Sunday, April 24, 2011


I erased Charles' last name. We are going to have the same initials now! LOL "CK"
Hey Guys!
Sorry I haven't posted often. Someone left a comment on my formspring saying my blog bores them because I don't post often enough. To address my lack of posts, I have a full-time job, house renovations, and my wedding, along with both my brothers weddings, coming up this summer. I have a lot of things going on in my life which are taking time away from my blogging. I do plan on completing all my posts in my "Upcoming Posts" section, but it will take some time to complete. I appreciate all my followers patience and I have not forgot about you!

The past couple weekends I've been working on my Wedding Invitations. I made each invitation myself, even the envelopes have addresses in script. Here is a little taste of what they look like. Hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend! I'm off to Charles' parents' forest for an Easter Egg hunt and bonfire!

Response Card

Kissing bun bun stamps! aww LOL

I was so excited to find sealing wax and a signet stamp. This was my favourite part. LOL


  1. oh wow Cheryl I love those wedding invitations and the fact that you made them all yourself makes them so much more special!
    It's odd that even though people see all your wedding posts they still call your blog boring because you don't update as much!
    goodluck with everything :)

  2. Oh I love the wax seal! So classic.

  3. I think some people fail to realize that, we "bloggers", are people too and have, families, etc. Come on, lets be a little bit more understanding people please! Cheryl, I say blog when you have time girl, because those that are true fans of your blog will read regardless of how often or how little you post!

  4. Awh It's so classy, especially the wax seal!
    Wow you busy lady, you and both your brothers getting married too, it's all happening!

    I agree with Meme, clearly people should understand you have a life outside of blogging and with wedding preparations of course you won't be able to blog as much.

  5. Very elegant! Love the pearl button at the top, and the wax seal is wonderful! Good luck and have fun with your planning- your life and happiness is more important than a blog, and blogging should be able to be a fun sidebar to your life, not your whole life! Boo to the naysayers!

  6. it must not be that boring because they are still on here checking! Cant believe someone would write that! I love your blog and those invitations are adorable!!! Such and exciting time! Soak it all up because it goes by so quickly xo

  7. weddings get me excited! that was rather rude of someone to say its boring. for me blogging is a hobby and I do it when I have time, which as of late I dont really lol people need to understand that!

  8. Boo on whomever said that. We totally understand that real life will always take precedence over blogging. Do what you want.

    As for the invitations, they are beautiful! I want to make mine (way in the future when I have a wedding to make them for) so it's nice to see that it can be done!

  9. those are such elegant invites. I love the wax seal. I wasn't able to find those for my wedding invites, but I love that fancy classic touch it gives.

  10. Well that was just very rude. If it makes you feel better I do as well have lack of posts because of My Fulltime job, not to mention a family of Five.

    Very Awesome invites, very elegant and classy :)

  11. I want those stamps lol theyre are 2 cute but im in cali

  12. How rude of someone to post that comment on Formspring...I mean you're preparing for your wedding for goodness sake! Any loyal subscriber would realise that this is an important time for you and you may not get to blog as much as you would like! The invitations looks beautiful by the way :) xxx

  13. Nice wedding invitations. Thanks for sharing this to us. This adds more ideas.


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