Monday, April 18, 2011

WEDDING UPDATE: Stag and Doe tickets!

Hey Guys!
My bridesmaids are looking after my Stag and Doe, but here is what my Stag and Doe tickets look like (minus the address). Maybe because Bella is so cute it will help us sell tickets ;) LOL
These were ordered off of and are great quality (you can't tell by the photo, but the image shoes up nicer in person and the border is metallic gold)! I highly recommend ordering from ticketmaster if you ever want custom tickets for an event!

The Sunrise on the way into work this morning...Probably one of THE most beautiful sunrises I have EVER seen.
The sky looked like it was on fire. I wish I had my Nikon D90 on me...*sigh*


  1. Wow, such an amazing sunrise!

    Cute tickets too :)

  2. A stag and doe party sounds like an awesome idea. We don't have those in Metro Detroit (which is weird because we adopt a lot of traditions from Canada). Those tickets look awesome :)

  3. that's really cute(i had to look up what a "stag and doe" was LOL...we dont do that in NY, i thought it was literally like a hunting expedition). best wishes with your party!

  4. what a gorgeous sunrise! and cute ticket! <3

  5. omg! i seriously thought there was a fire lol. That's the most amazing sunrise i've ever seen!

  6. Love it! I am getting married next year and making all my invitations, wedding planning is fun and crazy at the same time LOL, so many intricate parts!


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