Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Luxe Box by Loose Button

Hey Guys!
I was so excited to receive my first Luxe Box in the mail this past Monday. I first heard about Luxe Box by Loose Button when I stumbled across a YouTube video describing a "'Birchbox' for Canadian Residences". I was bummed out when I found out Birchbox doesn't ship to Canadian addresses, so imagine how excited I was to find that there was a company, like Birchbox, that would ship to my address! So far I'm very happy with the service. When I signed up, Loose Button sent me an email saying my Luxe Box would be sent out the week of August 15th, and wouldn't you know it, my Luxe Box ARRIVED on the 15th! I noticed later in my e-mail inbox that I had a tracking number sent to me that day, but there was no need to track the package because it arrived on Day 1. 

For those of you who don't know the service Loose Button provides, it is a monthly service which you can sign up for each month, or pay for a yearly subscription (which is the path I chose to take) that sends you a box full of random Deluxe samples from various companies. This is a great way for beauty junkies, like myself, to try out new products without having to splurge on the full-size and to try out products you wouldn't otherwise have picked out for yourself.

Companies you may see in your next Luxe Box include:

Elizabeth Grant
Christian Dior
Shu Uemura
Anna Sui
Suisse Programme
Bobbi Brown
Lise Watier

As for the contents of the box, I've very happy with the samples that they provided me. I like that they gave me samples for the face, lips, body, fragrance and even jewelry! I had all my bases covered!

The onveiling

Welcome card

Product Information Card

Inside the box

Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in "Tan"
Full-Size Retail Price: $31 (.28 oz)

"Skip the mess and go pressed with Pur Minerals' award-winning foundation, powder, concealer, and SPF 15. Supercharged with shea butter and vitamin E, this nourishing pressed mineral formula is your key to flawless-looking skin in 60 seconds or less."
 You may be wondering how they picked my shade of foundation?! Well, when you sign up for Luxe Box, you fill out a "Beauty Profile" which has various questions about your skin type and types of products you would like to see in your Luxe Box. 

City Lips Lip Plumping Treatment by City Cosmetics
Full-Size Retail Price: $35 (5 ml)
"The award-winning formula in City Lips includes Oligopeptide technology to increase collagen production in your lips, resulting in greater lip volume and a decrease in wrinkles and lines in and around the lips. Get extraordinary results and a luxury lip gloss all in one!"
Proclaim Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion
Full-Size Retail Price: $8 (32 oz)
"Proclaim Hand & Body lotion moisturizes dry, irritated skin while protecting from sun, wind and water. It restores lost moisture and soothes dry, tight skin. Leaves skin felling smooth and soft without feeling greasy."
Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria Fragrance 
Full-Size Retail Price: $78 (50 ml), $102 (100 ml)
"Mysteriously sophisticated. Innocently seductive. Coveted, yet forbidden, this fragrance is the younger interpretation of the iconic euphoria fragrance. It evokes a modern, fresh sexiness with a mysterious twist."
Handmade earrings from Sheyna Jewelry

I absolutely LOVE the earrings that were picked out for me. I can't wait to wear them!

Luxe Box is currently only available in Canada, but it is working at getting it available to other countries! If you are interested in subscribing to Loose Button, please visit their site by clicking here. You can sing up monthly, quarterly, or yearly (as I did) and they will automatically renew your subscription. If at any point in time you would like you cancel your Luxe Box, simply sign into your account and do so. Simple!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Luxe Box by Loose Button. I purchased a yearly subscription with my own money and these are my honest opinions, as always.


  1. Wow! Some amazing samples, love those earrings too.
    There's many boxes like this in the UK but I wish they would make it more personalised like the Luxe box by adding a Beauty profile!

  2. WOW This box is so great! I wish I had this instead of birchbox.

  3. I really like the fact that they customized it to your beauty profile. I always thought a downfall of these type of things is you end up with products that aren't suitable for you at all (wrong foundation colour, etc..)

    That's amazing to hear about the fast shipping too!

  4. What a good box !! And the service sounds amazing !!! Enjoy your items love !!!!!

    Xoxo Jess

  5. I didn't receive my Luxe Box yet, but I think I like the Glymm box better. You should check it!

  6. OMG these are good news! YAY I was totally disappointed by the fact that I could not get a birchbox (I'm from Quebec) but now thanks to you I will get my fix monthly!! YEAH! Thank you so much for this post Cheryl :) xoxo

  7. This box looks great!!! I am just waiting for my first glossy box to arrive :) xx

  8. Hey hun, I love reading your blog! I gave you a blog award :)

  9. Lovely!! It looks like you got some really great stuff! I've been thinking about getting myself signed up for Luxe Box too :)

  10. I signed up and said I heard about them through your blog. Thanks - can't wait to get my first box in September!

  11. Great to know that Euphoria has a younger version with a twist- I'm going to have to check that out bc I love the original. BTW, I gave you a blog award! Love your site!!


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