Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HAUL: Eyes, Lips, Face "ELF" Cosmetics

Hey Guys!

In the beginning of July, www.eyeslipsface.com had a site wide sale for 60% off! As soon as I heard about this I jumped online and placed a fairly large haul for various products I've been meaning to try. In general, ELF Cosmetics are only a few dollars, on average, each and are very affordable. However, I find items are a hit or a miss. After playing around with several of the items, here are my initial impressions on what I deem HITS and what are MISSES.

Prices included are ELF's regular prices in US dollars before the 60% discount.

Angled Eyeliner Brush $3.00
Kabuki Body Brush $8.00
Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in "Beige" $3.00
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in "Black", "Coffee", "Midnight", "Teal" $1.00
Hypershine Gloss in "Blossom", "Bubblegum", "Flirt", "Vixen"  $1.00
Flawless Finish Foundation in "Caramel" $6.00
Corrective Concealer $3.00
Complete Coverage Concealer in "Medium" $3.00
All Over Cover Stick in "Honey", "Toffee" $1.00
Dramatic Lash Kit in "Black" $1.00
Dramatic Length False Eyelashes (LE) in "Pink", "Purple", "Teal Blue" $3.00
Mineral Infused Face Primer $6.00
Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm in "Strawberry Creme" $1.00
Radiance Enhancer in "Sunrise" $3.00
Zit Zapper $1.00

Complete Coverage Concealer in "Medium"

Corrective Concealer

Flawless Finish Foundation in "Caramel"

Tinted Moisturizer in "Beige"

Face Primer

Therapeutic Lip Condition Balm in "Strawberry Creme"

Hypershine Lipglosses

Waterproof Eyeliner Pens

Teal, Coffee, Midnight and Black

The Waterproof Eyeliner Pens were complete garbage. I do not know how these are claimed to be waterproof when they come off almost instantly in the water and smudge on contact. Not even worth $1.00 or the .40 cents I paid in my honest opinion. If you look at the swatch of "Coffee" it is all dried out, and the black was not nearly dark enough.

I didn't include pictures and swatches of everything I hauled because I never actually intended on making a blog post about this, but figured some of you may be interested in my initial impressions of the products. As I said previously, I have yet to try everything, but some product HITS include: Flawless Finish Foundation, Angled Eyeliner Brush, Hypershine Gloss, Complete Coverage Concealer, Dramatic Lashes, Mineral Infused Face Primer, and Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm. MISSES include: Waterproof Eyeliner Pens

I basically got all of this for around $30. Pretty good bargain in my eyes even with some garbage products. I made sure to stock up on the ELF Dramatic Lashes in Black because they are good for everyday use without breaking the bank. I plan on posting a FOTD tomorrow of an entire face created with using only ELF cosmetics! Can't wait for you guys to see how it turned out...I'm really liking the Flawless Finish Foundation as a cheaper alternative to some of my higher end foundations!


  1. I'm not a big fan of ELF. Their blushers are a bit chalky, their lipsticks are a bit blah, but have found their studio range brushes are pretty good in my experience! xo

  2. I hate those eyeliners too, friggin' waste of money! mine was dried out and painful when applying bc the tip was dried out! never again.

  3. Will you let me know how the Corrective Concealer palette works? :)


  4. Ya I hated the eyeliners and the lip balm made me break out by my lips, I love the primer never tried the foundation might have to give it a whirl.

  5. aww excited to see reviews of the foundation! :)

  6. Wow, I never knew ELF products were so cheap!

  7. Haven't tried too many ELF products, but like you mentioned before...their lashes are great! =) Only use a few times anyway. PERFECT price for that! =) Also...speaking of beauty products...you...and all of your beauties who might be reading this =) ...if you love all things related to M.A.C Make-Up...be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow for my AWESOME Giveaway! =) If you love M.A.C (which I know you do) =) ...you will LOVE this! =) Have a beautiful day, Sweetheart! XO
    Calling All Dolls!

  8. @Lacy - Will do ;)

    @Jenn - Definitely give the foundation a try if you can get your hands on it...kinda reminds me of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation if you've ever tried that!

  9. I agree re the eyeliner pens they were garbage mine went straight in the bin as it was dried out!!

    I contacted elf via twitter & just like eyeko they seem to ignore you unless you give them positive tweets! I now refuse to use elf on principle even though the concealor kit looks tempting

  10. I have tried pretty much everything from E.L.F. (i make a huge order every year around american thanksgiving time when the best sales are on). Most are misses (i.e. chalky eyeshadows and blushes that are wearable if you're a highschool/beginner but i prefer my UD and mac matte2 shadows any day. But i'm happy that i've found a few key staples from experimenting with the entire E.L.F. line. I use the Studio complexion brush daily, the luscious liquid lipsticks are their best lipgloss imo (perfect pink would looks amazing on you), and the mineral booster sheer powder is my daily setting powder. I like their glossy glosses as well, great staying power with a mature muted gloss reminiscent of nars glosses. i'm looking forward to trying their newest products this year!


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