Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MAC Marquise D' Lip Combo

MAC describes Marquise D' as a "Sandy cream peach". It is being launched as a repromote this Thursday, February 10th in the MAC Wonder Woman Collection. Marquise D' has already sold out online, so if you are looking for this colour, you will have to pick it up in stores. I bought a backup from the Wonder Woman Collection as the one I'm currently using is the one I picked up when it was first launched in the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection.

Marquise D' is a Lustre which are known for the sheerness. I need to put several coats on to get the opacity I like, however it's a beautiful colour. Love & Beauty Minty Lip Gloss in Light Pink doesn't mask the colour of Marquise D', it only adds a nice glossy sheen with small sparkle. The sparkle actually looks pretty similar to to Marquise D', just slightly larger! MAC lipsticks are vanilla scented so it's a vanilla-mint smell on my lips. Yum. I've been wearing this combo all week!

Love & Beauty Minty Lip Gloss in "Light Pink" - the applicator is garbage by the way. It falls out of the packaging and hardly gets any product on the sponge tip when you remove it. Beautiful colour nonetheless.

MAC Marquise D' + Love & Beauty Minty Lip Gloss in "Light Pink"

Are you planning on picking up Marquise D' from the Wonder Woman Collection?


  1. such a beautiful combo! I'll have to look for that gloss to pair with my Marquis'D

  2. yes!!!
    I really really want ittt...I hope I get a chance to grab it in stores!

  3. cheryl this combo is beaaaautiful <3 unfortunately, i still have to wait for the WW LE for about 4 weeks (i live in germany). but i'm definitely going to pick up the marquise d' :))

  4. I wanted to get Marquise'D when it comes out on Thursday and you've just confirmed it - thanks!


  5. Is this lipstick similar to MAC's Shygirl? I am planning on getting it! It looks gorgeous!


  6. oh i really like that colour, but it totally wouldnt suit me xxxxx

  7. They actually have this lipstick at my CCO so I just got it for $10.50!! I was so excited!! This lip combo is gorgeous..what lip liner would you wear with this?

  8. I want it so bad. I regret not buying it with my first order of the Wonder Woman stuff...oh well. Love the lip combo!

  9. Hey Cheryl,

    Would you recommend this lipstick for fair skin? I am extremely picky with my l/s and prefer lighter shades. For instance, I bought Faux by MAC online thinking it would be okay; it was way too dark [if that gives you an idea] I really want to pick this up, but don't feel like giving another l/s away cause I don't like it.

    Thanksss :)

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  11. Your blog's got me hooked! You've won a blog award:

  12. That's a really pretty combination! I thought about picking up this lipstick, but I'm not letting myself get anything from this collection. I've spent too much on MAC stuff lately.


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