Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Bachelorette in Vegas! [[PIC HEAVY]]

Hey Guys!
I'm back! Just wanted to give you a little taste, through pictures, of how my trip was in Vegas . We had the time of our lives and are already planning another trip the same time next year! I went the week before Memorial Weekend and it got pretty crazy closer to the weekend. Our plane flew out Saturday so we only had a little taste of the weekend life in Vegas, but it was so much fun regardless. I have a ton of pictures and want to post them all, but here are a select few... hope you enjoy and a BIG thank you to all of you who gave me recommendations on where to go in Vegas (it definitely made my trip run much more smoothly knowing all the hot spots).

Over the 4 days we walked the strip, visited the Vegas sign and went into a bunch of the major Casino Resorts along the strip. We tried to get all the touristy stuff done on day 1, but ended up finishing it up on our last day. We went to a bunch of clubs at night and laid out by the pool during the day. We rented a day bed at Caesars during the day on Thursday. We hit up Ghostbar, Playboy, PURE, and VooDoo over the course of the 4 days. I really loved Ghostbar and PURE the best (I loved the views and music). We wanted to go to Marquee and XS because those were a couple of the best clubs, but didn't end up making it because we were having too much fun everywhere else. I loved not having to pay cover anywhere and bypassing the lines. I did a little bit of shopping at Fashion Show and I must say, the Forever21 in that mall was ridiculous. I could have spent an entire day in that store and still wouldn't have seen everything. I actually didn't buy anything there because I was too overwhelmed haha.

We had two rooms, here is one of the bathrooms!

View from one of our rooms on the 20th floor to the pool area

They had a delicious french bistro called "Payard" where I purchased a LOT of food from. They had really good yogurt parfaits, berries, crepes, croissants...etc.

Getting a little sun.

By the pool. We ended up renting a day bed on the Thursday because it was quite busy on the lounges.

View from VooDoo

VIP @ Ghostbar

Caesars Robes!

Climbing on statues in the middle of the night...LOL

The sun was rising every morning as we strolled home back to our hotel.

This is my fave pic. For some reason there was a Big Bird by the Vegas sign.
He looks lost/drunk and definitely out of place.

...and it wouldn't be a proper trip in Vegas without getting a little ink! I had "MMXI" which is 2011 tattooed on my foot.

Overall the weather was perfect, the food was amazing and Caesars Palace was a dream to stay at. I also found everyone I ran into in Vegas was super friendly...definitely the friendliest place I've ever traveled to.


  1. Looks like a blast. Vegas is always too much fun. Xo

  2. sounds like so much fun!
    how can u not shop one single thing??i need to master that skill!haha
    u look stunning in the picts!

  3. Looks like so much fun!!!!

  4. Omg how fun!!! And yay for new ink, you girls look awesome! xox

  5. Looks like you had an AMAZING time. You looked gorgeous!

  6. looks like an amazing time! :)

  7. Awesome!!!! Glad that you had so much fun in Vegas!! I do want to visit there sometime soon again.

  8. so many great pics! looks like you ladies had a blast! loooove vegas

  9. OMG Looks like you had a blast!!! We went to Atlantic City (mini Vegas) for my bachelorette. Can't wait to see more wedding updates too!

  10. WOW! You have an amazing bikini bod!V Jealous!looks like you guys had a fantastic time...loving your nigt time makeup too...very pretty :) xxx

  11. loved the pics!! looks like you girls had an amazing time, you should post a pic of the tattoo maybe?

  12. looks like you had a great time! and i agree with everyone that you look amazing!

  13. Aww, it looks like you had a great time! I totally LOLed at Big Bird. Looks like something out of The Hangover.

  14. Looks like your girls had a blast! So envious of your gorgeousness

  15. OMG you look gorgeous!!!! im going at the end of the month again! im trying to get bathing suit ready how did u get in such good shape i love your body!

  16. You look stunning in the pics, It seems you had a great time.. :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful post..


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