odd that the product is exactly the same!

    Read #2- it's very likely that they are just e.l.f products with a different lable.

  3. I was totally going to do a post about this around Christmas time.. Because it was like right after my ELF haul, I went to forever 21 and I was looking at blushes and actually purchased one that was labeled "Coral" on the outside packaging, but when I opened it, the actual label on the blush was "candid coral".. and I had just purchased candid coral from ELF. I ended up giving it to my friend. After that, I noticed the Eyebrow Kit and Set and a few other things. ELF ended up being a better deal anyway.. but Forever 21 is a little more convenient.

    ELF and Forever 21 purchase their products from the same, cheap manufacturer. Its all the same makeup.. but any company can put their name on it.

    Do you like the brow kit? I use it almost every day.

  4. I noticed the same thing while I was at Forever 21 yesterday. I saw some of the products through a reflection on the mirror and it caught me off guard. I didn't pick anything up though. I might have to check things out and compare!

  5. Forever 21 really have great items and I must say, they are very affordable that's why a lot of people are getting addicted to it. I hope they also have the make up line here soon.


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