Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Hair History [[PIC HEAVY]]

Hey Guys!
I've had several requests to show how my hair has changed over the years. Frankly, my hair history is a bit boring because I never had my hair professionally done until I was in grade 12 (i.e., coloured, cut...etc). I had trims here and there at really cheap places like First Choice, but usually my mom would cut my hair for me. I was always a Tomboy and I played a lot of sports. I didn't start getting into hair or makeup until my first year of University when I started going out to parties all the time with friends. I did wear a bit of makeup in highschool, but mainly it consisted of mascara and a little bit of eyeliner. I never styled my hair...I was the complete opposite of how I am today!

Because my hair was pretty boring up until Grade 12, I will only show a few pictures from my early years. Hope you enjoy!

I believe I am 1 year old here. Look at my chubby arms. LOL It took forever for me to grow hair as a child and it was super fine. Now my hair grows like a weed and is pretty thick.

This is a picture taken of me when I was in Preschool. Can you believe I had blonde hair as a child?! I had this haircut FOREVER and then it started to grow fast and dark.

Kindergarten. I had my hair all nice and crimpy for photos and then it was raining and I had to put it up in a ponytail. I'm pretty sure I did it myself as it doesn't look combed and it's off to the side...I'm a product of the 80s FOR SURE!

Grade 1. I guess I was a sailor? LOL I remember hating my outfit and my teachers loving it. I was starting to grow out my bangs and basically kept my hair chin length up until grade 7 when I started growing it...

Grade 11. This is pretty much the last time I had my hair "natural" before I started to dye it. I would just put a bit of gel in it and scrunch up the ends to accentuate the curl in my hair. I have natural blonde highlights that run through my hair...it's a light/medium brown.

First time I highlighted my hair/got an actual "style" to my hair. I use to wear it long and cut straight across the bottom (my mom would do this for me). In grade 12 I went to a stylist for the first time and started doing my hair...etc. I still hadn't discovered makeup quite yet... LOL

I kept my hair highlighted for 2-3 years...I LOVED IT! I think I'm 19 in this picture. Sometimes I look back and wish I still had my highlights...I had two tones of blonde, plus low lights...it was really healthy and shiny but cost me a fortune to upkeep.

Eventually I stopped getting as much blonde in my hair because I wanted to darken it...then I just took the plunge and went to a dark brown...The next few pictures I was 20/21 in them? This was quite short in comparison to how long my hair use to be...but I really liked it because my hair seemed to have more body.

I experimented with some side bangs a few times, but never anything crazy. I was terrified of getting bangs because I had a bad experience when I was in grade 4 with bangs...they looked hideous...
The first time I dyed my hair black was for Halloween 2008 when I dressed up as Gene Simmons from KISS. Looking back I can tell I've really lost weight...I've gradually have been trying to lighten my hair to a dark brown since dying it black. Black was just TOO black and didn't have any warmth or dimension to it. People who have dyed their hair black will understand...lol

I've kept my hair long and dark brown for years and years now. Even though I miss my highlights at times, I love my dark hair best. To maintain my hair I go back every few months for a trim and to have my roots touched up (my roots are a few shades lighter than my current hair colour). I will be doing a "Hair Care" post soon, but figured I'd start off with a little bit of history. Hope these pictures entertained you! haha It's fun looking back at how much I've changed through the years :)


  1. I love this post!! So cool to see what you've looked like over the years :)


  2. Ahh! I totally feel you on the black hair part. On a whim I dyed my hair black and liked it at first but after awhile I missed the warmth and dimension that I had in my brown hair. Long story short: it took three hours, two boxes of bleach and two boxes of brown hair dye to get my hair to dark brown. Lol so I definitely understand!

  3. LOVED this post! You should consider doing a post about how you lost weight.. I would love to read it! You are gorgeous!

  4. I love your blog!=]
    your welcome to check mine out

  5. I like the blonde highlights on you, but I REALLY like your dark hair now, it really suits you!

  6. great post!! You are also such an adorable child!! :)


  7. Great post! You were also SUCH an adorable baby!! It's really interesting how we drastically change our hair through the ages. I used to strip my dark hair and dye it all blonde. LOL


  8. You have been drop dead gorgeous since you were a small cute girl...love this post!!And I have same hair as you have at present...but they look so much better on you.... :))

    Style Fashion Etc

  9. super gorgeous ,, and look at u ,, awwww such a cute baby u were hehe <3

  10. wow what a great idea. you changed a lot. but still - i think you are pretty in every single one of those pics. i would be very interested in pictures of your wheight loss. i am trying so hard to loose 20 pounds, but it is soooo hard.

  11. aww baby pics!! You look amazing totally dark!! xx

  12. You will look good even if you go bald...=D love the pictures

  13. Wow, how much you have changed. Lovely hair story :) You look great!

  14. I totally agree with what you said on black hair. I had black hair for some years but got tired of it and now I stick to dark brown.

  15. Lovely post! The pictures are all awesome. You look SO different now though :) We would love to see a weight loss post too as you have really lost a lot of weight in over the years it seems.

  16. Hello! You look fab! I must say thanks for this post because I was planning on going next week to get my hair done and was considering about going black?

    Curently my hair is like med-dark brown hair and so I was just wondering what should i do.

    I love the dark hair look similar to how Kim Kardashian has.

    Please tell me what I should do? Thanks!:)

  17. Amazing hair story! You are just gorgeous girl!

  18. I love this post!! Ur hair looks gorge with highlights xx

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  19. I love the timeline! So interesting to see how far you have come! What a cute kid you were!

  20. just came across your blog..i love it !! and now im a new follower :)
    your dark hair really suits you the most, you kind of look look like megan fox.
    click ♡

  21. Hi babe!
    My favourite pictures are:
    - the one when you are approximately 19, with those beasutiful highlights. I agree with you: I used to wear my hair like that but it cost me a fortune!!
    - and the present-time pic. Your hair now looks so healthy and shiny! I am going to read your posts about hair routine right now!

  22. Loved this post!! It was really nice to see this timeline and to see how your hair has changed over the years.

    I gave you an award on my blog!


  23. I want to print out the picture of you in the sailor outfit and put it on my wall. LOL u are soo cute! Even with makeup, you still resemble yourself when you were little. I really dont think I look at all like my pictures when I was very young. I went through soo many changes.

    You've blossomed into a beautiful young lady!

    I like your hair btw with highlights... Im missing mine but its such a pain to touch up the roots so frequently.

  24. amazing post, such a wee cutie! i wouldn't dare put up my old photos! x

  25. Hi! Im from Argentina!! You were never ugly but you are improved yourself to the top!!! You look georgeous right now...Better like a model. Xoxoxoxoxo

  26. I noticed on your form spring you denied havin a nose job, I'm not trying to be rude whatsoever but why would you lie. It's very obvious you have had a nose and possibly chin procedure.. Weight loss wouldn't change the entire shape and size of your nose. I'm dissapointed you wouldnt be honest.

  27. You def. Changed :) Awesome post!


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